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after ~ watching the very first 12 episodes, ns knew there had to be more; these two special illustration conclude this season's plot.In lieu that an in-depth review, I'll shot to be quick as it's just two episodes.Story: 8It proceeds where that left off and finishes strong. Mine only worry with the plot is Nemesis; she's a likable character, but the writer offered her such an uninspired goal. And also even if she succeeds, I'm not sure what that specifically does for her. But maybe that isn't same to slam her intentions since we tho don't it seems ~ to recognize much about her. Art: 10Yami's changed appearance, in my opinion, is rather beautiful. She face and also expressions, in the final minutes of the critical episode, are attracted really well. Furthermore, the action sequences space animated especially well.Sound: 9The opening is great, and the ending is even better, but unfortunately, the BGM wasn't very memorable. Voice acting was impressive as always, particularly Yami's voice actor this season; she walk three different character voices (Yami, Yami Transformed, and also Tear).Character: 7As one would suppose after watching illustration 12, these final two episodes emphasis on Yami's character. Moreover, Rito's actions, in ~ this season's climax, are something come look front to together well. Lala alters too, however I can't say anything much more without spoiling it.Enjoyment: 10What can I say? I'm a huge fan of the show. Ultimately, if you're looking for closure, you'll discover it in this last two episodes. Overall: 10