Neurons space cells that have been adapted to lug nerve impulses. A typical neuron has actually a cell body containing a nucleus, one or much more branching filaments referred to as dendrites which command nerve impulses in the direction of the cabinet body and also one long fibre, one axon, the carries the impulses away from it. Plenty of axons have actually a sheath of fatty material called myelin bordering them. This increases the rate at i m sorry the nerve impulses travel along the nerve (see chart 14.1).

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Diagram 14.1 - A motor neuron

The cell body of neurons is usually located in the brain or spinal cord if the axon expand the totality distance come the body organ that it supplies. The neuron transferring impulses from the spinal cord to the hind leg or tail of a horse, for example, have the right to be numerous feet long. A nerve is a bundle that axons.

A sensory neuron is a nerve cell the transmits impulses from a feeling receptor such as those in the eye or ear to the mind or spinal cord. A motor neuron is a nerve cell that transmits impulses indigenous the mind or spinal cord come a muscle or gland. A relay neuron connect sensory and also motor neurons and is discovered in the mind or spinal cord (see diagrams 14.1 and also 14.2).


Diagram 14.2 - The relationship in between sensory, relay and motor neurons

Connections between Neurons

The link between nearby neurons is referred to as a synapse. The two nerve cells execute not actually touch below for over there is a microscopic room between them. The electric impulse in the neurone before the synapse stimulates the manufacturing of chemicals referred to as neurotransmitters (such as acetylcholine), which space secreted right into the gap.

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The neurotransmitter chemistry diffuse throughout the gap and when they call the membrane of the following nerve cabinet they stimulate a brand-new nervous advertise (see diagram 14.3). After the impulse has passed the chemical is destroyed and also the synapse is all set to receive the next nerve impulse.


Diagram 14.3 - A nerve and magnification the a synapse

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