Many people ask why Steve is so HAPPY once he theatre the cello. We complied with him roughly with our cameras on his work off. We think us now know why... :)

**NO instruments WERE HARMED IN THE make OF THIS VIDEO** -- we provided a "stunt" cello for these scenes simply in instance -- and we to be really careful out the respect for the instrument. After all the filming, "Jackie" (named ~ Jackie Chan due to the fact that he does all his very own stunts) only had one minor scrape inflicted through a shopping cart... (this proves the saying that statistically over there are much more shopping cart accidents than skydiving accidents)

Story behind the song:

This music video was one of our very very first ideas together That originated as soon as we to be filming "The Cello Song" (​) -- the very first project that Steven spicy Nelson, Al valve der Beek and Paul Anderson did together (which is likewise the first time they every MET!) as we to be finishing the all-night movie session, we starting talking about the numerous "uses" the the cello and before us knew it us were laughing around how funny it would be to make a movie about "cello bonding" -- spending quality time through the cello. We didn"t feel favor we might ever acquire away v making this video, yet we simply couldn"t aid ourselves :) because that a while, Al and Steve do the efforts to compose an plan of two Bob Marley tunes because that the lift of the video. It wasn"t flowing, therefore the task was abandoned for number of months. Due to the fact that the do of "Cello Wars" (​) us haven"t really had the possibility to litter "funny" in ~ our audience. And to be honest, we"ve let go it. Us all love come laugh -- particularly at ourselves. :) it keeps the pressure of developing videos every various other week us revisited this concept, yet this time through a new tune -- the turtle "So Happy Together." the fit perfectly. We finished up through a lot much more scenes than we might use-some that which we were sad we couldn"t to the right it. Possibly we"ll do an "extended version" one day...

"This video clip is specialized to every one of my music teachers that taught me to have actually FUN through music -- to let that live and breathe rather than urge it it is in dead and dissected. As for my various other music teachers that didn"t teach me to have fun...I"ll shot to do a video for friend some other time." :) --Steven spicy Nelson

Special Thanks: The Dotty"s because that letting united state use your Yellow Tandem bike.

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The Neilsons because that the usage of their house where us filmed the Disco Scene. Will certainly Stucki for the use of the Bass