UC Davis deserve a win in its first-ever NCAA competition appearance with a 67-63 victory over north Carolina central Wednesday night in Dayton.

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Although the Aggies didn"t make a ar goal for nearly the final six minutes, they did sufficient to come away v the win.

The team"s Twitter account captured the win moments:

The big West champions will certainly now shot to save it going through a matchup against No. 1 Kansas in the Midwest Region.

Jon Rothstein the CBSSports.com credited head coach Jim Les after the win:

North Carolina main stayed in ~ a pair of possessions nearly the entire second fifty percent but never organized a lead in the last 18 minutes. A Dajuan Graf three-pointer reduced the bring about one with less than 2 minutes left, however it couldn"t make another shot as the Aggies do their totally free throws come secure the win.

Shooting to be a problem practically the whole game for the Eagles, that went simply 5-of-26 from beyond the arc. Seth Davis of CBSSports.com took keep in mind of the problems:


This game reminds me of what Dean Smith offered to say: "I don't need exterior shooters, i need external makers."

UC Davis had its very own problems, consisting of 18 turnovers, but Chima Moneke assisted the formation come away with the win. The big man finished with 18 points, 12 rebounds and two steals.


Brynton Lemar and Lawrence White also helped out through a combined 29 points.

UC Davis take it the early advantage in the game, flexing its protective muscle through some highlight-reel theatre on that finish in the first half:

Making 13 the 23 shots in the stretch seemed favor it would be enough to go into halftime through a lead, but nine turnovers helped North Carolina main go increase 34-31 in ~ intermission.

The Aggies answered with the very first nine points scored in the second fifty percent and appeared ready to pull away together the fifty percent continued behind the trio the Moneke, Lemar and White. Unfortunately, their own shooting woes helped produce a competitive video game down the stretch.

While Graf aided NC main with 15 points, top scorer Patrick Cole only ended up 5-of-15 indigenous the ar for 13 points, absent a few key shots in the closeup of the door minutes.

It wasn"t always pretty, however UC Davis hosted on for the win. Joe Davidson the the Sacramento Bee disputed the effort:

Joe Davidson

UC Davis to win NC central 67-63 for 1st NCAA tournament victory. Fine earned, gritty & true.Now the monster challenge: Kansas in Tulsa

The Aggies now have actually two days to prepare itself for Kansas and All-American candidate candid Mason. The video game will take place in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Friday in ~ 6:50 p.m. ET.

Considering No. 16 particle has ever beaten a No. 1 seed, they will have their work reduced out for them.

Postgame Reaction

Moneke wasn"t afraid to take control and it led to him being the star of the game.

"I feel favor I"m a i was sure player, and also I got it going early," Moneke said, per Mitch Stacy of the associated Press. "And I favor the matchup that i had. And you know, my teammates were doing a great job of moving the ball, and also I felt that if we continued to execute that, i would placed us in a successful position to score most of the time."

On the other finish of the court, North Carolina main looked an excellent at time offensively yet struggled to merely make shots.

"We had some an excellent looks at the rim," Graf claimed after the game, every Jonas Pope IV that the News and also Observer. "We simply couldn’t knock them down. Us were under one, ns shot a 3. Coach was telling me to drive the ball. Ns should have listened to coach and also continued steering the ball and finish at the rim."

The ethical of the story is to always listen to your coach.

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