A gay youth is sent out to a Christian-backed gay conversion camp through his parental which ignites an global protests versus the organization. An essential and emotional documentary on the on-going spiritual intolerance against homosexuality.

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DirectorsMorgan Jon FoxStarringLance Carroll, kris Davis, Morgan Jon FoxGenresKids, LGBTQ, DocumentarySubtitlesEnglish Audio languagesEnglish
StudioSawed-Off Collaboratory ProductionsPurchase rightsStream soon DetailsFormatPrime video clip (streaming digital video)DevicesAvailable to clock on supported devices
Tom GeorgeReviewed in the United says on November 4, 2018
Yes, us all known of these sick programs. This topic has actually been covered much better in various other films. I might only watch 15 minutes and got also bored.
justthom1Reviewed in the United says on respectable 3, 2016
This film documents how quite a few church"s usage selective quotation the the scriptures to foster their own prejudice versus their very own people.
Leigh LReviewed in the United claims on may 13, 2012
Really. Purchase it. Watch it. Present everyone girlfriend know. Watch it with them. This topic is something i have personal experience with, and also this documentary brought both me an mine girlfriend come tears.
Barry James MooreReviewed in the United claims on September 8, 2014
Arthur S. Peter 111Reviewed in the United claims on respectable 30, 2018
Watching this reminded me (and no for the first time) that permitting ideology come trump the lives and happiness of human beings is really the significance of evil. This is true in every contexts.
Good documentary, details the difficult attempts by spiritual zealots who shot brainwashing people into an altering their sexual orientation. One teenager is emphasize in particular, and also thank God (really) that there were many protests versus the damage the adult were doing come him. Together a result, the spiritual organization and affiliates ended up being the focus of legal and also moral criticism and also have due to the fact that been considerably diminished. This is a good story and also a class in the advancement of freedom in our country.

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I to be happy and really grateful that I"m gay. I"m additionally happy and really grateful that Jesus loves me exactly as ns am and also MADE me specifically as i am. Ns would have tendency to assistance a movie choose this, however it surprised me by leave me totally flat.All the people interviewed as victims that Love in activity seem come be quite articulate, healthy and remarkably well-adjusted, which pipeline me asking, "What injury did LIA carry out these people?" If anything, castle seem better adjusted than world I recognize who never also heard the LIA or Exodus or any other ex-gay ministry.It"s as if the LIA experience strengthened them and clarified for them that being gay yes, really ISN"T other they deserve to change. That"s good, not bad. When a documentary the proposes to expose something poor ends up making it look no so poor at all, the documentary must be a failure, right?There"s no passion in this movie, no fire in its belly, no exposé of abuse or injustice, nothing to gain stirred up and also indignant about. The movie simply shows a couple of mild-mannered, well-intentioned, respectful protesters protesting against a couple of mild-mannered, well-intentioned (misguided, certainly, but evidently harmless), respectful people running a silly however harmless type of ministry.There"s a most talk in this movie about shame and also fear and also hatred, yet there is no a single sign the anything prefer that everywhere in it. It"s just very bland. A most talk, but no bite.I"m no saying that the ex-gay activity is unauthorized by any kind of means, yet that"s just how this movie provides it look; therefore this movie falls short in that mission.The only truly disturbing facet in this movie is the parental who are so blind and also so screwed up themselves the they would pressure their child against his will right into a regimen whose intention is to do the child right into something the parents space not embarrassing of. The is abominable and inexcusable abuse.The boy in this movie is lucky that the regime his terrible parents sent him to was so innocuous. If he has actually lasting emotional scars from this ordeal, they will be indigenous what his cruel, selfish parental did come him, not from what the silly civilization at Love in action did to him.If the location of this movie had actually been This Is What negative Parenting looks Like, and if the parents had actually been the target of the exposé rather of the LIA program, the movie would have been much more successful. Yet by concentrating on a silly, harmless program rather than ~ above the contempt parents display their children in forcing them into those programs, the movie to let go its mark.