1. (TCO 1) The stages that an separation, personal, instance goes through based upon age, financial needs, and family instance is called the: (Points: 5)

financial planning process

budgeting procedure

personal financial cycle

adult life cycle

tax plan process

2. (TCO 1) A absence of willingness to expropriate a variety of employment location is a usual career plan mistake linked with weak: (Points: 5)

common sense.

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3.(TCO 1) The capability to occupational well through numbers, own problem-solving skills, and also have physical dexterity are examples of: (Points: 5)


survival skills.


occupational attitudes.

on-the-job training

4.(TCO 1) i beg your pardon of the following instances is a human being who might be insolvent? (Points: 5)

Assets $56,000; yearly expenses $60,000

Assets $78,000; net worth $22,000

Liabilities $45,000; net worth $6,000

Assets $40,000; legal responsibility $45,000

Annual cash inflows $45,000; liabilities $50,000

5.(TCO 1) payment that carry out not differ from month come month space ____________ expenses. (Points: 5)






6.(TCO 2) Reductions from gross revenue for such items as individual retirement account contributions and alimony payments will an outcome in: (Points: 5)

adjusted pistol income.

taxable income.

earned income.

passive income

total exclusions.

7.(TCO 2) Tax-deferred retirement plans space a form of: (Points: 5)


itemized deduction

passive income

tax shelter

tax credit

8.(TCO 2) A deduction from readjusted gross income for yourself, her spouse, and also qualified dependents is: (Points: 5)

the conventional deduction

a taxes credit

an itemized deduction

an exclusion

an exemption.

9.(TCO 2) A tax credit that $50 for a human in a 28 percent tax bracket would alleviate a person"s count by: (Points: 5)






10.(TCO 2) The rate of return ~ above a save account is also referred to as: (Points: 5)





asset management

11.(TCO 2) A $200 savings account that earns $13 attention in a year has actually a yield of ____________ percent. (Points: 5)






12.(TCO 3) Dave"s take residence pay per month is $2200. What is the preferably dollar lot of debt payments he need to have? (Points: 5)






13.(TCO 3) If you have incorrect info in your credit transaction file: (Points: 5)

you can"t really perform much around it

you have actually no legal remedies

credit bureaus space not required to change it

there space legal remedies obtainable to you

don"t issue much because you will certainly still obtain the credit

14.(TCO 3) Gordon Carey offers his Visa card to acquisition a brand-new digital camera and lens. What type of credit transaction did Gordon use? (Points: 5)

installment sales credit

installment cash credit

single lump amount credit

revolving credit

incidental credit

15.(TCO 3) i m sorry bankruptcy permits a debtor with a continuous income to extinguish his or she debts indigenous future revenue or other property over a period of time? (Points: 5)

Chapter 7

Chapter 11

Chapter 13

Chapter 15

16.(TCO 3) Gary Simpson notices that his neighbor has a brand new Ford F150 van parked in the driveway. Gary decides the he needs a new car and goes out and also purchases a Hummer v a six year loan on it. Which reason for indebtedness is this an example of? (Points: 5)

misunderstanding or lack of communication

the usage of money to punish

the expectation of immediate comfort

keeping up with the Joneses

overindulgence that children

17.(TCO 3) which of the complying with would likely be the least expensive ar to borrow? (Points: 5)

Car dealer

Appliance store


Department store

Finance company

18.(TCO 5) one intermediate-term investment objective is defined as one that will be completed within a duration of? (Points: 5)

Less than two years

Two to five years

More than 5 years

None of the choices

19.(TCO 5) i m sorry of the following is a true statement? (Points: 5)

When picking an investment, that is not necessary to think about the threat factor

During inflationary times, over there is a risk that the jae won return on an investment will certainly not keep pace through the price of inflation

The interest rate risk linked with invest in binding is the result of changes in company conditions challenged by companies

The threat of business failure deals with transforms in the worth of stocks and bonds early out to transforms in interest rates in the market

The price the stocks, bonds, and also other investments never ever fluctuates in the market

20.(TCO 5) Matt Dannon just bought the stock of a company. He knows that through this stock comes the duty to approve major actions take away by the company. What gives Matt this responsibility? (Points: 5)



Voting rights


None that the options

21.(TCO 5) Nancy Groom owns one $1,000 corporate shortcut issued through Chevron. The bond payment 8.5 percent. If attention is payment semiannually, what is the lot of the examine that Ms. Groom will obtain at the end of each six-month period? (Points: 5)






22.(TCO 5) A that company bond that is secured by various assets of the issuing certain is referred to as a(n) ____________ bond. (Points: 5)






23.(TCO 5) this particular day bond ownership records are maintained using a process called: (Points: 5)

certified registration

book entry

revenue recognition process

coupon registration

general duty process

24.(TCO 4) A an individual opportunity cost connected with a customer purchase refers to: (Points: 5)

buying ~ above credit.

selecting a commonly known brand

the influence of declaring on consumers.

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time used to compare prices

government regulation the deceptive business-government activities in an effort to prevent consumer fraud

25.(TCO 4) A 32-ounce package selling for $1.60 would have actually a unit price of: (Points: 5)


$2.00 a pound

5¢ one ounce

80¢ a quart

12¢ an ounce

26.(TCO 4) i beg your pardon of the following information is compelled on food labels? (Points: 5)

open dating

unit pricing

a share name

common product name

27.(TCO 4) Federal profession Commission regulations need that: (Points: 5)

all used cars be offered with a warranty

used vehicle buyers be notified if the auto comes v a warranty

used cars over 100,000 mile cannot it is in sold

major repairs should be do on all provided cars readily available for sale

the seller should pay for one-half of significant repairs top top a defective offered car.

28.(TCO 4) an unfavorable amortization is the an outcome of: (Points: 5)

a lower amount owed on the mortgage

a greater amount fan on the mortgage

a reduced escrow account

lower interest rates

a reduced down payment

29.(TCO 4) Most wellness insurance plans in the United claims are marketed to: (Points: 5)

victims of communicable diseases

individuals with families

single individuals with no dependents

employees and also their dependents

employers, who consequently offer the services to employees

30.(TCO 6 and 7) A mutual fund in i m sorry no sales fee is payment by the separation, personal, instance investor is dubbed a(n) ____________ fund. (Points: 5)





convertible fund

31.(TCO 6 and 7) A mutual fund that invests in companies outside the United claims is called a(n) ____________ fund. (Points: 5)