Where to Buy 2021 Notre Dame football Tickets

Primary industry face-value single-game tickets because that the 2021 season will go on revenue Thursday, respectable 19th in ~ 6 pm on the team"s website.

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All tickets for the 2021 season will be mobile.Single-game hospitality packages, as well as premium seating, room now easily accessible for select home games. For an ext info contact 574-631-3500 or email at ndsales

On the second market, brickandmortarphilly.com has Fee-FreeNotre Dame Football ticket which additionally include aRefund Guarantee. Ours Refund Guarantee claims that if an occasion is canceled or considered unfit for fans come attend, brickandmortarphilly.com will certainly refund ticket buyers in as shortly as 15 days. That method that you can buy native brickandmortarphilly.com worry-free. Customers on brickandmortarphilly.com save in between 15%-25% contrasted to other second market ticketing sites.




How lot Are 2021 Notre Dame soccer Tickets

On the second market, prices because that Notre Dame home gamings start in between $78 and $90 because that lower-demand match-ups against Georgia Tech, Navy, and Toledo. Middle-demand games, favor match-ups against North Carolina, Stanford, and also Purdue, start between $116 and $136 per ticket. Their two highest-demand games, vs. Cincinnati and USC, have actually get-in prices of $167 and $217 respectively.

On the high end, ticket prices for every home gamings can obtain as high together $1,200+ for lower-level sideline seat at midfield.

Notre Dame 2021 football Attendance Policy

Notre Dame Stadium will certainly return to full capacity (over 77,000 fans) for games during the 2021 soccer season.

Notre Dame 2021 Season Tickets

New season ticket memberships are obtainable via the Notre Dame website and also primary sector partner Paciolan. Deposits can right now be placed for $250 because that Sideline, Corner, and Endzone seating.

Existing seasonticket holderscan renew your memberships here.

Notre Dame 2021 football Schedule

9/6at Florida StateDoak Campbell Stadium
9/ 25vs. WisconsinSoldier Field
10/9at Virginia TechLane Stadium
10/16Bye Week
11/13at VirginiaScott Stadium
11/27at StanfordStanford Stadium

2020 Notre Dame soccer Ticket Update

It was announced top top July 29th, that the ACC has chose to proceed with an 11-game schedule because that the 2020 season, i m sorry is set to start the weekend that September 12th. That schedule will also include Notre Dame, that will play a full league schedule and be eligible come play in the ACC championship game.

The schedule has 10 conference games and also one non-conference game of each team"s choosing. Gamings will take ar over 13 weeks, through two bye-weeks. The ACC championship video game is collection to be played in Charlotte, north Carolina, on either Dec. 12 or Dec. 19. There won"t be divisions this season therefore the championship gamewill attribute the peak two teams with the greatest conference winning percentages.

Here is a watch at how Notre Dame ticket price have contrasted to various other ACC teams over the last 5 seasons:


2020 Notre Dame Ticket & Attendance Policy

In May, Jack Swarbrick, Notre Dame"s athletic director, to be on "The Fight" and was request if fans to be going to be permitted to to visit this year"s residence games. Below is his an answer via Fighting ireland Wire:

We’re cursed to having fans in the stands and also we’ll begin with the other students. My check out throughout has been, if we think it’s safe for student to be on the ar playing football, it must be for sure for the college student to be in the was standing watching football. So, we’ll build off the base the the various other students, faculty and staff will certainly be a priority for us to provide them one opportunity, and then our fans. We haven’t yet acquired to the question of how big that audience is. We won’t be at capacity. We’ll perform something less than that. And also we’ll be really careful around maintaining society distance, exactly how the basic works, how you go into it, just how you departure it, all things to it is in determined. We’re working tough on them.”

Other teams approximately college football have currently started announcing that attendance in your venues would certainly be restricted to 20% - 25% capacity. We mean Notre Dame will certainly announce something similar in the comes weeks. Check ago here for every future updates.


2019 Notre Dame soccer Tickets

Notre Dame football pan will have actually a distinct opportunity this season – much more cheap seats, as the Fighting Irish boosted the variety of seats accessible for economic situation pricing, in between $45-$95, depending on the opponent. Because that fans feather to capture the activity at Notre Dam Stadium, there are much more options than ever. Notre Dame single game tickets went onsale in July with Paciolan, and also there space tickets accessible for every game except USC and also UVA. Tickets for new Mexico and Bowling green start in ~ $75. The cheapest face value ticket for Virginia technology is $65, if the Navy video game has tickets as low together $45. The final game that the season against BC has face value tickets starting at $45. The institution is additionally sellingtickets in theVictory Loft at society Naimolifor 4 of the games starting at $175 and also features all-inclusive food, beer, wine and also liquor during the game and also 3 hours prior to kick off.

The Fighting Irish continue to be the most renowned Independent in university football. This year, their greatest home video game in terms of interest and second ticket sector average questioning price will certainly be versus USC. Notre Dame is currently ranked No. 11 in USA Today’s preseason poll, however none that their seven home adversaries are in the peak 25.

Other than the expanded cheap seats, primary industry pricing remains the exact same as critical season. In enhancement to continual seats, there room club seats easily accessible directly native the school in the seven on 9 society section. Follow to the UND.com, this seats "provide a premium hospitality experience on a game-by-game basis and includes exclusive accessibility to amenities and also services because that the patrons within. Located on the ninth floor of Corbett family Hall, this club room allows that is 130 guests the opportunity to socialize throughout the game and also enjoy an climate-controlled seat through a an excellent view of the field and campus."

For pan looking to gain in top top the cheap, sections 101-104 & sections 134-136 are an excellent deals through the jumbotron right across the stadium on the south side.

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Below is a look at ticket prices and also details because that Notre Dame’s 2019 house schedule.

September 14 vs. New Mexico