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The facility position underwent a far-ranging evolution during the 2010s. The traditional huge man became de-emphasized in donate of large fours and also fives. The rise of two-way wings and athletic guards additionally shifted the spotlight far from the NBA’s giants. Some teams turned to small-ball lineups and also enjoyed success.

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Despite the facility spot no much longer holding the same importance it has in past decades, some notable players graced the position during the 2010s, consisting of several future hall of Famers. This item ranks the ten biggest centers that the decade in addition to several honorable mentions.

Accomplishments, such together accolades, championships, and also statistics, room the main justification for the upcoming rankings. Raw talent also plays a variable in close decisions between players, but the list does favor players with an ext games played.

The statistics and accolades provided in this article come from the 2010-11 season and also end v the number players gathered by the morning the Dec. 20, 2019. The back part of the 2009-10 season does no count.

Articles covering the other 4 positions space in the works, so make certain to check earlier regularly. Now, that time to dig into the best centers from the previous decade of NBA basketball.

*Numbers specific as of Dec. 20 2019

15. Al Jefferson (2010-2017)

2013-14 All-NBA 3rd Team

508 games, 8,114 points, 872 assists, 4,161 rebounds, 352 steals, 586 blocks

The big man played for eight years in the 2010s. That posted five consecutive 1,000-point seasons during the decade before sharply fallout’s off.

14. Brook Lopez (2010-present)

2012-13 All-Star

580 games, 10,064 points, 859 assists, 3,455 rebounds, 330 steals, 1,020 blocks

He didn’t win plenty of awards, however Lopez built up plenty the statistics throughout the 2010s. That’s about all he has actually in comparison to the various other centers ~ above this list. Lopez topped the 1,000-point mark six times during the 2010s.

13. Tyson Chandler (2010-present)

2010-11 NBA Champion

2011-12 All-NBA 3rd Team

2012-13 All-Defensive 1st Team

Two-time All-Defensive second Team

2011-12 protective Player the the Year

2012-13 All-Star

565 games, 4,760 points, 483 assists, 5,293 rebounds, 323 steals, 523 blocks

Chandler is quiet in his 19th NBA season. The veteran big man dram fewer 보다 ten minutes per video game now, but he was a protective anchor at the start of the decade. Never ever an attack star, Chandler offered as one old-fashioned pickled in salt protector for five teams throughout the 2010s.

12. Nikola Jokic (2015-present)

2015-16 All-Rookie first Team

2018-19 All-NBA first Team

2018-19 All-Star

334 games, 5,450 points, 1,760 assists, 3,209 rebounds, 364 steals, 236 blocks

One top quality season isn’t enough for Jokic to crack the height ten. While the does have three 1,000-point seasons, the Serbian All-Star only emerged as a premier talent last season. Jokic is the finest passing center in current NBA history, but he started this season slowly and lacks the protective abilities of countless centers approximately this section of the article.

11. Joakim noah (2010-2018)

2013-14 All-NBA 1st Team

Two-time All-Defensive 1st Team

2010-11 All-Defensive second Team

2013-14 defensive Player the the Year

Two-time All-Star

449 games, 4,155 points, 1,578 assists, 4,316 rebounds, 384 steals, 599 blocks

Noah’s decade was a roller coaster that finished with a resurgence in Memphis and then a perhaps career-ending injury. Prior to injuries crippled his career, Noah to be an anchor for the Chicago Bulls. He only posted one 1,000-point season, yet Noah to be a central part of Chicago’s success early in the decade.

10. Andre Drummond (2012-present)

2012-13 All-Rookie 2nd Team

2015-16 All-NBA third Team

Two-time All-Star

568 games, 8,125 points, 699 assists, 7,858 rebounds, 771 steals, 893 blocks

The most dominant rebounder that the decade, Drummond is a decent player on one underwhelming team. In spite of his absence of offensive versatility and also Detroit’s struggles, Drummond scored at least 1,000 points in his last six seasons. That led the NBA in total rebounds four times, and he’s leading the organization in the stat again this season. He’s likewise on pace to command the NBA in offensive rebounds for a seventh-straight year.

9. Karl-Anthony communities (2015-present)

2015-16 All-Rookie 1st Team

2017-18 All-NBA 3rd Team

2015-16 Rookie the the Year

Two-time All-Star

346 games, 7,796 points, 940 assists, 4,100 rebounds, 269 steals, 510 blocks

While he isn’t the defensive stud the Joel Embiid is, Towns is among the best players in the NBA. He’ll have a shooting at being the top center for the 2020s, particularly considering all he completed in just over four seasons. V those four years, he showed incredible durability, playing in an typical of 80 games per season. He also averaged 1,796 points every year. That production is simply ridiculous, considering Towns simply turned 24 a small over a month ago.

Towns leads every centers in attack versatility. The Kentucky product’s capability to score from anywhere can turn him into a hall of Famer someday.

8. Joel Embiid (2016-present)

2016-17 All-Rookie 1st Team

Two-time All-NBA 2nd Team

Two-time All-Defensive 2nd Team

Two-time All-Star

181 games, 4,356 points, 575 assists, 2,094 rebounds, 134 steals, 340 blocks

Drafted third overall in 2014, Embiid no see activity until 2016, however he quickly flashed immense potential. If he ever before puts together a healthy and balanced season, Embiid can win the MVP and also Defensive Player that the Year awards. However, injuries retained Embiid to simply 158 games in his an initial three seasons.

Despite his 2 All-NBA selections, Embiid’s job is tho a significant “what-if” scenario. The could end up being one the the greatest centers of all-time and take the talented Philadelphia 76ers top top a deep playoff run, or he could fizzle out after 5 or 6 seasons. Check earlier in a te to uncover out.

7. DeAndre Jordan (2010-present)

2015-16 All-NBA first Team

Two-time All-NBA 3rd Team

Two-time All-Defensive 1st Team

2016-17 All-Star

721 games, 7,473 points, 733 assists, 8,540 rebounds, 474 steals, 1,253 blocks

As the 3rd member the the Lob City Los Angeles Clippers, Jordan took on the traditional role of an interior center. In the five years indigenous 2013 come the 2017-18 season, he built up 4,738 points, 5,684 rebounds, and also 768 blocks.

While Jordan wasn’t repeatedly an upstream center, that led the NBA in ar goal percentage 5 consecutive times and took residence back-to-back rebounding titles. Some of the centers listed below Jordan have much more potential, yet his contribute on among the most amazing teams that the decade room worth the saturday spot.

6. Rudy Gobert (2013-present)

2016-17 All-NBA second Team

2018-19 All-NBA 3rd Team

Three-time All-Defensive 1st Team

Two-time defensive Player the the Year

432 games, 4,908 points, 586 assists, 4,636 rebounds, 295 steals, 941 blocks

It’s hard to figure out just how great Gobert is. He’s among the ideal defensive anchors this decade. It is undeniable, but he more than likely isn’t much more talented 보다 the players listed below him top top this list.

Gobert made 3 consecutive All-Defensive 1st Teams and also won the critical two protective Player of the Year awards. That also collection a career-high in point out scored last season with 1,284. Despite all of his recent success, Gobert is one of the most controversial centers on this list.

5. Pau Gasol (2010-present)

Two-time All-NBA second Team

Three-time All-Star

577 games, 8,702 points, 1,855 assists, 5,484 rebounds, 256 steals, 828 blocks

People forgot around the older Gasol’s success early on in the 2010s. Despite transforming 30 during the 2010-11 season, Gasol continued impacting teams for years. The occasionally power forward scored an ext than 1,000 points in 5 of the very first six seasons of the decade prior to transitioning into a lesser role with the san Antonio Spurs. He played a an essential role in six playoff runs for three various teams during the decade, something most fans overlook due to the fact that he wasn’t in Los Angeles the whole time.

4. Al Horford (2010-present)

2010-11 All-NBA third Team

2017-18 All-Defensive second Team

Four-time All-Star

582 games, 8,686 points, 2,169 assists, 4,559 rebounds, 492 steals, 712 blocks

Whether the was once he was through the Atlanta falken or the Boston Celtics, and also now the Philadelphia 76ers, Horford play a main role on plenty of competitive teams this decade. Also dating ago to Horford’s rookie season, none of his teams have ever before missed the playoffs.

Since he gotten in the NBA in 2007, every postseason has actually featured a team through Horford. The former Florida Gator does whatever too. That passes, defends, shoot threes, sets screens, and also sacrifices because that his team. While Horford never was a superstar, he’s an underappreciated force in the league.

3. Marc Gasol (2010-present)

2018-19 NBA Champion

2014-15 All-NBA first Team

2012-13 All-NBA second Team

2012-13 All-Defensive 2nd Team

2012-13 defensive Player that the Year

Three-time All-Star

671 games, 10,116 points, 2,524 assists, 5,048 rebounds, 622 steals, 989 blocks

The younger Gasol went with a quiet change during the 2010s. Beginning primarily as a heavy defender with a decent inside scoring game, Gasol developed a three-point shot and also became one of the better passing centers in the NBA. His defensive IQ also skyrocketed, also after he won the defensive Player the the Year award.

Gasol threw together five 1,000-point seasons throughout the 2010s, and also he never scored fewer than 850 points in a season. A classic jack of every trades yet master that none, Gasol to be the centerpiece of six playoff runs through Memphis before finally win a championship with Toronto last season.

2. DeMarcus Cousins (2010-present)

2010-11 All-Rookie first Team

Two-time All-NBA second Team

Four-time All-Star

565 games, 12,006 points, 1,832 assists, 6,131 rebounds, 805 steals, 697 blocks

From the day he gone into the league, Cousins was special. His current injuries room truly frustrating since he would certainly be the ideal center the the 2010s if his health and wellness held up these previous two and also a fifty percent seasons. Before he go down with an Achilles injury in the middle of the 2017-18 season, Boogie’s career was trending toward the room of Fame. Now, he’s simply trying come get earlier on the court.

Cousins opened up the decade v eight continually 1,000-point seasons. He additionally developed a three-point shot, round handling, and also passing skills, which to be on full display in brand-new Orleans. Prior to his Achilles injury, Cousins amassed 1,210 clues in just 48 games. That translates to 2,066 point out in one 82-game season.

1. Dwight Howard (2010-present)

Two-time All-NBA 1st Team

2013-14 All-NBA 2nd Team

2012-13 All-NBA third Team

Two-time All-Defensive 1st Team

2010-11 protective Player that the Year

Four-time All-Star

584 games, 9,774 points, 831 assists, 7,195 rebounds, 560 steals, 1,048 blocks

Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Start the decade, Howard to be still the best center in the NBA. The was, of course, prior to suffering extensive injuries and also leaving Orlando. However, Howard still placed together 6 1,000-point seasons and also led the organization in rebounds once. He also led the NBA in offensive rebounds 3 times.

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Even as injuries sapped his athleticism, Howard post 1,012 rebounds and 1,347 points throughout the 2017-18 season. Now, he’s gone through a complete body change and is coming off the bench because that the Los Angeles Lakers.