Can I simply say – i was fairly taken aback by the can be fried ending because the way it to be all set up seemed choose they were gunning for a happy ending? yet I assumption: v it makes sense due to the fact that now this display feels prefer a heavy tribute to the Japanese version, other than with a bittersweet twist on the own. And also I was appropriate – castle did define it away in the finish as childhood friends. I love that the explanation to be smooth and also cast the display in a entirely different irradiate – a story the was supposed to make united state think twice in some method or disturbed even in the slightest, all of sudden just alters its overtone to it is in nothing but a yes, really sweet childhood story. The fact that both youngsters relied on every other as soon as they were super young and also how they found the exact same sort the love and also solace in every other when they were adult is for this reason touching.

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(Spoilers alert for the Japanese version!!) I’ve just watched the last 30 minutes of the Japanese version and I currently loved every the parallels and departures. In the original version, Yuko spicy the gun in ~ Ryo and also shot him. Here, I totally dig the scene when Jin Kang transforms the gun no on Moo Young however on herself, in a plea and demand for him to remain alive.

Did anyone else love exactly how Moo Young’s joking and nonchalant facade drops the 2nd Jin Kang places the total on her temple? and how he shifts uneasily since he’s worried for her?

In the original, Yuko then eliminated herself in the middle of the sea and also Kanzo cries indigenous afar. Here, Jin Gook cries as he sees the bloodied bodies up close, knowing that there’s nothing the he can do. In general, I simply appreciate the unlike the final confrontational step in the Japanese version, the korean version builds up a super extreme redemption conversation which dangles the opportunity of a happy ending in former of the leader (and me ugh) prior to snatching it away cruelly.

Although the analytical side in me can completely see exactly how this all makes poetic sense, the regular side in me as a viewer is just in denial that the show actually went there. The totality freaking time Jin Gook to be running towards them, ns was shouting for him to contact the ambulance…it was likewise heartbreaking at the exact same time, to view Jin Gook crying because that the dead couple;



to see him together the only alive one in the room mourning because that a pair of human beings who were suffered at the hands of the world.

Park Sung Woong nailed the ending shot in my opinion, in addition to the music. Honestly, I’m quiet hoping that in an alternative universe, they are alive; surely, K-dramas leader don’t dice that easily. There’s a specific lead I’m reasoning of who obtained shot in the head and turned blue in the water however even the didn’t die!

Not certain if they ever before touched on this in the original, but I liked how they contained a shoot of the stars, together some kind of relation ago to the title of Hundred Million Stars native the Sky. 

On the drama together a whole 

The ending will do it hard for any type of future re-watches because I already know where the leads are going to end up (I’m just silly choose that; I avoid all sad stories). But I thoroughly reap the ride and right native the get-go, this was a solid and well-thought with piece. I suppose it might be due to the fact that they already had a canvas to work on, however I’m happy they did that right.

This present makes me feel so much for Moo Young, together a boy who thrived up rather a product of the adults’ choices. Not really anyone’s fault every se, yet it’s also sad because that Moo Young because he didn’t ask for any part of it. Right till the end, he to be manipulated by Jang Se Ran, and also that really sealed his fate.



But again, he didn’t asking to be played. That moment when he establish Jang Se Ran lied come him and how he laughed first in disbelief, before breaking under was so utterly desolate. Since Moo Young realises the he didn’t should crash and also burn, if only he didn’t think Jang Se Ran’s lie, if only he didn’t entangle through the negative guys. That feeling of what have I done was so well-portrayed here.

Later, the shooting of Moo Young cuddling into the eight of Jin corridor was also really heartbreaking, specifically when the outtake shows him lying alone on the ground.

It’s even worse involved think of that now, the Moo Young just passed away without ever returning to Jin Gang’s arms, however I guess: v the ending pose was likewise some type of parallel to that scene.

Ugh, it’s simply so tough to create on this drama due to the fact that the finishing is so darn tragic, appropriate down come the last words of Moo Young which to be ‘I love you’. However I love exactly how his challenge was in her hand and how also in your pain and also sorrow, they had actually each other.

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The plot was additionally super eventful and also there wasn’t a single episode which was boring, return I would certainly say possibly that the ending episodes to be a tad as well brooding. I prefer that the present even reminded us of the old arc – of Seung Ah, that Yoo Ri’s murder, of Jang Woo Sung. I did great we can see more of Cho Rong but I guess that wasn’t intended to be. In any kind of case, wow. Everyone has actually gone through so much; ns kinda also forgot that there to be that original murder which teased out all of these underlying plots and relationships! i m sorry is so an excellent because you can really call the scriptwriters put a heavy foundation.

Finally, what’s a evaluation without pointing out the cast’s acting? everyone did such a great job right here – Seo In Guk showing all species of dark, lost, helplessness, despondent, and most importantly, in love sides;