Brace yourselves, Walker, Texas Ranger fans: the series finale is now officially 20-years-old, having actually aired ~ above this day in 2001.

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A clip of 90s television, “Walker, Texas Ranger” catapulted lining Norris come household-name status, cementing him together an American icon. Beyond it, even. No various other star has come to be the machismo mecca Norris is because that pop culture. And it all began in 1993.

From the year on, audiences to be all-in v Norris’ Sergeant Cordell Walker. Lot of the character to be crafted especially for Norris, too: native his martial arts specialization to the stoic nature that his dialogue.

Through a hefty 193 episodes end the much better part of a decade, Walker would certainly punch his way into the mind of millions. Together fans will never forget, Walker and also his companion Trivette – two Texas ranger – made it your daily business to battle crime in Dallas and also all approximately the an excellent State the Texas. What a synopsis for a show. No wonder its a classic!

The display was a critical and advertisement success because that CBS, as well. Lot of this was achieved through authenticity, v the show shooting and casting near-entirely in the Lone Star State.

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The finish of an Era…

Though all an excellent things must pertained to an end. The Walker, Texas Ranger collection finale, title “The last Showdown: part 2,” aired might 19, 2001, on parental network CBS. Together of creating this article, this renders the show’s end a shocking 20-years-old. Because that those of united state who thrived up ~ above the standard “modern Western,” this feels hard to believe.