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Robert is finally ago on The Royals and also simply around everyone is thrilled around it. Well, not everyone. After all, Robert’s rerotate means Liam will certainly have to say goodbye to his existing flame — and Robert’s previous one — and Cyrus will need to fight even harder to save his throne.

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Once the shock of Robert’s arrival dissipates slightly, the four living Henstridges accomplish to devise a strategy. Helena’s setup is basic enough: Use the press conference currently planned to announce the twins’ paternity to also announce Robert’s safe rerotate. Of course, they enrespond to a bumps in the road initially, yet eventually, the announcement goes dvery own without a hitch and also we get a final act complete of touching speeches.

In in between, we check out Robert and Liam face Kathryn, Liam finish his partnership (for now), Eleanor awkwardly introduce Robert to her boyfrifinish, Jasper, and also Cyrus acquire his groove earlier.

Most Leastern Surprising TwistRemember #KingLiam? That campaign is looking like it’s around to be shelved, currently that Robert — the eldest child of King Simon — is earlier. Liam isn’t even reasoning about this; he’s as well concerned about just how to take care of his partnership via Kathryn. That is, till Cyrus reminds him, “Tomorrow, you’ll be invisible.”

That becomes also clearer in the episode’s last moments when Robert concludes his speech with “We’ve only simply begun” while Liam is concealed in shadow. However before, Robert might not be letting go of #KingLiam ideal away. He seems none too pleased by the project as he watches videos to capture up on the last eight months and also sees the hashtag in the comments sections.

Biggest HUH?!Robert keeps talking around exactly how happy he is to be earlier in his own bed, but he’s not sleeping in it. Sure, spfinishing eight months alone on an island also would certainly take its toll, however Robert’s obtained to be as much as something. And he plainly has secrets, which he teased to Liam as soon as he mentioned the last thing their dad told him prior to his disappearance however wouldn’t say what it was. He’s shifty. I don’t trust him. And not just because I don’t love the way he treats “Sparrowhead.”

Cyrus’ (Ex’s) Most Conniving MomentWhen Cyrus’ ex-wife, Veruca, transforms up for a visit, she’s simply hoping to get some indevelopment on dying Cyrus’ will certainly and to start planning on becoming the Queen Mvarious other. (Finally! A point out of Cyrus’ dim-witted daughters!) When Cyrus increates her of the latest events and also that he’ll be losing the crown any day currently, she smacks him. And smacks him. And smacks him. Unfortunately for Helena, Robert, Liam, et al., it works.

“You’re going to lie dvery own while they put a legally dead perboy on your throne? Where’s the guy I offered to love to hate? That man offered to preach religiously that tbelow was always an additional way,” Veruca says. “That man wouldn’t let doctors’ results, or Helena, or cancer obtain in the means of what he wanted. > That guy supplied to take whatever before he wanted, whenever he wanted it, and piss in the mouth of anyone who dared speak versus him. <Smack!> That male weaseled his method onto the thramong history’s biggest empire. <Smack!> Wbelow the bloody hell is that man? <Smack!>”

Veruca’s solid words don’t soptimal there. “You’ve never before loved anyone however yourself,” she reminds Cyrus, “so uncover a means to love yourself aacquire.” He takes her advice quite literally, inviting his vapid lookachoose, Chad, right into his bed.

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Shirtmuch less Moment of the WeekWith all the family drama going on, there wasn’t a totality lot of time dedicated to shirtless romps. Still, we controlled to obtain this little bit glimpse at Liam and also Kathryn prior to Jasper’s early-morning coitus interruptus at the beginning of the episode.