These are interpretations for common post Office™ location varieties and services listed as filtering alternatives in the uncover® areas tool. Once you find for a post Office, you have the right to use these options to narrow your find results, so the ar details web page will display you i m sorry of those solutions are obtainable in human being at a particular facility.

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Post Office

A write-up Office is staffed by a Postal organization employee and has home window service hours. Many write-up Offices have open, after-hour lobbies v self-service kiosks and PO Box™ access.

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Collection Box

Most repertoire boxes are freestanding mailboxes such as the acquainted Blue Box, unique white mailboxes for prepaid Priority letter Express® items, lobby drop-off slots, or office building mail chutes. Pickup times space posted on the box label.Collection box Details

Contract Postal Unit

Contract Postal devices (CPUs) are located within currently businesses. While not freestanding write-up Office locations, CPUs provide a full range of retail products and services at constant prices.


gopost units space automated, secured, self-service parcel lockers placed in convenient areas where you deserve to pick up or delivery packages. Uncover a gopost location near you.

National Retailer

A nationwide Retailer is an approved Postal Provider® that gives shipping and mailing services and also sells stamps.

Self-Service Kiosk

A couple of kiosks room in big shopping malls. Many kiosks room in write-up Office lobbies and offer plenty of of the services easily accessible at the full-service article Office counter. You have the right to buy stamps, sweet packages, and also print Priority Mail® and also Priority letter Express shipping labels at kiosks. Bring packing tape and you have the right to ship your items in our complimentary boxes.

Village post Office

A town Post Office™ (VPO) sells a limited selection the Postal products and services. Village Post workplaces are no stand-alone buildings but areas within present businesses such as a save or library.

Definitions of Services

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Open or near content below Blue Box

A Blue crate is the familiar® blue painted street crate you watch in your community. Arsenal times are posted on the box label.

Generally, business customers will go to a company Mail entry Unit (BMEU) or a detached letter unit wherein you have actually a service mailing account to drop turn off a mass mailing.® associates in ~ the facility will certainly verify the preparation and also eligibility of the mail, assess ideal postage, and charge your business account v the correct postage for each mailing.

Bulk letter Details

Manage your mass mail account balance at the company Mail entry Unit (BMEU) wherein your mass mailing permit is held.

Bulk mail Details

You can achieve a bulk mail permit by either applying online with the business Customer Gateway, if applicable, or completing PS kind 3615, Mailing allow Application and Customer Profile, obtainable from your local business Mail entry Unit (BMEU).

Bulk mail Details

The United states Postal Service® is proud to companion with the VA come provide free burial flags for households of deceased veterans. To request a interment flag, download and also fill the end VA kind 27-2008, application for United says Flag for funeral Purposes. Lug your completed type and a copy that the veteran"s DD-214, Certificate of relax or Discharge from energetic Duty, to her local short article Office™ location to submit your application and also receive a interment flag.

Burial Flag Details

Business answer Mail® (BRM) is a domestic company that permits businesses v a permit to carry out customers v a convenient, prepaid technique for replying to a mailing. BRM pieces can encompass postcards, envelopes, self-mailers, flats, and labels.

Business reply Mail® Details

Any business mailer who desires to distribute business Reply Mail® (BRM) must use for and receive a permit. To apply for a BRM permit, complete type 3615, Mailing allow Application and Customer Profile and submit it in ~ the post Office™ place that will certainly be issuing the BRM allow number (generally, the write-up Office whereby the organization Reply Mail will certainly be returned to). Keep in mind that a BRM permit needs an annual fee payment by cash, check, or money order.

Business answer Mail® Details

Manage your business Reply Mail® (BRM) account in ~ the write-up Office™ ar where her permit is held.

Business answer Mail® Details

During call Referral hours, employee at the article Office™ facility are accessible to take it customer phone call calls.

Post Office™ carriers deliver and pick increase mail and packages for residential and also business customers along Postal courses tied to details locations. See short article Office areas that offer Schedule a Pickup and Pickup top top Demand® in their delivery areas. If friend have basic questions about mail delivery, visit our FAQs.

The Bird hunting Stamp is a federal license (permit) in the type of a stamp allowing the purchaser to hunt migratory birds. Duck stamps are NOT to be used as postage. Acquisition these allow stamps online v The Postal Store®or at a post Office™ retail counter.

Duck rubber stamp Details

General delivery is a mail service where you pick up mail the is sent to you treatment of a short article Office™ location. It can be supplied if girlfriend don"t have a permanent resolve or need a short-lived mailing address.

General distribution Details

Global to express Guaranteed® (GXG®) business is the more quickly® worldwide shipping option. GXG shipping are ceded in 1–3 business days to much more than 190 countries, through overnight shipment to numerous places in Canada. Worldwide transportation and also delivery are detailed by FedEx Express.

GXG Details

Find post Office™ locations that sell postage-paid greeting, birthday, one-of-a-kind occasion, and holiday cards. Also, shop because that cards online through The Postal Store®.

Label Broker® is a service readily available at write-up Office™ areas for friend to print outbound and return shipping labels utilizing a brand Broker id or QR password that an online shipper sends you in ar of a physical label. (Or, if you have access to a printer, you have the right to print your label online with the brand Broker tool.)

Find post Office™ places near you the sell and also cash domestic money orders. Learn much more about sending and receiving residential money orders, fees, purchase limits, and more.

Domestic Money order Details

Find article Office™ areas to submit inquiries for missing, lost, or steal money orders. After starting your inquiry, friend will be able to check the standing of your money order and also inquiry progression online.

Check Money bespeak Status

Find post Office™ areas near you the sell and cash worldwide money orders. Learn an ext about sending and also receiving international money orders, fees, acquisition limits, and more.

International Money order Details

Most post Office™ places accept first-time passport applications. Schedule an appointment online or use a self-service kiosk at a post Office. If you space renewing her passport, you can mail it straight to the State Department. Learn more about passport services offered at® locations.

Passport business Details

Some post Office™ locations take passport pictures. Schedule an appointment virtual or use a self-service kiosk in ~ a post Office. Learn more about passport services offered at® locations.

Passport organization Details

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, most article Office™ locations offering passport services require you come schedule an meeting online. A couple of Post Office locations still offer walk-in passport services. If you space renewing her passport, you deserve to mail it straight to the State Department. Learn much more about passport services offered at® locations.

Passport business Details

Find short article Office™ places near you that market stamps and also philatelic products such as unique stamps, first-day-of-issue mementos, and keepsakes. Also, shop because that collectibles online in the Collector’s Zone®.

Accountable mail calls for the recipient’s signature to show proof of delivery or protect against loss or damages. Accountable mail includes Priority mail Express®, Certified Mail®, collection on Delivery, Registered Mail®, Return Receipt, and Signature Confirmation™ items, plus letter insured for much more than $200.

Accountable letter Details

A hold Mail® inquiry will host ALL mail (including letters and also packages) at a short article Office™ ar for ALL individuals at the stated address. With a® account, you can schedule host Mail organization online for as much as 30 days.

Hold letter Details

PS kind 3849, us ReDeliver for You! is the Redelivery notification your carrier pipeline when shipment was attempted however could not be completed. Schedule a Redelivery virtual or lug your notification with the proper type of picture identification come the post Office™ ar where your item is being held for pickup.

PO Box™ company is a premium service readily available at article Office™ locations for a fee come residential and also business customers that need an ext than complimentary home delivery or basic delivery. Numerous locations permit 24/7 PO crate access, and also if a parcel is too huge to to the right in her box, we"ll hold it safely for you.

PO box Details

An to express® repertoire box is a specially marked white mailbox because that prepaid Priority letter Express® items. Repertoire times are posted on the box label.

Priority letter Express Details

Priority letter International® organization is a reliable and affordable method to ship to an ext than 190 countries, including Canada and also Australia.

Priority Mail international Details

A few kiosks room in large shopping malls. Most kiosks space in short article Office™ lobbies and offer many of the services accessible at the full-service article Office counter. You deserve to buy stamps, sweet packages, and also print Priority Mail® and also Priority mail Express® shipping brand at kiosks. Carry packing tape and also you deserve to ship your items in our complimentary boxes.

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Use sure Money® (DineroSeguro®) business to send a certain wire transfer to civilization or businesses in countries that have agreements with®. Pay for and schedule the money move at a article Office™ place retail counter where available.