Tracie Thoms, the rent actress who has actually been attached to several actors end the years, is most likely single. Tracie Thoms, the actress native The adversary Wears Prada, has actually a quiet an individual life regardless of her consistent public attention. She fans, on the various other hand, room curious around her love life and frequently do assumptions about who she could be romantically connected with, as well as gay speculations. So, let’s find out what the fact is.

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What is the net worth of Tracie Thoms in 2021?

As a result of her success in film, theater, and television shows, the Emmy-nominated actress is estimated to have actually a net worth of $1 million dollars in,2021 follow to celebrity net worth.

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In which social media website Tracie Thoms is active?

Tracie Thoms is active on Facebook, Instagram, and also Twitter. She has 83.2k followers on Twitter, 91.9k followers on Instagram, and more than 11.6k followers on Facebook.

Is Tracie Thoms dating J lee?

Although the actress has actually not publicly been confirmed that she is in a relationship, there have been plenty of rumors and also suspicions around her love life. She was determined as J Lee’s rumored girlfriend in 2011 after they were spotted together at the Ahmanson Theatre, posing at the opened night start party of beside Normal.

But no of them ever confirmed that they were romantically involved with every other. Without any kind of confirmation, the news cleared up with the i of time. She go not appear to be in a relationship, based on her social media presence.

J Lee and also Tracie Thoms (Source: Broadway)

Is Tracie Thoms a Bisexual?

Prior to she rumor through J Lee, fans associated Thoms with actress Rosario Dawson. Yet there was nothing the the sort in between the two, who had previously worked together top top the movies Rent and Death proof in 2006 and 2007.

In 2016, the rental actress co-starred in the Broadway present Falsetto together a lesbian character together co-star Betsy Wolf, who played Thoms’ lesbian partner in the play. That quickly ended up being a rumor that the 2 were dating, particularly after she make a Twitter write-up in 2015 express her support for same-sex marriage.

Thoms has actually been linked to several rumored relationships, however she has never spoken openly about her love life. And also she will certainly most likely reveal she other fifty percent once she finds the right human with whom to share she life.

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Tracie Thoms career as an actress

The 45-year-old Baltimore native began her experienced career in 2002 through her debut movie America’s Most disastrous Things. As she functioned her method up in the industry, she to be a part of several remarkable projects, consisting of Rent, The evil one Wears Prada, death Proof, and Cold Case.

Quick information of Tracie Thoms

Date of Birth=Aug 19, 1975Age=45 Years, 11 MonthsNationality=AmericanProfession=ActressMarital Status=SingleGay/Lesbain=NoEthnicity=African-AmericanNet Worth=$1 MillionHeight=5′ 5″ (1.65 m)Education=Howard UniversityParents=Donald Thoms (Father) Mariana Thoms (Mother)