An location distinguimelted by one or even more distinct features is aa. ecosystemb. uniform unitc. region d. landscaped. biome

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The research of how people and also the setting interact is calleda. organic science b. cultural diffusionc. ecological determinismd. cultural ecology
According to eco-friendly determinisma. the physical environment reasons social developmentb. human being can pick a course of action from many kind of alternatives available by the environmentc. the physical environment sets limits on huguy actionsd. human being recognize their physical environmente. human being have the right to readjust to the physical environment
The idea that the physical setting sets borders on huguy actions, however world have the capability to readjust to the physical setting is calleda. spacial associationb. cultural relativismc. environmental determinismd. climatee. possibilism
The acquisition of data around earths surconfront from a satellite orbiting the planet or from another long-distance approach isa. GISb. USGSc. aerial photographyd. remote sensinge. GPS
A computer device that stores, organises, retrieves, analyzes, and display screens data is a. topographic analysisb. GPSc. GISd. remote sensinge. USGS
The initially perboy to use the word location was a. Aristotleb. Thales of Miletus c. Eratosthenesd. Thucydidese. Strabo
Situations identifies a location by itsa. nominal locationb. distinctive physical characteristicsc. major dimensions d. area loved one to various other objectse. mathematical place of earths surface
The township and variety systema. resulted in a gridchoose pattern for a lot of the UNITED STATE b. was supplied for navigating by beforehand pioneersc. is supplied nearly anywhere in the worldd. every one of the above
Global Positioning Systems recommendation what type of location? a. Toponymb. situationc. family member d. mathematical
The state of texas is best considered a formal area becausea. just one language is spoken anywhere in the regionb. the exact same state regulations apply anywhere in the regionc. the climate is the exact same anywhere in the area d. it is a component of the joined states
Which of the adhering to is a standard element of culture?a. Material Traitsb. social formsc. Customary Beliefsd. every one of the abovee. physical environments
The plan of a phenomenon throughout earth"s surface isa. local analysisb. local dissociationc. distributiond spatial analysise. spatial association
Globalization of the economy hasa. heightened financial differences among placesb. diminished local expertise of production c. diminished investment in much less arisen countriesd. leveled financial differences in between placese. drained sources from more occurred countries`
An location distinguished by one or even more distinct qualities is a/ ana. ecosystemb. biomec. unicreate unitd. landscapee. region
A device for moving locations from globe on to a level map isa. distributionb. forecast c. scaled. renditione. interruption
The science of making maps isa. demographyb. cartography c. meteorologyd. topographye. geomorphology
Moving toward the southerly border of the United States, English becomes much less common and Spanish is even more frequently spoken. What type of area does this steady readjust of language reflect?a. formalb. vernacularc. functionald. bilingual
1:24,000 is an example of what sort of scale?a. fractional scaleb. created range c. bar lined. metric scalee. graphic scale
The name offered to a part of earths surconfront is known asa. jargonb. situationc. locationd. toponyme. site
Situation identifies a location by its a. distinct physical characteristicsb. major dimensionsc. area family member to various other objectsd. nominal locatione. mathematical place on earths surface
The worldwide dateline is measured roughly from a. 90 degrees latitudeb. 180 levels latitude

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