Six duos of the world's best professional wedding cake bakers challenge extreme inquiry from special guests and also real-life couples the test their limits of skill and also creativity.

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Only a couple of master cake bakers have the an abilities to win Cake Wars. Jonathan Bennett master this grueling vain where skilled bakers go toe-to-toe to check out whose mind-blowing cake development will be the star of a major event.

Six home bakers brave the outdoor aspects to hone their an abilities under mentor Martha Stewart and also her camp counselors, Carla Hall and also Dan Langan. The win camper it s okay a kitchen filled v appliances worth $25,000!

From home cooks in small town contests to expert bakers competing in Food Network challenges, the winners of these food battles take residence awards varying from bragging rights to significant cash prizes.

Four bakers develop cookies, cupcakes and also a showpiece cake in six hours of sewage competition. Organize Buddy Valastro and guest judges visit each kitchen to taste and also critique the bakers' developments while the clock continues to mite down. The winning baker gets to ultimately relax on an all-expenses-paid dream vacation of your choice.

In a sweet spinoff the the can be fried culinary competition, hold Scott Conant difficulties four interlocutor pastry artist to take it on among the toughest test of your lives. Faced with baffling basket ingredients and an unrelenting clock, the sensational, sugar-savvy chefs must show their skill, concentration and also imagination as they gyeongju to check out who will case the $10,000 prize.
Host Alyson Hannigan difficulties five incredible bakers to transform beloved Girl scout Cookie flavors right into delectable dishes and cakes that impress judges Nacho Aguirre and Katie Lee. The winner will get a $10,000 out adventure and also a year's it is provided of Girl reconnaissance cookies.
Guy Fieri gathers 16 of the world's greatest chefs because that an intense, single-elimination cook tournament. Emotions run high as the chefs fight to remain in the competition, and surprises unfold both inside and outside the arena.
In a whimsical world of Easter treats, host Sunny Anderson challenges seven talented bakers to make tasty and imaginative vacation masterpieces inspired by nostalgic Easter candy and outrageous Easter themes. Chefs Jordan Andino and also Claudia Sandoval judge every round of competition, sending the best bakers dance on their method to victory while one challenger goes home. In the end, only one baker will claim the bunny Money grand prize: a gold Easter egg filled with $25,000!
For six weeks, eight skilled bakers are challenged to usage their style and also technical ability to make stunning, tasty treats. The baker that impresses the judges the most takes residence $25,000 and also the location of ideal Baker in America.
Competitors gyeongju to turn secret ingredients right into extraordinary three-course meals. This compete is all about skill, speed and also ingenuity.
Each week, food truck teams roll right into a brand-new city and spend a frantic weekend completing to see which team can sell the many food. The last team stand wins the $50,000 grand prize.
Competitors race to turn mystery ingredients into extraordinary three-course meals. This vain is all around skill, speed and ingenuity.
Bobby Flay and also his cook friends mentor the country's most-respected barbecue pitmasters in an extreme competition. At stake is the location of master of 'Cue and also the possibility to it is in featured in a brand-new series top top Food Network digital.

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Competitors race to turn an enig ingredients right into extraordinary three-course meals. This vain is all about skill, speed and ingenuity.
It's an all-out BBQ brawl once three groups go head-to-head in this backyard competition. The groups judge each various other on baddest rig, most delicious barbecue and best party! i m sorry team will take home $10,000 and also BBQ braggin' rights?