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TheLegend27 is a fictional character appearing on an online ad for the mobile video clip game Game that War: Fire Age, where numerous players begin talking around the legendary player and their feats. The ad"s transcript motivated a copypasta, which obtained traction in center December 2016.

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On October 5th, 2016, the Game that War main channel uploaded an advertisement named "Campfire Stories". In the ad, 4 players gather approximately a campfire in order to talk about TheLegend27, a player the keeps beating them; at the end, among the players is revealed together TheLegend27. In the adhering to two months, the video clip gained over 43 million views.

What are you men playing?I"m claimed to it is in playing game Of War™ however this one player keeps kicking my ass.Is that TheLegend27?!Yeah, TheLegend27.Who is the legend 27?
Some say TheLegend27 is the an initial Game of War™ player ever.Born from fire.I heard, TheLegend27 have the right to hurl a boulder farther than a catapult.I heard TheLegend27 as soon as defeated an entire army with a solitary blow.But the worst component is, simply when you think you"re safe, just when you think you might escape…WHAM!!! as with that!collective gaspsIphone NotificationWhat? No, no no no, no no no!Iphone NotificationThat"s impossible!
"TheLegend27" has recorded my hero!Mine too!Aw girlfriend guys, I"m certain it"s no that bad.You have actually no idea what simply happened.I can have some idea.Woman transforms around, and powers her device"s screen, mirroring she is in truth TheLegend27


In the complying with days, the commercial inspired several copypastas ~ above Reddit, while the original had actually begun showing up in CollegeHumor and also YouTube comment sections.<1> Redditor ohrules<2> submitted an inquiry around TheLeg finish 27 come /r/OutOfTheLoop top top December 11th, 2016. On December 13th, 2016, YouTuber Behind the Meme posted an episode on the picture which gathered upwards that 2.04 million views and 19,900 comments over the following 10 month (shown below, left). The adhering to day, YouTuber Flater post a TheLegend27 "We are Number One" remix (shown below, right).

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On December 18th, YouTuber grandayy uploaded a parody video titled "Adolf Hitler is TheLegend27" (shown below, left). Top top December 30th, YouTuber Aproductoin uploaded a Roblox-themed parody of the advertising (shown below, right).