Calculate and graph budget constraintsExplain chance sets and opportunity costsEvaluate the law of diminishing marginal utilityExplain just how marginal analysis and utility affect choices

Consider the usual consumer’s spending plan problem. Consumers have a minimal amount of income to invest on the things they need and want. Suppose Alphonso has ?10 in security money each week that he can allocate in between bus ticket for obtaining to work and also the burgers the he eats because that lunch. Burgers cost ?2 each, and bus tickets are 50 cents each. We deserve to see Alphonso’s budget plan problem in (Figure).

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Each point on the budget constraint represents a combination of burgers and also bus tickets whose complete cost adds as much as Alphonso’s budget of ?10. The family member price the burgers and also bus ticket determines the steep of the budget plan constraint. All along the budget plan set, offering up one burger means gaining 4 bus tickets.


Explain why people make selections that are straight on the spending plan constraint, quite than within the budget plan constraint or external it.

Suppose Alphonso’s town raises the price of bus ticket from ?0.50 come ?1 and the price that burgers rises native ?2 to ?4. Why is the opportunity price of bus tickets unchanged? suppose Alphonso’s weekly safety money increases from ?10 come ?20. Just how is his spending plan constraint impacted from all 3 changes? Explain.


Use this info to prize the complying with 4 questions: Marie has actually a weekly budget of ?24, i beg your pardon she likes to spend on magazines and pies.

If the price the a magazine is ?4 each, what is the maximum number of magazines she might buy in a week?

Draw Marie’s budget constraint v pies on the horizontal axis and also magazines ~ above the vertical axis. What is the slope of the budget plan constraint?


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budget constraintall possible consumption combine of goods that someone can afford, provided the price of goods, as soon as all income is spent; the boundary of the opportunity setlaw of diminishing marginal utilityas we consume much more of a good or service, the utility we obtain from additional units the the great or service tends to become smaller than what we received from earlier unitsmarginal analysisexamination of decision on the margin, an interpretation a little more or a little less indigenous the condition quoopportunity costmeasures cost by what we provide up/forfeit in exchange; opportunity expense measures the worth of the forgone alternativeopportunity setall possible combinations of usage that someone have the right to afford provided the prices of goods and the individual’s incomesunk costscosts that us make in the previous that us cannot recoverutilitysatisfaction, usefulness, or worth one obtains from spend goods and services