The Karaoke Channel - The ideal Of R&B/Hip-Hop Vol. - 22  by The Karaoke Channel

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That's exactly how I execute it babyDon't stop, body jerkers remixOne: Raekwon the ChefYo... Son, yo check itStay ladylike, acquire yours, paris perm, silk drawersLes Paulie, ice her finger like RollieCollect em, weapon, plus we side-bettin, never ever wettinMe and you, glowin favor flourescentNow, Asiatic, laces burned with a rabbitStab it, keep mine, she gotta have actually itKnowin girlfriend catchin me in liesSnatchin me out of fives boo, yo girlfriend the shake, I'm the friesChill, daughter, you're marine Seal genuine recorderPeace, Law and also Order, God-body hit the underwaterRelax, HBO yo, color KangolYou're sweet mango, no champagne tangoKeep my sky Pager blazin, so amazinRubbin my waves and also your absent is the dimension of a raisinGettin it, youse a Queen Sarafina, GinaHittin it, doin ninety witcha man's NinaGina ThompsonThe things you perform (every lit-tle thing)Makes me store running come you (ohwwhhhhhh)The points you carry out (every lit-tle thing)Makes me store running come you (ahhhowwwowhhh)Two: Mr. Mike NittyBaby doll, you got the civilization goin the end of controlYou somethin, so incredible, far beyond fabulousGot these other wannabe divas, an extremely mad at thisD-O-D host the fort down (yeah yeah kid)Mr. Mike Nitty lace it up somethin properSmoked out in the earlier of a chopper, the chief rockerShorty slim with the huge brim and Miss Thai StickCasino comps and also Park place you know the deal (yeah)Mr. Mike Nitty obtain down prefer thatA-C-S-H-V, girlfriend can uncover me atIt's the things that you do, make a warm boo booTo view my law hershey kiss gettin down prefer this (gettin down)Do your thing baby, drive all them lil younguns crazyAww J never shed me, that young blazed meDarkchild us bout to shine like a sunThe points that us do acquired your click on the runGina ThompsonThe things you do (oowwhhwwww)Makes me keep runnin come you (ohhwhwhhwowwwww)The things you execute (c'mon, bay-bee)Makes me save runnin come you (makes me runnnennn yess)Three: Craig MackIt goes rhymes rhymes rhymes I got emSo together my style climbs girlfriend sink to the bottomI'm a rugged, mad murderahhUndiscovered, rockin rhymes to her dearly belovedYour girl love it, rap layout never secondKing MC, and also baddest guy on this recordSo inspect it, ns flip mine words dope simply for GinaFelony on the microphone when youse a misdemeanor (hahhh)Origi-nal, non stop rockin youDig right into my dresser, MC's it's stuff because that sockin youUp and down prefer a wall Street stock'll doI shake the earth boy you only shake a block or twoAhmmm-gain, together my feet steadyCreep right into a haunted house and also lounge where the bed beUltra prefer Ced Gee, member my niggaKing MC, and ain't a male alive biggaIt's the points that girlfriend do!Gina ThompsonMakes me keep runnin come you (run to you)The points you do (ahhhhowww)Makes me save runnin come you (makes me run to youuuuu)The points you do (it's the things youuuu do)Makes me keep runnin come you (bayyyy-beeee)The things you carry out (I-ahhhhhI, love you)Makes me store runnin come you (every tiny thing)Baby, it's the points you doBaby baby, it's the points you soBaby, it's the points you doBaby baby, I would certainly die because that youYou claimed I couldn't do it again, yet I did that Uhh, that's Gina Thompson (Gina Thompson)Raekwon (Raekwon)... Mr. Mike Nitty (Mr.

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Mike Nitty)Craig Mack... (oohh shorty)Money main point , Kelly Price and also my entirety Darkchild crew, this is exactly how we execute Ahh, say thanks to God from whom our blessing flowAnd if you don't know, much better ask somebody