When Katie Ligday, a graduate of the Class of 2018, mirrors earlier on her time at Ave Maria University, growth emerges a widespread theme. From her discernment of wright here to attend college, to her choice of a significant, to her campus involvement, Katie’s reflections disclose that she was urged, pumelted, and inspired to thrive as a person in the time of her four years at Ave Maria.

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As a high institution student from St. Mary’s County, Maryland, Katie decided to attfinish Ave Maria because it was a location wbelow she knew she would certainly flourish and flourish. “I knew…I would grow academically, spiritually, socially, and physically,” she recalls. “I would grow as a whole perboy. I knew Ave Maria was going to assist me become the perkid God intfinished me to be.”

Katie entered as a Theology major, with a love for her classes and also a passion to learn more about God. “I wanted to grow in my knowledge of Him,” she states simply. When she realized she possessed solid business and also bureaucratic skill sets, she determined to add a minor in Firm Administration. “I discovered that most my talents might be applied to bureaucratic work-related,” she defines. “It also broadened my skills for potential jobs!”

When she was not pursuing researches, Katie was actively involved in campus life. She was a member of the Daughters of God Household, and offered the female students as a Resident Assistant in the residence halls. She consistently attended bible research studies, was the Activities Coordinator for Ave for Life (a pro-life club on campus), ran via the Life Runners, and served as a Student Representative for the University’s Strategic Planning Committee. Katie was additionally a recipient of the Leadership Scholarship. As a crowning honor, Katie obtained the President’s Award; the greatest honor bestowed upon a graduating senior in acknowledgment of scholastic achievements, involvement in University life, service to others, and exemplification of the University’s highest Catholic ideals.

Over the last four years at Ave Maria College, Katie Ligday claims she was challenged to thrive into the perchild God intended her to be.

“My endure at Ave Maria has actually been such an exceptional one!” she exclaims. “Each semester was filled with brand-new methods to thrive and learn around myself. My time right here has shaped me personally with time spent in prayer, structure relationships through remarkable people–students, professors, and staff–and the numerous avenues.” When asked to choose one suffer as a highlight throughout her time at Ave Maria, Katie recalled the mission pilgrimage to Calcutta, where she offered alongside the Missionaries of Charity. “I will never before foracquire this endure,” she states. “I learned how to love in a new way: via activity, sacrifice, and silence.”

Looking to the future via joy, Katie will be celebrating her marital relationship to fellow classmate, Jeffrey Henkel, this summer.

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After their wedding, the couple plans to work out in Augusta, Georgia.

Congratulations to Katie on her accomplishments over the previous four years, and also for receiving the 2018 President’s Award.