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"Underwear Goes within the Pants" is a track by Lazyboy, i beg your pardon is a musical task combining spoken word through hip-hop beats and also other musical styles, through vocals ~ above this monitor by stand-up comedian Greg Giraldo. Giraldo speaks in an observational humor style vital of American society, discussing problems such as the legalization of marijuana, the homeless problem, and the "obesity epidemic". The accompanying music video clip was shooting in Los Angeles with members the the homeless singing the chorus. The song was a struggle in Australia, getting to number five. It was released in the UK top top 21 august 2006, and it peaked at number thirty top top the UK Singles Chart.more »

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Why is marijuana not legal? Why is marijuana no legal? It"s a organic plant that grows in the dirt. Execute you recognize what"s no natural?80 year old dudes through hard-ons. That"s not natural.But we gained pills because that that.We"re dedicating every our clinical resources to keeping the old men erect,But we"re putting people in jail for something the grows in the dirt?You recognize we have an ext prescription drugs now.Every commercial that comes ~ above TV is a prescription drug ad.I can"t clock TV for four minutes without thinking I have 5 serious diseases.Like: "Do you ever wake up tired in the morning?"Oh mine god I have this, compose this down. Every little thing it is, I have it. Fifty percent the time ns don"t also know what the advertisement is…People running in fields or flying kites or swimming in the ocean.I"m choose that is the greatest condition ever. How do you get that?That condition comes v a warm chick and a puppy. The institutions now… it is all around self-esteem in the institutions now.Build the kids" self-esteem, do them feel great about themselves.If everybody grow up v high self-esteem, that is walk to run in our strip clubs?What"s going to happen to our porno industry?These women don"t simply grown ~ above trees. The takes numerous drunk dads absent dance recitals prior to you decide to blow a goat top top the net for fifty bucks.And if the disappears, where does that leave me top top a Friday night with my new high rate connection?Masterminds are an additional word that comes up every the time.You save hearing about these terrorists masterminds that get killed in the middle east. Terrorists masterminds.Mastermind is type of a lofty means to define what these men do, don"t you think?They"re not masterminds."OK, you take bomb, right? and you put in your backpack. And you get on bus and also you blow yourself up. Alright?""Why execute I need to blow myself up? Why can"t ns just…""Who"s the fucking mastermind here? Me or you?"Americans, let"s face it: We"ve been a spoiled country for a long time. Carry out you recognize what the number one wellness risk in America is? Obesity. They speak we"re in the middle of an weight problems epidemic.An epidemic like it is polio. Favor we"ll be informing our cool kids about it one day.The an excellent Obesity Epidemic that 2004."How"d you acquire through it grandpa?""Oh, it was horrible Johnny, there to be cheesecake and also pork chops everywhere."Nobody knows why were obtaining fatter? Look at our lifestyle.I"ll sit in ~ a drive thru. I"ll sit over there behind fifteen other cars rather of gaining up to do the eight foot walk to the entirely empty counter.Everything is mega meal, at sight sized. Want biggie fries, supervisor sized, desire to go large. You want to have actually thirty burgers for a nickel friend fat mother fucker. There"s room in the back. Take it it!Want a 55 gallon north of Coke v that? It"s just three more cents.Sometimes you need to suffer a small bit in her youth to motivate you yourself to success in later on life.Do you think if invoice Gates acquired laid in high school, carry out you think there"d be a Microsoft?Of course not.You obtained to spend a lengthy time in your own locker with your underwear shoved up her ass before you start to think,"You"ll see. I"m going to take it of the world of computers! I"ll display them."We"re in one of the richest nations in the world,But the minimum wage is reduced than it was thirty five years ago.There room homeless human being everywhere.This homeless male asked me because that money the other day.I was around to give it to him and then I assumed he to be going to usage it on drugs or alcohol.And then ns thought, that"s what I"m going to usage it on.Why am i judging this bad bastard.People love to judge homeless guys. Favor if you give them money they"re simply going come waste it.Well, he lives in a box, what execute you desire him come do? save it up and also buy a wall surface unit?Take a small run to the keep for a litter rug and also a CD rack? He"s homeless.I walked behind this guy the other day.

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A homeless man asked him because that money.He looks ideal at the homeless guy and says why don"t girlfriend go obtain a project you bum.People always say the to homeless guys like the is therefore easy.This homeless guy was attract his underwear external his pants.Outside his pants. I"m guessing his resume isn"t all up to date.I"m predicting some difficulties during the interview process.I"m nice sure even McDonalds has a "underwear goes inside the pants" policy.Not that they force it really strictly, yet technically I"m certain it is top top the books.

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