A troubled girl finds herself falling because that a mysterious brand-new neighbor in this mediocre rate in the "Wrong" saga.

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Ever since her father's death, Katie Foreman (Calli Taylor) has gone from a responsible high school student to a reckless troublemaker, much to the frustration of her mommy Lori (Meredith Thomas). After an event in i beg your pardon Katie injures a teacher in a right of rage, Katie is put under home arrest in lieu of facing criminal charges; a penalty Katie couldn't be less enthused about.

That is, until she to meet John attach (Travis Burns), a handsome and also charming man renovating the house throughout the street complying with the pass of its elderly owner, that John cases was his grandmother. Soon after, Katie starts a casual partnership with John, one which initially serves together a welcome distraction from her house arrest stint. Yet as Katie shortly learns, john has become far an ext invested in your casual flings 보다 she has—and her paramour can be harboring a couple of secrets that can threaten her and also those she loves.

With a manager in Lifetime continual David DeCoteau, and a plot memory of the Hitchcock classic Rear Window, The wrong Boy next Door absolutely has a lot of potential built up for it. Unfortunately, when the film has its share of great points, and still makes for an entertaining watch, it has actually its shares of flaws that store it from being as an excellent as that could've been. To begin things off v something that is ultimately minor, the Rear Window aspect makes for an amazing concept, it never gets made use of in a way that couldn't have been achieved through other lifetime tropes (in addition to the homage being heavy-handedly lamp-shaded by Lori).

As for various other plot elements, The not correct Boy next Door does well in its opened act by creating some intrigue and secret regarding John and also his backstory, leave viewers wondering simply what John's endgame is, and also what his intentions v Katie are. This effective intrigue-building opener ends up gift a double-edged sword for the film, as the remainder of the movie walk in the traditional Lifetime-ian path down come the letter, with even the film's formula-bending subplot (which will continue to be unspoiled) no being used as much as it might have been, and also being to reduce swiftly, there is no exploration.

The actors fares better, and also does what they deserve to to liven up the proceedings, though life time viewers with a disdain because that the Bratty Teenage Daughter trope will be cringing together Katie starts the end the movie together a frustratingly self-centered brat will on doing every little thing she deserve to to break the rules, and also get it s her in trouble. However thanks come Calli Taylor's performance as John's true nature starts to it is in revealed, any type of hate you started to kind for Katie dissipates as she find herself terrified of John, and unable to acquire anyone to believe her because of her reckless behavior of the past.

Katie's an ext unlikable moments space mitigated many thanks to her girlfriend Samantha acting as her counterpoint, through Alexandra Scott playing her, almost as a surrogate for life time viewers who favor to scream at protagonists (particularly those that the Bratty teens variety) once they act stupid. Meredith cutting board is sympathetic as a mommy both exasperated by her rebellious daughter's behavior, while also desperately do the efforts to repair their damaged relationship, and Vivica A. Fox does well together the stern, however well-meaning, Detective Watkins, sharing some solid emotional scenes through Taylor and also Thomas.

WARNING: spoiler below

Rounding out our main cast of plays is Travis Burns as john Link. Burns certainly has the looks and charm to pull turn off the "cute however Mysterious" allure the draws Katie come him, yet in regards to character, The dorn Boy following Door provides him small to work with to make man distinguishable from comparable "obsessed-with-the-main-heroine" lifetime villains, native his backstory come his dialogue. Fixed anything that does or states hasn't been stated by previous villains, through his rantings throughout the climax (also an extremely by-the-book lifetime fare) being particularly cliche, "I did everything for you, us belong together, take it me earlier or I'll kill your mom" lines the you've heard millions of times before—not aided by Burns' delivery during these scenes coming off as much more silly than frightening in places.

The conclusion also suffers native an anti-climatic resolution, v the police arriving at the institution in an answer to Katie's ankle screen going off (how man didn't remember this when he to be forcing Katie to come to his old college is beyond me) and also John inexplicably decides to flee quite than doing anything more drastic—or thrilling—with the promise to be back for Katie. So uneven DeCoteau intends to do a sequel, this ending (despite including a nice tiny scene between its four main female players) isn't particularly satisfying offered how paint-by-numbers the is.

Lastly, there's the subplot concerning John's company partner Franklin Daniels, play by "Wrong" regular Jason-Shane Scott in an unfortunately thankless role. Together revealed end the food of the film, john is Franklin's latest companion in his scheme of killing elderly residence owners in order come buy and also flip your houses, with the house of Katie's neighbor being their latest mark. With the film opening on a scene of Franklin murdering his last partner, you would certainly think this would certainly be a appropriate subplot the could, in some way, affix with the main story. Instead, however, the subplot is left almost completely untouched by the key plot, through Franklin being unceremoniously killed off before he has any kind of chance to make any impact on the otherwise bone dry story.

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Spoilers over

As much as I've been harping on exactly how unimaginative The not correct Boy next Door is, the still stays a mostly enjoyable lifetime flick with a heavy cast and a consistent pace that must keep viewers from shedding interest. However with so much potential in the story, it's disheartening to watch it all ignored in favor of routine "I dropped for a Psychopath" material. I'd say this is a an excellent film for once you have actually down time, and want to reap a tiny Lifetime-ian drama, yet The not correct Boy following Door likely won't it is in a film you'll return to.