Authors: Smith, L. J.

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Publisher: HarperCollins BISAC/Subject: YAF026000, YAF052050, YAF065000 ISBN: 9780062190307, Related ISBNs: 006219030X, 9780062017741, 9780062190307 Classification: Non-Fiction Number that pages: 416, Audience: Young adult

Destiny Rising is the gripping conclusion come the Hunters arc in the New York Times bestselling collection The Vampire Diaries, developed by L. J. Smith, which likewise inspired the fight CW TV show.

Elena Gilbert has never been an simple teenager. In love through the irresistible vampire brothers Stefan and also Damon, she has died, been brought back to life, fought evil, and journeyed to hell and back to conserve Stefan.

Now her many dangerous enemy, Klaus, has returned, and Elena realizes she have to make a terrible sacrifice to safeguard her human being . . . And fulfill her destiny.



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