Re-live the activity and walk behind the scene from one of London"s biggest occasions that featured a thrilling key event in between Michael Bisping and also Anderson Silva. Clock the complete version of Thrill and Agony specifically on struggle PASS.

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Watch Dana White recap hit Night London, which featured the return of Anderson Silva and ultimately the biggest win that Michael Bisping"s career in former of his residence crowd.


Michael Bisping won what he reputed was the best fight the his career on Saturday at Fight Night London against Anderson Silva. Bisping took a many damage however survived and also out-dueled Silva to a unanimous decision victory in front of his house crowd.


Gegard Mousasi is hope to make a relocate up the middleweight ranks after earning a victory over Thales Leites in ~ Fight Night London. Mousasi avoided Leites" takedown attempts and earned a unanimous decision win for his third win in his past 4 fights.


Tom Breese stays undefeated in his career, improving to 10-0 after defeating Keita Nakamura by unanimous decision in ~ Fight Night London. Breese out-struck Nakamura 32-6 en route to his an initial ever win to come via decision.


Michael Bisping praised Anderson Silva in the Octagon after beating the legendary "Spider" by unanimous decision at Fight Night London. Bisping survived after experiencing a third-round flying knee and earned the signature victory of his career.

Brad Pickett got back in the win obelisk after earning a break-up decision victory over Francisco Rivera at Fight Night London. Pickett exchanged blows with Rivera throughout and had a crucial takedown in the last minutes of ring 3.

Makwan Amirkhani won his most challenging fight to day in the as soon as he defeated Mike Wilinson through decision in ~ Fight Night London. Amirkhani managed the top-game throughout and also moves come 3-0 in the

Scott Askham delivered a beautiful knockout for his hometown fans at fight Night London. Askham KO"ed kris Dempsey in the last minute of ring 1 through a perfect foot kick. Asham improves to 2-2 within the"s Octagon.

England"s own Arnold Allen stays undefeated in the after Allen defeated Yaotzin Meza through decision in ~ Fight Night London. Allen to be on his way to KO win yet the bell came before the ref waved it turn off in the final round.

It didn"t take Teemu Packalen lengthy to admire fans at struggle Night London. Packalen knocked down Thibault Gouti early in the first round and submitted that by behind naked choke to knife his very first victory.

David Teymur obtained emotional in the Octagon ~ beating young name Svensson in his debut. An can be fried Fighter Season 22 alum, Teymur ceded a large first-round knockout at Fight Night London.

Anderson Silva really hopes to get ago into the title contention conversation and also be far better than ever when that takes on fellow middleweight Michael Bisping Saturday. Don"t miss out on Fight Night London live and also only ~ above struggle PASS. correspondent Davi Correia talks with previous middleweight champion Anderson Silva about his upcoming fight through Michael Bisping in the five-round main event of fight Night London ~ above FIGHT pass Saturday in ~ 4pm/1pm ETPT. correspondent Caroline Pearce recaps the final staredown and also exchange that words in between Anderson Silva and Michael Bisping in ~ the hit Night London weigh-ins ~ above Friday. Don"t miss out on all the activity on FIGHT happen on Saturday. Minute organize Lisa Foiles previews several of the featured bouts from struggle Night London"s main card top top Saturday. Don"t miss the main card action starting at 4pm/1pm ETPT streaming live and also only top top struggle PASS. middleweight Michael Bisping chats v correspondent Caroline Pearce about why he wants to win more than Anderson Silva and an ext in this exclusive interview front of his five-round main event featured top top FIGHT happen on Saturday.

The champion the the"s middleweight division weighs in on who he thinks will win the fight in London this week in between Anderson Silva and also Michael Bisping. Watch here to uncover out who Rockhold is taking.

Anderson Silva and Michael Bisping get uncomfortably near in illustration 3 the struggle Night London installed while Gegard Mousasi checks out the night lights in London, Brad Pickett mirrors off his son, Thales Leites sweats that out and also more.

Watch the ideal from media day in ~ Fight Night London and also find out who had actually the best soundbite, consisting of fighters Gegard Mousasi, Brad Pickett, Thales Leites, Michael Bisping and Anderson Silva.

Watch together Anderson Silva and Michael Bisping face-off in former of the historical Tower leg in London simply days before their main event at the O2 on Saturday. Don"t miss out on the action streaming live and only on fight PASS.

The stars of hit Night London participate in an open up workout live in London top top Wednesday night, including Anderson Silva, Michael Bisping, Tom Breese and also Brad Pickett. Don"t miss out on the activity on Saturday live and only ~ above struggle PASS.

Michael Bisping desires to be able to say that beat the greatest fighter to ever live. Anderson Silva wants to get earlier in contention for the middleweight title. The two will clash on Saturday in ~ Fight Night London streaming live just on struggle PASS.

Ranked middleweights Gegard Mousasi and Thales Leites were both in title contention conversation prior to losing your last bouts. Now they"ll square turn off in London and try to put their name ago in the mix on Saturday live and only ~ above hit PASS. Minute organize Lisa Foiles is below to preview some of the fights in ~ Fight Night London you might not have actually your eye on yet. Don"t miss the activity this Saturday starting at 12:45pm/9:45am ETPT live and only ~ above fight PASS.

Michael Bisping gets all set for residence with an almost-English breakfast, Gegard Mousasi goes because that a fast drive, Thales Leites gets a home-cooked meal while gaining to his ideal weight and much more in episode 1 of hit Night London Embedded.

Big Nog recaps his favorite and most memorable fights transparent the career of former champion Anderson Silva. Don"t miss Silva try to get ago on the course for the middleweight title once he deals with Michael Bisping Saturday live and also only on hit PASS.

See more: What To Know: Oregon Ducks Spring Game 2018, Oregon Ducks Spring Game 2018 Minute organize Lisa Foiles take away a look at the struggle Night London main event between Anderson Silva and Michael Bisping. Don"t miss the debut present for the occasion titles, "Battle Lines," now on YouTube.

Take one intimate look in ~ Anderson Silva and also Michael Bisping together they get set to challenge off in ~ hit Night London. Fans brand-new and old alike will gain insight into their individual journeys before the long-awaited battle goes down, only on struggle Pass