While going out to watch a huge fight can be fun, staying home and also watching it is the much better way to go.

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If you space planning on watching Timothy Bradley vs. Manny Pacquiao in ~ a friend"s home or in ~ a bar, it"s going to be an ext of a society event. There will be distractions and it"s likely you won"t see every jaw-dropping punch if girlfriend go the route.

Instead, if you remain home and also find your own way to clock the fight, you are much much more likely to host your very own the next day at the water cooler.

In various other words, you will actually have seen what happened. 

If the sounds choose something you can be interested in, toprank.com will apparently stream the fight live (according to ringtv.craveoline.com), and you can find the link to the fight appropriate here.

When you"re watching, right here are a few things you have to be paying fist to.

Timothy Bradley"s ideal hand


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Everyone talks about Bradley"s speed and quickness or Pacquiao"s power, but Desert Storm packs quite a bit right into his best hook. 

Take a look:

Bradley practically hides that huge punch, and if he have the right to land a major connection or two on Pacquiao, he"ll floor the champ. Keep your eye top top that.

The autumn of Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao still holds the crown as best pound-for-pound boxer, but he looked reasonably pedestrian critical time out versus Juan Manuel Marquez.

Desert Storm is younger and also quicker 보다 Marquez, and also if Pacquiao struggles prefer he go in the fight, us will watch Pac-Man fall.

And if that happens, it can be the critical we view of the legend boxer, as he has hinted at retirement prior to (via USA Today).

I think Bradley will certainly come away v the success tonight, and also I"m not going to miss it. Manny Pacquiao hardly ever before loses, and also I desire to have the ability to say I observed it.

At the very least once.

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