In this week’s episode, Forrest Griffin and also Matt Parrino malfunction the changes in the rankings indigenous Kansas City and also Buffalo. Robert Whittaker makes a large jump at 185 after acquisition our Jacare Souza, no activity for rose Namajunas and more.

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Go behind the scenes of 210, which featured Daniel Cormier"s effective title defense end Anthony Johnson. Watch the full episode on fight PASS.



As if retaining his light heavyweight crown wasn"t enough of a reward, Daniel Cormier got quite the honor at 210 as soon as he obtained to satisfy Buffalo legend and former NFL star Thurman Thomas. We"ve acquired the scoop top top the meeting.

*"s Matt Parrino and electric analyst Robin black color recap the action from 210 live from Buffalo, NY.


Dana White discusses 210, which featured Daniel Cormier"s irradiate heavyweight location defense in Buffalo, NY.

Watch the highlights native the post-fight push conference after ~ 210, featuring the undisputed light Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier.

Chris Weidman talks through Megan Olivi about the legit leg controversy that resorted in him losing by TKO to Gegard Mousasis, backstage in ~ 210.

Anthony Johnson talks through Megan Olivi about his how amazing retirement announcement backstage at 210 in Buffalo, brand-new York.

Watch together Patrick Cote talks v Megan Olivi about announcing his retirement in the octagon ~ his bout against Thiago Alves, backstage at 210.

Thiago Alves talks through Megan Olivi around his win over Patrick Cote backstage in ~ 210, in Buffalo, new York.

After shedding to Daniel Cormier at 210, Anthony Johnson surprised the crowd and announced his retirement.

Gegard Mousasi and Chris Weidman speak to Joe Rogan in the Octagon after Mousasi defeated Weidman in ~ 210.

Cynthia Calvillo speak backstage after ~ her success over Pearl Gonzalez in ~ 210. Calvillo boosts to 2-0 in the

Watch together Charles Oliveira talks through Megan Olivil around his win over will certainly Brooks, backstage at 210 in Buffalo, brand-new York.

Patrick Cote announced his retirement in ~ 210 after losing to Thiago Alves. Cote, 37, has actually been fighting in the since 2004.

Gregor Gillespie speak his an initial round knockout victory over Andrew Holbrook at 210 in Buffalo, new York.

Watch the highlights native the 210 weigh-ins in this recap hosted by correspondent Megan Olivi. Daniel Cormier, Anthony Johnson, chris Weidman, and Gegard Mousasi sweet in and also talk one last time before thier fights Saturday ~ above Pay every View.

Watch 210 stars Daniel Cormier, Anthony Johnson, kris Weidman and also Gegard Mousasi face-off at the 210 weigh-in top top Friday.

Watch as Anthony Johnson discusses his upbringing and also family life. Johnson fights for the light heavyweight title versus Daniel Cormier in ~ 210 ~ above April 8.

Joe Rogan previews the 210 main event light heavyweight championship showdown in between Daniel Cormier and Anthony Johnson.

Preview the key middleweight showdown in between Chris Weidman and also Gegard Mousasi, as the two are collection to fulfill at 210 live top top Pay-Per-View.

Recap all the action from Thursday"s 210 open up Workout, featuring champion Daniel Cormier, challenger Anthony Johnson, and co-main event fighters kris Weidman and also Gegard Mousasi.

Daniel Cormier was victorious in his an initial bout v Anthony Johnson at 187. "DC" is confident he will safeguard his belt and defeat Rumble in your rematch in ~ 210 top top April 8.

Cynthia Calvillo will certainly fight in simply her 2nd bout ~ above Saturday at 210 as soon as she takes on Pearl Gonzalez. 210 is stacked with good fights, led by main event Daniel Cormier vs Anthony Johnson, however it also has a little bit of Buffalo flavor as well. Lisa Foiles has the inside scoop.

Watch as the stars that 210 face-off at media day on Wednesday, special main and also co-main event fighters Daniel Cormier, Anthony Johnson, kris Weidman and also Gegard Mousasi.

Go one-on-one with Daniel Cormier and also find the end what provides him a warrior. Cormier make the efforts to safeguard his irradiate heavyweight belt ~ above April 8 in ~ 210. Minute host Lisa Foiles goes inside the number of 210, featuring irradiate heavyweight fighters Daniel Cormier and also Anthony Johnson.

In advance of’s very first trip to Buffalo in much more than 20 years, will hold a media conference contact on Thursday, march 30 in ~ 5pm/2pm ETPT through the stars that the main and co-main events. light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier defends title vs. Anthony Johnson & chris Weidman battles Gegard Mousasi at 210 in Buffalo, NY. Forrest Griffin & Matt Parrino preview the large fights and an ext on this week"s illustration of Rankings Report.

As one of the"s prolific knockout artists, Anthony Johnson has constantly been comfortable law his talking v his hands. Top top April 8 he"ll placed his hand to the test versus Daniel Cormier at 210 in Buffalo, NY.

Watch january Blachowicz knockout Ilir Latifi in his debut in Oct. Of 2014. Don"t miss Blachowicz take on Patrick Cummins in ~ 210 top top April 8.

See more: Watch Tom Brady Salem State University Sold Out, Tom Brady Paid $170K To Speak At Salem State 210 is missing one the Buffalo"s natives - Rashad Evans. Watch Evans talk around not fighting on the map plus he dives right into a special prospect that may make part noise.