To Aru Hikuushi and is a collection of irradiate Novels that tells the story the airline pilots, generally a romance including conflict in between peoples or family. The irradiate Novels room written by Koroku Inumura and also were first published in 2009 by Gagaga Bunko.

In 2011 we had a film adapting the very first Light Novel called The Princess and the Pilot or Toaru Hikuushi and Tsuioku. In 2014 we had an anime based upon the second Light Novel Toaru Hikuushi and Koiuta or The Pilot Love's Song.

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Toaru Hikuushi and Koiuta

The story the love and air combat complies with a former prince that lost every little thing to a change and a girl who ended up being the prize of the revolution. The orphaned prince, now renamed Ka-lel, embarks ~ above a one-way journey to uncover the ends of the heavens.


On board the levitating island the Isla, he meets a girl named Claire. This is the story the a prince who lost everything and also goes ~ above a journey without any guarantee of return to his hometown safely.

With hatred and revenge in his mind, he meets several people who teach him around friendship ... And also love.


Toaru Hikuushi and also Seiyaku

As a young teenager, Kiyoaki Sakagami saw the brutal attack by the skies Clan (Uranus) in his hometown. His family members was killed in a deliberate wait raid and his farm was totally burned.


Comforted by his girlfriend Mio Seira, he guarantees to like the skies Clan and end his wars of aggression. Three years later, as Air pressure cadets, Kiyoaki and also Mio are selected to end up their research studies at the Eahanto army academy in the allied Empire.

They meet 5 students indigenous the academy with whom your futures intertwine in a region of incessant battles ... The collection has a full of nine volumes published between 2012 and also 2015.


My experience with come Aru Hikushi and also Koiuta

I watched the anime in English dubbed The Pilot Love's Song, which tells the story that a pilot who hates a girl who controls the wind dubbed Nina Viento, yet who ironically drops in love with her. I really favored the anime, it marked me at the time.

He dropped by the wayside and recently ns remembered, i went to review some scenes and came throughout an open finishing that at the moment intrigued me and also made me hunting a many on google. Searching again, the was really scarce, but I controlled to draw a conclusion, which make me write the article.

I believe that ns am not the only one who liked the work, due to the fact that on some anime sites, evaluate hit scores close come 10, consisting of praise for animation and also sound. It is a very good anime the goes unnoticed by people, because of its date.

The real ending to The Pilot Love's Song?

The anime ended openly intriguing plenty of who watched the work. Choose an unknown anime, numerous were curious around the finishing or a feasible second season and do not understand what taken place next. Part wonder, what wake up at light Novel?

In the last episode of The Pilot Love's Song Kal-el sets the end to rescue his beloved, if we watch all the other personalities finishing your story, we also have scenes of some personalities that pass years later.

At the end of the irradiate Novel Ariel determined to save his feelings for Kal-el through a love track that can not be sung. Kal-el additionally ends his story through leaving in search of rescuing Claire.


Isla's change forms one alliance with divine Revarm empire (from the an initial novel). 28 years later, flying scientific research alumni room still in complete swing, Nanako became a writer and at the period of 47 she released a retrospective on Isla at the end of Heaven.

Despite this, we carry out not have actually a conclusion regarding whether Kal-el controlled to rescue his beloved. It seems a characteristic of light novel Hikushi. Regardless of this, we have the right to see details conclusions in the various other Light Novel, probably a marketing ploy.

Unfortunately the irradiate Novel ending is comparable to the anime, for this reason the ending was deliberately left open, yet we may have actually some spoiler from the various other pilot light Novels To Aru Hikushi, both in Yasoukyoku and also on Seiyaku.

In the novel To Aru Hikushi and Seiyaku the love story in between Kal-el and also Claire is finally complete. Kal-el recovered Claire as declared in yasoukyoku and makes a little appearance as a minor personality in the story.

This happens close to the end of volume 9, wherein Kal-el finally meets Claire ~ 6 ½ years of separation. Kiyoaki meets v Mio, yet the case is not simple. This happens once both personalities in the novels come together against the skies Clan.


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When Isla's 2nd Fleet arrives in the Archipelago region, we see a fighter Iris V from Shinden Kai and also Charles Karino from the first Light Novel. We also see Kal-el's an individual fighter, “Maestra” native the 2nd Light Novel who won anime.

Seiyaku's irradiate Novel passes appropriate after Volume 4 that “The Pilot Love Song“, about a year after Nina Viento to be taken under the people of the air. In this story we have the union of characters from the an initial Light Novel Tsuioku.

What happens in The Princess and the Pilot?

The film additionally left part thoughtful around the ending, so examine out part spoilers we discovered at light Novel and also in the order of Hikuushi:

Charles succeeds in his mission, is paid sufficient to last 3 lives, and Fana promotes peace between the warning nations, but they never ever see each other again and Charles is never publicly recognized for his mission. In fact, the disappears from background after that.

Prince Carlo is exactly as sincere and also affectionate together he appears in his first scene, and although Fana suggests that he must flee to Charles, she ends up marrying Carlo. Regrettably this walk not happen in history. Charles' mission is only found long after their death.

At the time of chapter 4 of the second volume, which is the end of the story, she is in the position of Consul general in location of King Carlo and leads the central Sea battle to a truce in order to take advantage of Chichiishi's success.

In the 3rd Light Novel yasoukyoku Fana when gaining married transforms her surname to Fana Revarm. She is summary mentioned and also participates in battles in this third novel. Prince Carlo, who seemed to it is in cool, end up being badly talked about in this Novel.

In the novel it claims that Prince Carlo deprived Fana that his power, for this reason her marital relationship was in vain, she could have operation off through Charles. Revarm's kingdom additionally has a quick participation in The Pilot Love's Song.