Temperature 26°C 79°F High Temperature
29°C 84°F low Temperature
23°C 73°F work Temperature 27.8°C 82°F Night Temperature 25.7°C 78°F Sunshine hrs
7 hours Rainfall 103 mm Rainfall work 12 job Sea Temperature
26°C 79°F
Tenerife 122607
Rome 112030
London 103180
brand-new York 100326
Malta 99660
Bali 82134
Paris 80464
Marrakesh 80028
Barcelona 75574
Lanzarote 73460
Paphos 72733
Cancun 70371
Fuerteventura 68661
Algarve 63744
Majorca 55939
Malaga 54403
Gran Canaria 52620
Sydney 51765
Lisbon 49289
Dubai 46728

What"s the Weather like in Rio de Janeiro in March

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is the funding of the State the Rio de Janeiro, and former resources city that the country. It"s well known for that beaches, music, and world renowned celebrations, and also for being a top choice for gay travellers, with roughly one million LGBT tourists heading to this Atlantic coast destination each and also every year.

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The weather in Rio de Janeiro in march is similar to that in February, v temperatures varying from 23°C at night come 29°C in the afternoon. This provides it the third warmest month the the year in the city, after January and also February, which room the absolute peak summer months. That being said; every month is quite warm in Rio de Janeiro, many thanks to its dry location. The all at once average temperature in in march is a comfortable 26°C.

Sea Temperature

The sea temperature reaches its yearly high this month and averages specifically the very same as the wait temperature6°C.


Rainfall is pretty much the same as it remained in February, accumulating to 103mm end the food of 12 days of the month. This secure weather, usual of the tropical savannah climate to which Rio is subject, can additionally be watched in adjoining resorts, together as Sao Paulo, located 300 miles to the west. The possibility that rainfall occurs on any type of given job is about 45%, through fluctuations between 43% and also 47%. The most likely kind that you will endure is thunderstorms, which take place on 49% the those 12 days through rainfall. Light rain wake up on 24% that those days; center rain ~ above 20%.


Humidity levels variety between 54% and 97%, i m sorry is rather high by all accountshis is a tropical, warmth and fairly wet destination after all.


Cloud cover tends to variety around 67% throughout March, with very tiny variation. This means that the skies is partially cloudy from the beginning of the month v to the end.


In terms of sunshine, there are 7 sunshine hours per work on average, which happens to it is in the highest possible number in the entirety yearhe same number is likewise seen in January, February and August.

Hotels because that Rio de Janeiro in March

Hotel Granada

The Hotel Granada offers centrally located rooms for an affordable price. Rooms space perhaps much more basic 보다 in the luxurious 5-star will in the city, however do sell all the conventional hotel features you want, such as a exclusive bathroom, minibar and also in-room safe. Double and twin rooms space available, v wonderful views over the nearby Rio de Janeiro Cathedral.

Sheraton cool Rio Hotel & Resort

For a hotel close to the beach, you can"t pick a much better one 보다 the fabulous 5-star Sheraton grand Rio Hotel & Resort. This superb hotel uses direct accessibility to the beach, has a personal pool and also a wellness club, and organises water gymnastics classes and swimming lessons. The list of framework is very long, consisting of a games room, souvenir shop, buffet restaurant, playground and also sauna.

Porto only Rio Internacional Hotel

The Porto bay Rio Internacional Hotel is another suggested hotel for your March visit to this remarkable city. That is a 4-star hotel in the city centre, special a huge variety of amenities, ranging from babysitting services and meeting rooms come a spa, restaurant and outdoor swimming pool. Every single room in the hotel has a balcony through views the the ocean.

Beaches for March because that Rio de Janeiro

Ipanema Beach

One that Rio"s best beaches, Ipanema Beach is an amazing spot to reap the heat sea water, which averages 26°C in March, the warmest temperature the the whole year. This beach is situated in among the upscale neighbourhoods in the city, an area dotted v art galleries, movie theatres, restaurants, bookshops and also jewellery stores.

The beach is split into different sections, every of which has actually its own distinct atmosphere and visitors. For instance, over there is a ar popular amongst families, one the draws in sporting activities enthusiasts, one the attracts gay people, one the is preferred amongst artists and bohemians, and so on. Clearly, this is a fascinating ar to visit. If you acquire hungry, simply buy a snack from one of the vendors that walk up and also down the coast all-day long.

Restaurants and also Bars for Rio de Janeiro in March

Talho Capixaba

For a bite come eat, the Talho Capixaba delicatessen uses up a range of freshly baked goods. There"s a wide an option of breads to gain inside or take ago to the hotel, and sweet pastries and snacks. For those a little hungrier or wanting to invest a little an ext time here, sandwiches, pastas, salads and pastry-based pizzas space on the menu, along with a selection of wines and also spirits.

Botequim carry out Itahy

After one afternoon on Ipanema Beach, kick ago with a beer at Botequim perform Itahy. This colorful place is popular among beach-goers throughout the day and also party pets in the evening. Besides beers and wines, that menu additionally includes pizzas, chicken dishes and also other stomach-filling pub food.

Sushi Leblon

For sushi, head to Sushi Leblon, which, together the surname implies, is situated in the Leblon neighbourhood. Lock serve few of the very best seafood in Rio and adjust their food selection at the very least on a weekly basis according come what fish is available. This is a rather small restaurant, therefore make certain to publication a table before you visit as it often tends to be complete often.

Things to carry out in Rio de Janeiro in March

Christ the Redeemer Statue

Perhaps the most well known landmark in Rio de Janeiro is the Christ the Redeemer statue, thought about to be an icon of the city. This new wonder that the people stands nearly 40 metres tall, and is positioned on the tip of the 700-metre-high Corcovado Mountain, watching over the city beneath. Visitors space transported to the site of the statue on the Corcovado Railway which, having actually been built in the so late 1800s, is in reality older 보다 the statue itself.

Tijuca national Park

On its journey, the train passes through the Tijuca nationwide Park, the world"s biggest urban forest. Known as the "lungs that Rio", this gorgeous park comprises 7% the the city"s surface ar area and also offers tourists the opportunity to walk hiking, wildlife watching, absent climbing and do various other outdoor activities. Entry right into the park is free.

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Adventure Tours

In addition to long walking in Tijuca national Park, friend can uncover pretty lot every single form of adventure sports in Rioith the only exemption of winter sports, that is. Due to the fact that of the city"s location at the foot of plenty of steep and tall coastal mountains, hang gliding, paragliding and also parachuting are fairly popular. The see of Rio from the sky are absolutely phenomenal. Ground-based adventure sports encompass bouldering, whitewater rafting and mountaineering. Numerous companies offer adventure tours and every kinds of tasks to tourists.