About The One ~ above the ideal Is ~ above the Left

\"The One on the appropriate Is top top the Left\" is a nation song composed by Jack Clement. The was tape-recorded by Johnny Cash on November 29, 1965 and included top top his album anyone Loves a seed (1966). It to be the album\"s 3rd and most successful single (see 1966 in music), getting to number two on the U. S. Billboard nation Singles chart and also forty-six ~ above Billboard\"s pop Singles chart.

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There as soon as was a music troupeA pickin\" singin\" people groupThey sang the mountain balladsAnd the people songs of our landThey were lengthy on musical abilityFolks thought they would go farBut politics incompatibility led to their downfallWell, the one top top the right was top top the leftAnd the one in the center was ~ above the rightAnd the one ~ above the left was in the middleAnd the guy in the behind was a MethodistThis music aggregation toured the entire nationSinging the classic balladsAnd the folk songs of ours landThey performed with an excellent virtuosityAnd soon they to be the rageBut political animosity dominated upon the stageWell, the one top top the right was on the leftAnd the one in the middle was ~ above the rightAnd the one ~ above the left was in the middleAnd the guy in the rear melted his driver\"s licenseWell the curtain had actually ascendedA hush fell on the crowdAs thousands there to be gathered come hear the individual songs of our landBut they take it their politics seriouslyAnd that night in ~ the concert hallAs the audience watched deliriouslyThey had a free-for-allWell, the one ~ above the appropriate was top top the bottomAnd the one in the middle was top top the topAnd the one top top the left obtained a damaged armAnd the male on his rear, said, \"Oh dear\"Now this should be a great if you arrangement to begin a folk groupDon\"t walk mixin\" politics with the folk songs of our landJust job-related on harmony and also dictionPlay your banjo wellAnd if you have political convictions store them to yourselfNow, the one on the left functions in a bankAnd the one in the middle drives a truckThe one on the right\"s an all-night deejayAnd the guy in the rear acquired drafted

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Johnny Cash man R. \"Johnny\" Cash (February 26, 1932 – September 12, 2003), to be an American singer-songwriter, actor, and also author, who has been called one the the most significant musicians of the 20th century. Although the is mostly remembered together a country music icon, his songs and sound spanned countless other genres consisting of rockabilly and also rock and roll—especially early in his career—as well together blues, folk, and gospel.

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This crossover appeal brought about Cash being inducted in the country Music hall of Fame, the Rock and also Roll hall of Fame, and also Gospel Music room of Fame. More »