What walk Ezekiel Elliott"s fantasy outlook and ADP look prefer for 2021 after no meeting expectations in 2020 despite his RB1 finish?

Did you have actually Ezekiel Elliott on among your rosters in fantasy football last season? by his standards, 2020 to be a down year. The 25-year-old running back finished together the RB9 in PPR formats and only average 15.6 fantasy points per game. This no the return on investment that fantasy managers expected once considering Elliott’s ADP. Has Elliott’s fantasy outlook adjusted in 2021, or can this be one more tough year?

Ezekiel Elliott’s fantasy outlook because that 2021

The Dallas Cowboys’ violation struggled mightily last season without quarterback Dak Prescott, who experienced a season-ending ankle injury in mainly 5. The Cowboys additionally had right tackle La’el Collins (16 games missed), ideal guard Zack martin (6), left handle Tyron blacksmith (14), and left security Cameron Erving (10) miss significant time v injuries in 2020.

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Nevertheless, the perception currently is that Elliott is previous his prime. Yet, go you recognize that he to be the RB2 in PPR formats throughout the first few weeks the the season? The just other running ago ahead of him was Alvin Kamara.

Prescott signed a four-year, $160 million contract with the Cowboys, consisting of a $66 million signing bonus and also $126 million guaranteed. This is an excellent news because that Elliott’s fantasy outlook for 2021. Through Prescott under facility last season, Elliott average a robust 24.4 avenues (rushing attempts and also targets), 107.4 total yards, and also 23 PPR fantasy points every game. In 4 of those 5 games, the finished together an RB1.

As the Cowboys play musical chairs in ~ quarterback, Elliott saw much more stacked boxes. From Week 6 on, he averaged 19.5 opportunities, 78 complete yards, and 11.8 PPR fantasy ppg. He was active in 10 games and also only finished together an RB1 3 times.

Prescott suffered a young shoulder injury in July, and the Cowboys have been careful with him. This conservative approach shows up to have paid off. Prescott is now operating without limitation, and according to Cowboys offensive coordinator Kellen Moore, the is no longer on a key count.

Elliott had actually a solid training camp and preseason, and also the Cowboys even restructured his substantial contract. Dallas convert $8.6 million that Elliott’s $9.6 million basic salary into a signing bonus. This transaction created $6.7 million in cap an are for this season. Elliott’s contract practically guarantees hell see regular touches, but could Tony Pollard see an ext opportunities in 2021?

Will Tony Pollard lower Elliott’s fantasy ceiling?

From mainly 1-5, Pollard average 4.6 opportunities per game. The second-year back did become more involved in the offense from main 6 on, yet Pollard didn’t influence Elliott’s workload dramatically. His largest number of opportunities (21) come in week 15, once Elliott to be inactive.

It is additionally important to point out that 32% of Pollard’s 435 rushing yards come on 5 attempts last season. Certainly, Elliott is the Cowboys’ wanted option in the red zone. He had 32 rushing attempts from inside the 10-yard line while Pollard only had actually 4 — 2 that them comes in the video game Elliott to be out.

Additionally, Elliott led all to run backs in pass-blocking breaks (499). Kamara, meanwhile, was a distant 2nd with 389. This is another advantage for Elliott. Native a movie perspective, Pollard is not that good at pass protection. It is worth noting the head coach Mike McCarthy has publicly proclaimed that the Cowboys would store the playoffs in mind once deploying Elliott this season.

Will the Cowboys’ offensive line bounce back in 2021?

Dallas’ offensive line has been lauded as among the finest in vault seasons. Lot of reports imply that Collins, Martin, Smith, and also Erving have actually not suffered any setbacks in your recovery. Therefore, the unit is well-positioned come reclaim that is elite standing in 2021.

Ezekiel Elliott is quiet in his prime

The chatter around Elliott’s death is greatly exaggerated. Since 2016 once he was drafted, no other running earlier has scored an ext PPR fantasy points than Elliott (1,413). Todd Gurley (1,348) and Kamara (1,305) come in second and third. Elliott also ranks very first in methods over the time frame and also has finished as an RB1 in 61% that his 71 energetic career gamings in PPR.

Since 2010, there have actually been 74 to run backs who have scored 250+ PPR fantasy points. That them, 39 have come native players throughout their age-24 or 25 seasons.

The Cowboys’ defense has made improvements this offseason however could tho be experiment in 2021. The Cowboys have actually matchups against five of last season’s optimal seven happen offenses. Thus, the offense will have actually to regulate the time that possession and also score as plenty of points together possible.

The an excellent news is the they have actually offensive weapons at every position to do so, and everyone will have an chance to gain fed. After all, Prescott was on pace to litter over 800 passes v the first four games prior to his injury.

Fantasy projection

Elliott is in an excellent position to exceed end 325 touches and also 1,500 total yards in 2021. The Cowboys will proceed to find an imaginative ways to store Pollard involved, but Elliott is firmly on the RB1 radar in PPR.

Ezekiel Elliott’s ADP

You’ll most likely need a top-five choose to soil Elliott as soon as you evaluation ADP data indigenous Fleaflicker. This tendency is similar in pay-to-play fantasy layouts such as the national Fantasy Championship. Elliott has actually an ADP the 6.2 as the RB5 overall. His ADP is slightly reduced in half-point PPR formats on Sleeper (8.9).

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Should you draft Ezekiel Elliott at this ADP 2021?

Elliott is a nice value at his ADP. You could land a player through the upside to end up as a top-three fantasy running back. Over there are few running backs I’d pick ahead of that in fantasy drafts. Christian McCaffrey, Dalvin Cook, and also Derrick Henry space three that immediately enter my mind. Nothing overlook Elliott in bilder if you have a mid-or-late first-round pick.