Everything is larger in Texas, specifically when Tom Brady’s new England Patriots and also Matt Ryan’s Atlanta Falcons involved town for Super key LI

Tim Tebow in ~ the ESPN Party in mountain Francisco prior to Super bowl 50

Fergie and DJ KhaledESPN The Magazine’s Party; Friday, Feb. 3A warehouse in downtown Houston

Known for: Large-scale physics production, an countless parade that ESPN talent and sponsors — and lots of elite male athletes. 

This year, the worldwide Leader in sporting activities takes over a 65,000 square foot warehouse draft by occasion Eleven located just external of the Arts ar in downtown Houston because that its 13th yearly (sports) star-filled event in associate with ESPN The Magazine’s Super key issue. The exceptional night features performances from eight-time Grammy winner Fergie and producer/business mogul DJ Khaled. Interaction activations abound indigenous sponsors Alfa Romeo, Dunkin’ Donuts, MillerCoors and YETI, who will be custom branding a satellite bar serving two specialty cocktails, “Falcons rise Up” and also “Pride that the Patriots” from ESPN The Party branded YETI Lowballs.

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The construction site-themed design aimed to reflect the brand-new development of the city will incorporate scaffolding sections spanned in life plywood, over 1,000 LED tubes, hefty stationary tools such together genie lifts and also fork lifts, together with interactive activations such as a live muralist, photograph booths, ESPN The Magazine imagery v video/custom paneling, and also a 400-foot long projection of sports imagery and also original contents at the occasion entrance.

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Taylor Swift DIRECTV now Super Saturday NightClub Nomadic, 2121 Edwards St., HoustonSaturday, Feb. 4, 11:30 p.m.

Known for: Private concert parties because that past and also future Super key halftime performers, playing full length shows.

When Jay-Z, Beyonce and Tiesto played this event in brand-new York City (2014), Justin Timberlake arised from hiatus in new Orleans (2013), Katy Perry rocked Indianapolis (2012) and Usher danced with a eye storm in Dallas (2011), every one of those Super key halftime alums and contenders were one-off gigs for the artist with DirecTV.

Not so through 10-time Grammy winner Ms. Swift.

Swift gone into into a multi-year, multi-platform media resolve AT&T (DirecTV’s parent company) last fall that has actually her providing exclusive content to their assorted platforms, indigenous TVs to phones. Several of the Swift concert will certainly air top top her devoted DirecTV now channel, “Taylor Swift NOW,” the streaming over-the-top company that has edged out huge brother DirecTV because that naming rights to this mega bash, co-hosted by note Cuban’s AXS TV.

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Local news in Houston has actually been spanning the building of the 62,500 square foot temporary structure (1 million pounds that steel, 150 truckloads of concrete) and also reporting on exactly how to shuttle right into the venue. Structure it just for the weekend, it may be a blunder that Rex Ryan proportions the they determined not come have any on-site parking because that a building 4,000 square feet larger than the ar at Fenway Park in Boston. Expect loads of traffic and also tons that people, as 9,000 world have to be invited.

Diplo, Madonna and also Nas in ~ the 2015 Grammys

Diplo, Nas, big Sean and DJ Cassidy Rolling stone Live: HoustonSaturday, Feb. 4, 9 p.m.Museum of good Arts (1001 Bissonnet St., Houston)

Known for: graph topping music performers and also celebrities showing up as fans.

Last year, Steph Curry traveled throughout the bridge after a gold State Warriors game to fight the Rolling rock bash in mountain Francisco through Avicii.

That’s the varsity level that celebrities that have the right to be intended in the crowd and on phase at the event that has obtained momentum over the last several years going earlier to 2012 in Indianapolis. This year’s lineup is festival worthy: major Lazer, Jack Ü, Sundance maestro Diplo, Nas, large Sean (fresh native “Saturday Night Live”) and the outstanding-on-his-own DJ Cassidy (the most fashionable gold mic’d male behind the turntables.)

Budweiser is the main beer companion for this bash.

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G-Eazy, chris Evans, David Arquette and also the L.A. Society Scene Bootsy Bellows huge Game pop UpSaturday, Feb. 4VRSI; 820 Holman St.

Known for: The pure export the L.A. Nightlife, rife through Hollywood. Socialites and also the celebrity company they keep.

John Terzian, Brian Toll and The h.wood team (The nice Guy, Delilah, Peppermint, Bootsy Bellows) routinely organize Justin Bieber, the Kardashian clan, and also any celebrity trying to find a semi-private night out, even if that is a Tuesday. The discretion carries over to Houston, together the invite warns “no cameras inside.” G-Eazy hosts, through Bootsy’s co-owner David Arquette, kris Evans and DJ Devin Lucien supposed at the event sponsored by Red Bull, Absolut ELYX, Avion Tequila, Martell Cognac and also Zappos.

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Leigh Steinberg’s 30th Super bowl PartySaturday, Feb. 4, 12-4 p.m.Hughes Manor, 2811 Washington Ave., Houston

Known for: Veteran athletes you thrived up watching and also the super agent’s veteran standing on the Super key weekend party circuit.

Steinberg has actually represented NFL legends prefer Troy Aikman, Steve Young and also Ben Roethlisberger. In previous years, this party has attracted everyone native then-U.S. Councilor Barack Obama and also Oliver Stone, come George Clooney, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and TV super agent Jeremy Piven. Intend to see seven members the the 2017 NFL draft class currently signed up with Steinberg make the rounds at this event.

2 Chainz

2 Chainz

New EraFriday, Feb. 3Vrsi Nightclub

Known for: height music and sports stars decked out in sweet New Era threads and one really loyal Falcons pan on the mic.Rap star and Georgia native 2 Chainz will certainly be the star the the present at brand-new Era’s exclusive party Friday night, which additionally has Migos, DJ Ace (Trey Smith/Will Smith’s son) and rapper Lil Uzi Vert performing. Those no on the very, very VIP list can attend fan occasions at NRG stadium and Houston Galleria’s LIDS keep on Thursday, with Carolina Panthers’ Greg Olsen and hip-hop star Bun B in attendance, respectively. Brand-new Era will also it is in releasing a new signature Super key LI cap and attempting to rest the Guinness human being record for largest cap mosaic ever (see, us told you every little thing was larger in Texas).

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Ja Rule, AshantiThe Barstool PartyFriday, Feb. 3., 9 p.m.Rich’s Houston (2401 san Jacinto St.)

Known for: “Viva La Stool!”

“We’re the best, brightest, and funniest, yet only know that,” Barstool founder Dave Portnoy claimed in his YouTube video from time Square last month, announcing his popular sports and comedy media brand’s salvation by Peter Chernin’s The Chernin Group.

Subsequently, in the middle of relocating Barstool from Boston to new York to help broaden their footprint, El Presidente (as Portnoy is called) and also his team have controlled to port their “Barstool Rundown,” a day-and-date news and also comedy show, to a minimal run the nightly specials top top Comedy central from Houston, beating the end the Daily present as the #1 display for Comedy main each day this main so much (as of Wed. Feb 1).

They will certainly cap the week with a party featuring “Always on Time” duo Ja Rule and also Ashanti that is “open bar and 90% invite only” per Barstool.

“If you’re wondering, ‘Hey how do I acquire to this party?’, you’re most likely not invited,” Portnoy claims in a promo video. “If you’re wondering, ‘Hey, execute I have a sufficient money to buy a ticket for this party?’, you probably can’t purchased it. Hell, i don’t also know if we’re marketing tickets.” as of Wednesday (Feb. 1), the website still states “Tickets coming soon.”

Drew Rosenhaus and also one of the stars of Super key LI, Tom Brady

Marcellus Wiley, ESPN’s own DJ dat Dude Rosenhaus Sports depiction & Thuzio Executive society PartySaturday, Feb. 4, 7-11 p.m.Clutch Bar, situated in Houston’s “The Heights” neighborhood

Known for: Host drew Rosenhaus is the agent to the stars when it concerns the sports world, boasting NFL greats such together Rob Gronkowski, Ted Ginn Jr. And also Torrey blacksmith (more notorious former clients include Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson and also Johnny Manziel).

“60 Minutes” dubbed super certified dealer Rosenhaus “one that the football’s most valuable players” — so suppose MVP-status athletes (and be prepared to feel short) at his private occasion partnered with Thuzio executive, management Club, a business entertainment membership organization co-founded by Tiki Barber. Sporting legends Brett Favre, Charles Woodson, Kelli Tennant, Lance Briggs, Steve Mariucci, Cameron Erving, Eddie Lacy, Jarvis Green, Takeo Spikes and also J.J. Stoke every attended Thuzio executive Club’s “Legends the the Game” party in mountain Francisco last year.

ESPN “SportsNation” host Marcellus Wiley is hitting the decks after ~ proving self to be talented DJ in ~ the Espys ~ party in July.

Flo RidaFanatics at sight Bowl Weekend Party Saturday, Feb. 4 1-5 p.m.The Ballroom at Bayou Place, 500 Texas Avenue, Houston

Flo is gonna have a liven weekend! The “My House” singer is going to be nearly as busy together the players Super key weekend as he headlines the Fanatics afternoon party, before heading out for his late-night duties. The Florida-based rapper will certainly be joined by Shaquille O’Neal, Odell Beckham Jr., Alyssa Milano, Adrian Peterson and numerous others celebrating the purveyor that authentic sports merchandise. 

We hear the skyline see from Bayou location is a quite cool clues to clock the sunset end Houston, too.

Michael Phelps, mock Brolin, David Schwimmer, rob Riggle and Common huge Game, huge Give 2017Saturday night, Feb. 4The Holthouse EstateKnown for: Blockbuster movie director Michael Bay’s joining for several years.

The Giving ago Fund’s “Big Game, large Give” is an larger and an ext wealthy crowd than what girlfriend will find at Maxim or Playboy (See: mock Brolin billed together the “Celebrity Host”). It is a charitable event that has attendees opened their wallets, not simply posing for photos with past boldface guests like Alec Baldwin, kris Rock and Aaron Rodgers. L.A. Power firm Sunshine Sachs (The gold Globes, Facebook, “Lion’s” Oscar campaigning) are giving it a push.

A 2nd stage of the night begins after the party. For $2,000, the basic public deserve to buy right into a poker game on-site operation by poker champ Jamie Gold, Phelps and Riggle, gift by BBO Poker Tables.


Wheels increase Super Saturday TailgateSaturday, Feb. 4, 1-5 p.m. Silos in ~ Sawyer Yards, 1502 Sawyer St, Houston, Texas

Celebrity personal jet business Wheels up — think Uber because that planes, which sure beats flying coach — is hosting its super Saturday Tailgate bash on Saturday afternoon for invited guests just and, no doubt, some of their VIP clients. Stars who consistently skip the TSA currently by gift members of the upstream flying club include Serena Williams, “Entourage” creator Doug Ellin, NASCAR driver Joey Logano, Fox Sports organize Erin Andrews, new England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski and ESPN university football anchor Kirk Herbstreit.

Turner Ignite Sports deluxe LoungeDaytime Lounge: Saturday, Feb. 4, 12 p.m.Bar Bleu, 2506 Robinhood St., Houston

Known for: we don’t know. This is its an initial year.

The gifting suite return to Super key weekend after ~ a practically suite-less Sundance and also the challenged model’s rare appearances at current sports weekends. Sporting activities broadcasting behemoth Turner engages the branded contents arm (Ignite) come Houston, poignant the ripe NFL that lays exterior its existing broadcast legal rights for NBA, MLB, NCAA, PGA and eSports coverage.

Soul Cycle, Ralph Lauren, State Bags, Displae, and Chevron (it’s Houston, of food an oil agency is here) are joining the suite.

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#SuperStyle Week River Oaks District, Houston

Adrian Peterson, Malcolm Jenkins, Charles Woodson, Terrell Owens and also Tracy McGrady are amongst the fashionable sports stars hosting events because that #SuperStyle mainly in the flow Oaks District, the Rodeo drive of Houston.

Among the brands and also athletes participating are L.A. Pop-up shop Alba, Owens’ ProToType 81, Peterson hosting the launch of Giuseppe Zanotti’s brand-new spring repertoire to benefit the all Day Foundation, Jenkins partnering with Davidoff the Geneva to present his rock Avenue Bowtie Collection, and McGrady hosting an exclude, preview that Roberto Cavalli’s couture gowns.

Ticketed occasions Open come the basic Public and/or Bottle service Buyers


Travis Scott and also DJ Khaled, Maxim Party; Saturday, Feb. 4Smart jae won Centre in Sugar Land

Known for: A gold-plated legacy in 21st century Super bowl weekend celebrations for centralizing the people of celebrity, pop culture and media movers — from Justin Bieber to Vince Vaughn and CBS boss Les Moonves.

Host Karma International knows exactly how to pull out all the stops, and also this time they’ve partnered with an individual injury attorney and philanthropist thomas J. Henry to existing the bash i m sorry is destined to be full of large name stars and beautiful females (it is Maxim, after ~ all). Critical year’s Dodge Thrill Ride experience in san Francisco is replaced by the Monster energy FMX Motorcycle Show, the Monster power Lounge and also the “Zippo Car” photo experience.

Common made a surprise appearance in ~ TAO’s pop-up in Park City during the 2017 Sundance film Festival critical weekend. (Al Powers/Powers Imagery)

TaoTAO is acquisition over Houston through a full weekend of events, one of which partners through the legend Playboy magazine. Check out the highlights below.

DJ Carnage on Thursday, Feb. 2RL Grime top top Friday, Feb. 3Flo Rida at the Playboy Party on Saturday, Feb. 4Stevie J at Miami’s Liv Party top top Sunday, Feb. 5TAO and The Clé Group Spire Nightclub, Midtown Houston 

Known for: High-tier talent and also a bevy that stunning, scantily-dressed bunnies.

Playboy is earlier — and also teaming up through TAO for one helluva party ~ above Saturday night v Flo Rida proving the it’s his “House.” ~ performing at the College national Championship critical month in Tampa — and also daring to go on the Gronk Party Cruise — Flo knows exactly how to hang v football players and their rambunctious entourages.


Known for: A almost 24-hour-a-day thump in Vegas v the indoor holy place of EDM and the nearby outdoor swimming pool club that also has a dome for winter swimming pool parties ensuing this winter.

Seeing Tiesto, Skrillex and also DJ Snake step behind the decks at a Marquee occasion will it is in rare. Tiesto is the challenge of rival Hakkasan group while Skrillex and also Snake are exclusive to rival wynn Nightlife’s venues in las vegas with long term residencies.

DJ Vice on Thursday, Feb. 2Tiesto on Friday, Feb. 3Skrillex on Saturday, Feb. 4; DJ line on Sunday, Feb. 5NIGHTMRE, Sunday, Feb. 5 ~ hoursMarquee at Clé Nightclub, Midtown Houston 


Migos and DJ Spade1 OAK big Weekend popular music UpSaturday, Feb. 4, 10 p.m.-2 a.m.1911 Bagby St. Houston

Sunset Blvd’s hip society 1OAK is also heading West under the 10 freeway to Houston to take end a three-story event room with hip-hop team Migos headlining. Mean their cool clientele and also celebrity regulars to follow suit. Tickets have the right to be purchased below from Saturday, Jan. 28 onwards.

StubHub Live: The Houston HuddleSunday, Feb. 5, 9:30 a.m.-kickoffBayou City occasion Center

The ticket outlet favored by countless Patriots and also Falcons pan scrambling to obtain Super bowl tickets, StubHub is hosting its annual BBQ tailgate party. Critical year, guests gained to geezer out top top roller coasters in ~ the California’s great America template park beside Levi’s stadium. And also while we can’t guarantee together scream-inducing thrills in ~ this year’s StubHub Live: The Houston Huddle — there’ll it is in plenty of beer, food, fun and also former soccer players, plus a live transfer by CBS sporting activities guru host Jim Rome.

The more daring in the crowd have the right to hop ~ above the mechanical bull (it kinda feeling like acquiring tackled by a pair that linebackers), perform target practice with waiting cannons, or pre-game through beer pong. The event is totally free for fans that buy Super key tickets ~ above StubHub.

Click below for details.

Please send invites, updates, and also details come the authors Debbie Emery here and also Mikey Glazer here.

Super key 50 Party Report: Ryan Reynolds, Liam Hemsworth, rob Gronkowski obtain Their video game On (Photos)

San Francisco welcomed stars, athletes and football fans with open arms -- and open bars -- in the days leading as much as Super key 50.

New England Patriots star and also famous party rocker plunder Gronkowski flexes his muscle at the ESPN The Party, top top Friday, Feb. 5, at the ft Mason center in mountain Francisco ~ above Feb. 5.

Houston Texans star J.J. Watt was among the stars in ~ the Bleacher sphere at Mezzanine presented through go9.

Former Denver Broncos QB and also current ESPN university football analyst Tim Tebow attends the network"s bash.

Arizona Cardinals protective end Calais Campbell go from playing in the pro Bowl critical weekend to attending the celebrating at ESPN the Party.

50 Cent served his very own EFFEN vodka brand at the Playboy Party, with bottle company delivered by 4 Playmates in gold Bunny Costumes.

Having posed v kittens for ESPN the magazine in 2014, rob Gronkowski got friendly with renowned feline, grumpy Cat at Sirius.

ESPN analyst Jesse Palmer with Tampa just Buccaneers quarterback, Jameis Winston, recipient of the the 2015 Pepsi Rookie of the Year Award, attitude on the Blue Carpet in ~ the 2015 Pepsi Rookie of the Year compensation Ceremony in ~ Pepsi super Friday Night at Pier 70.

Dan Williams, protective tackle because that the Oakland Raiders, mingled v Playmates at the Super bowl 50 Playboy Party.

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After saving the day for the brand-new England Patriots last year, Malcolm Butler remained in party mode for the new Era yellow Rush event on Feb. 6

As the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers prep for the big game, the hottest stars native entertainment and also sports party-hop about San Francisco and the just Area

San Francisco welcomed stars, athletes and football fans with open arms -- and also open bars -- in the job leading up to Super key 50.