articleDoyle2007TheSH, title=The stories Her human body Tells: Judith Ortiz Cofer's “The Story of my Body”, author=Jacqueline Doyle, journal=a/b: Auto/Biography Studies, year=2007, volume=22, pages=46 - 65Published 2007Historya/b: Auto/Biography Studies

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(2007). The story Her body Tells: Judith Ortiz Cofer's “The Story of mine Body”. A/b: Auto/Biography Studies: Vol. 22, No. 1, pp. 46-65. 
Judith Ortiz Cofer to represent the new frontier that American literature as she prose and also poetry depict and also integrate the plenty of cross-sections of society she has actually encountered in her life. Cofer to be born… Expand
In overwhelming trauma, once words fail, it is the body that starts to speak. How can clinicians hear to the body and understand its messages? This book is both a comprehensive review of the body… Expand
Introduction and also acknowledgments..Part I. Introduction..1 Refiguring bodies..Part II The within out..2 Psychoanalysis and physical topographies..3 human body images: neurophysiology and also corporeal… Expand
Through a wide selection of poetic pieces, Adrienne well-off explores in this arsenal the intricacies of being white, female, lesbian, Jewish, and also a U.S. Citizen, both at this time of her life and through… Expand
The Story started Long Ago... I. Commitment indigenous the Mirror-Writing box The triple tie Silence with time Rites of passage The Guilt Freedom and also the masses because that the people, by the people, and also from the… Expand
I chandelier speak around women's writing: about what it will certainly do. Woman need to write her self: must write around women and bring ladies to writing, native which they have been thrust away together violently together from… Expand
The last couple of decades have actually witnessed literature historians and also critics in the unified States engaged in the formidable task of redefining the American literary suffer to recognize the existence and… Expand
Intended primarily for therapists who work with victims of violence, this publication integrates product on post-traumatic and also dissociative disorders through the psychology that women. That covers the… Expand
the thoughts, feelings, and also inner images of a guy (a details "b") that is standing on the deck of a ferry boat and waving come a woman, "a," in a yellow raincoat. In the complying with chapter, the author… Expand
When reading most of the evaluate and critical analyses of The woman Warrior, I have actually two reactions: I want to beat those critics on your backs, and also I also giggle helplessly, shaking mine head. (Helpless… Expand

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