I"m not sure if the topic is the complete (in which case it would be "there is") or the vehicles (in which instance it would be "there are").

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I suppose an additional option would be to eliminate "total of" from the sentence, yet assuming the "total of" is left in, I"d prefer to understand what the ideal wording would certainly be.


These Google Ngrams show up to present that

(1) both variants space in use

(2) the “there space a full of" variation is about twice together common

(3) popularity has actually reversed since about 1970.

People answering "it need to be ..." are choosing one of the conflicting "rules" quite than one more (and results display that they"re solid worthy the the surname "rule").

“There is a complete of 378 vehicles” offers what is known as "grammatical concord" (there being a single total).

“There are a complete of 378 vehicles” supplies (at least equally correct) notional concord; to compare "If a bulk of the members vote for the invoice ...". I"d take into consideration "There is a total of 378 vehicles waiting for instead of timer chains" extremely awkward come unacceptable. "There space a full of ..." is idiomatic because that "There are, in total, ..." when provided with further expressions such together "waiting for replacement timer chains" or "which need brand-new tyres".

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The prize is There is a total... The remainder of that sentence is a preposition phrase.

The philosophical question is whether you must use what prescriptivist grammar rules state, or what descriptivist linguists state. Both will certainly be understood, however if your concern is about the rules of grammar, the prize is is.

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To protect against questions around subject-verb agreement, the sentence would have to be reworded, and also most most likely "a total of" would have to be eliminated.

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