C.S. Lewis (the author who an initial cultivated my love of literary works with his Narnia chronicles) when said about the irish poet, essayist, and playwright William servant (W.B.) Yeats, “I am frequently surprised to uncover how utterly ignored Yeats is amongst the guys I have met: perhaps his very nice is completely Irish–if so, then give thanks to the god that i am Irish.” Yeats remained staunchly ireland at a time when Irish heritage was regularly overshadowed through their more imperialistic Anglo neighbors to the east. His poetry featured irish legends and also heroes and also an as whole connection come his own roots. Despite his mystical and occult tendencies the at times attracted criticism, there is no doubting the magnificence the his supernatural imagination. To read much more about the life the W.B. Yeats, girlfriend can check out his biography at the Poetry foundation here.

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In his poem “To the climbed upon the Rood that Time,” Yeats balances the immortal (the rood or crucifix the time) through the mortal. According to Suheil B. Bushrui’s and Tim Prentki’s An global Companion come the poetry of W.B. Yeats, “The stamin of the poem is derived from the anxiety revealed by its title between immortality and mortality. The climbed is figured out as ‘Eternal Beauty’ however it have the right to only be regarded in such things as an actual climbed which must die. Thus while the poet desire to experience the influence of the Rose, that does no wish to it is in overwhelmed totally by that power and so lose call with this world” (83). The poem highlights the timelessness that epic, historical deeds of ireland ancestry as well as the common, mundane realities that a “weak worm hiding” and a “field-mouse running.”

I personal appreciate and also am relocated by the vulnerable balance that mortality and immortality, or, if you will, finding the immortal in the mortal. Thus, i hope you appreciate Yeats’ masterful poem.

Red Rose, proud Rose, sad rose of all my days!Come near me, while i sing the ancient ways:Cuchulain battling v the bitterness tide;The Druid, grey, wood-nurtured, quiet-eyed,Who cast round Fergus dreams, and also ruin untold;And thine very own sadness, whereof stars, grown oldIn dance silver-sandalled top top the sea,Sing in your high and lonely melody.Come near, the no more blinded by man’s fate,I discover under the boughs the love and also hate,In all negative foolish points that live a day,Eternal beauty wandering on her way.

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Come near, come near, come near—Ah, leaving me stillA little space because that the rose-breath to fill!Lest i no much more hear common things the crave;The weak worm hiding down in its tiny cave,The field-mouse running by me in the grass,And hefty mortal wishes that toil and pass;But look for alone to hear the strange points saidBy God to the bright understanding of those long dead,And discover to chaunt a tongue men do not know.Come near; ns would, prior to my time to go,Sing that old Eire and also the ancient ways:Red Rose, proud Rose, sad rose of every my days.