It’s Thursday, February 13, 2020, and also the sold-out group at the State Theatre brand-new Jersey in brand-new Brunswick is excitedly waiting for the start of a Valentine’s Day eve concert by among America’s all-time favorite boy bands — Boyz II Men.

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Boyz II guys is an R&B/hip-hop vocal team from Philadelphia, PA. The members developed the ensemble when they were still students at Philadelphia High college for the an imaginative and Performing Arts whereby — thanks to the terrific acoustics — they frequently rehearsed in the school’s bathrooms.

As pan of the boy band, brand-new Edition, the young singers called their team “Boyz II Men” indigenous the new Edition song, “Boys come Men.” In 1989, the members acquired their big break when they sang “Can You stand the Rain” backstage for brand-new Edition member Michael Bivins that agreed to control the fledgling group.

Boyz II Men’s an initial album, Cooleyhighharmony — produced through Bivins — was released in 1991. Unlike other teams which typically featured a lead singer upfront and a team the harmony singers in the background, Boyz II Men’s music featured all four members — tenor Wanya Morris, tenor Shawn Stockman, baritone Nathan Morris, and also bass Michael McCary — singing lead. The ensemble successfully married the rhythmic excitement of hip-hop to chop vocal harmonies, thereby revolutionizing R&B music for a new generation that fans.

Cooleyhighharmony sold end nine million copies and also won Boyz II guys a Grammy for best R&B power at the 1992 Grammy Awards. In addition to record a dozen additional albums, the group released such famous singles together “End that the Road,” “I’ll do Love to You,” and “One Sweet Day” i m sorry all collection records because that the complete of weeks spent at the peak of the charts. Also today, Boyz II guys is still ranked fourth in music history for weeks in the #1 clues behind only Elvis Presley, The Beatles, and also Mariah Carey.

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In 2003, bass singer Michael McCary left the group and, because then, the staying members have continued to record and tour as a trio.


In enhancement to performing about the world, the ensemble has appeared on tv on mirrors like How i Met her Mother and Dancing through the Stars and in commercials for GEICO and also Old Navy. In 2017, a section of broad Street in Philadelphia whereby the Philadelphia High institution for the creative and Performing arts is situated was change the name “Boyz II males Boulevard,” forever memorializing the location where the singers very first started harmonizing with each other as boys.

Inside the historical State Theatre auditorium, the lamp dim and the crowd cheers as drums start to play and also the mellifluous voices the Boyz II males members Shawn Stockman, Wanya Morris, and also Nathan Morris deserve to be heard before the singers are even seen.

Opening through their 1991 top 5 hit, “Motownphilly,” the Boyz enter the phase singing, “Back in institution we provided to dream about this everyday/Could it yes, really happen?/Or do dreams fade away?/Then we started singing them/They claimed it sound smooth/So we began a group and also here we are/Kickin’ it just for you” ~ above this at sight high-energy hip-hop number.


Asking, “What’s the surname of the group?” the group enthusiastically responds, “Boyz II Men!” Dancing together they sing, the trio create a party environment inside the State Theatre auditorium through their high-octane performance and also smooth run moves.

Shawn Stockman has actually the whole crowd echo him as he sings, “Oh yeah, oh yeah!” prior to he gets them screaming v their hand clapping over your heads.


The group goes wild when they hear the a cappella introduction to the group’s 1994 #1 single, “On Bended Knee.” Stockman starts off singing lead and the audience enthusiastically join in ~ above the well-known, “Can somebody tell me how to obtain things back/The means they supplied to be?/Oh God give me a reason/I’m down on bended knee” refrain.

After Nathan Morris takes end the key vocal, Wanya Morris sings lead, both receiving their share the adoration from the group on this R&B ballad as audience members’ arms proceed to wave earlier and forth. Wanya does an extensive vocal ending, his voice to run up and also down the scale as that sings ~ above bended knee while orange colored lights swirl ~ above the silvery lift curtain behind him.

Stockman greets the group saying, “Happy Valentine Day’s Eve!” ~ dedicating tonight’s power to “all the couples the end there — and also the singles — permit it all be around love,” Stockman adds, “And many thanks for marketing this location out,” prior to joking, “If this is your first time see us, what took you so cursed long? We’ve gone to this for nearly three decades!”

Stating, “Let’s go back to 1991,” the Boyz execute “It’s So hard to say Goodbye come Yesterday,” a ballad they performed through Alicia keys at the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles just weeks earlier in a powerful tribute come L.A. Laker Kobe Bryant. After ~ Nathan sings, “I don’t understand where this roadway is going to lead/All I know is wherein we’ve been/And what we’ve to be through,” he it s okay so choked up with emotion the Wanya needs to take over the lead singing, “If we obtain to check out tomorrow/I hope it’s worth every the wait/It’s so difficult to say goodbye come yesterday.”


The audience reaction to this emotional performance with warmth applause and also cheers and also the Boyz respond through performing their 1997 #1 hit, “4 periods of Loneliness.” Vocal harmonies float out over the audience together the singers’ voices blend and also soar in class of sound i beg your pardon drip v emotion and nuance, the point and counterpoint the the vocals creating waves that rich, full sound the cascade at times on this rhythmic R&B/hip-hop ballad.

Stockman choose up a guitar and Nathan plays bass on “Jammin’,” prior to Wanya asks, “Are you ready to rock through Boyz II males tonight? Everybody out of her seats!” and also the sold-out crowd happily obliges by standing and also dancing to an extensive medley of song which begins with a rockin’ cover variation of Lenny Kravitz’ “Are girlfriend Gonna go My Way” and a sluggish funky translate of Kravitz’ “American Woman.”

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Wanya dances and also gets audience members to tide their hand in the air on the Boyz’ funky rendition that Bruno Mars’ “Locked the end of Heaven,” and also Shawn Stockman sings lead and impresses with a wild distorted etc solo ~ above The Beatles’ “Come Together.”

Lights flash as the group sings its own 1998 hit, “Doin’ simply Fine” wherein Nathan’s rich baritone is featured.


Wanya walk vocal gymnastics in the stratosphere ~ above this smooth R&B ballad before Shawn Stockman joins in and also lush harmonies float out over the crowd. The trio follows up with a cover variation of Journey’s “Open Arms” whereby Stockman’s irradiate tenor serenades the audience.


After taking a minute to shower hands through a female security guard at the former of the stage who is obviously enjoy it the group’s performance, Stockman reveals to the crowd, “Certain things never obtain old. It’s cool when security is even singing along! it is why we perform this — we do it for you!”

The crowd cheers and also Stockman says, “These next songs space Boyz II men ‘classics’ since you made them ‘classics’,” joking, “You played them over and over, and you understand every damn word!” finish by announcing, “Congregation rise! placed your hand in the sky prefer this!” Stockman demonstrates how to snap one’s finger up in the air and bend down toward the ground, acquiring the crowd swaying earlier and forth to the group’s 1995 top 5 single, “Water operation Dry.”

Moving in sync through the trio, the audience sings along to the easy groove that the song’s melodic chorus, “Let’s no wait till the water runs dry/We can watch our whole lives pass united state by/Let’s not wait till the water runs dry/We’ll make the greatest mistake of ours lives,” ~ above this R&B audience pleaser.


The crowd hoots, hollers, and cheers when the Boyz launch into their 1994 #1 struggle single, “I’ll make Love come You.” as the singers croon “I’ll make love to you/Like you desire me to/And I’ll organize you tight/Baby all through the night” top top this standard R&B ballad, they each hand the end red roses come adoring fans in the audience who happily sing along with them to the music.

Following enthusiasm cheers, the group continues with your 1997 #1 R&B hit, “A track for Mama.” All three vocalists take seats together they provide the chorus that this heartfelt ballad singing, “Mama, Mama you know I love you/Mama, Mama you’re the queen of mine heart/Your love is like tears from the stars/Mama I just want you come know/Lovin’ girlfriend is like food to my soul.” Audience members gradually wave your hands back and forth to the rhythm together the singers vocally improvise end the melody.

After Nathan announces to the crowd, “Help united state sing this song tonight!” he handles the lead on the group’s 1995 #1 mega-hit v Mariah Carey, “One Sweet Day.”


The audience helps out by singing Mariah Carey’s verse before everyone join in top top the renowned “And I understand you’re shining under on me from heaven/Like so plenty of friends we’ve lost along the way/And ns know at some point we’ll be together/One sweet day” chorus the this standard power ballad.

“Wow! new Jersey is in the building! You know what good hard-loving music is!” exclaims Wanya before adding, “This is genuine music — music v lyrical content — come laugh to and to cry to.”

Nathan start off to sing the command on the final song that the night — Boyz II Men’s 1991 #1 smash, “End the the Road.” through the audience on its feet standing and also swaying, music lover in the crowd get involved in a communal endure of lyric and melody together they sing, “Although we’ve come/To the finish of the road/Still ns can’t allow go/It’s unnatural/You belong to me/I belong come you.’


All three singers include gorgeous harmony components to the mix, bringing love and also nostalgia come the packed home as the happy audience stands and also cheers for Boyz II Men.

The group members bow deeply and shake hands v fans in the crowd prior to exiting the stage.

As the audience filters out of the auditorium, we chat with several in attendance this evening that share your thoughts on Boyz II Men’s performance.

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Comments Dawayne from Mt. Laurel, “Boyz II men is a great group! This to be a beautiful concert — ns loved that from start to end. The voices to be superb and there to be nonstop energy coming indigenous both the stage and also the crowd.”

Generra native Clifton agrees, phone call Boyz II males “Really awesome!” Adding, “They carried me earlier to the ‘90s,” Generra notes, “And they quiet sound as good as they execute on their records.”


TJ indigenous Brick acknowledges, “I’m a long-time pan of Boyz II Men, yet this is my an initial time see them live.” Asserting, “I love them, and also I want to see them again,” TJ confesses, “ and also I have to say that ‘A song for Mama’ really gained to me.”

Barbara native Brick concurs adding, “That performance was just amazing — it lugged me come tears.”

Allison from Rahway calls Boyz II Men’s concert tonight “Excellent,” asserting, “They’ve still gained it,” before declaring, “And I gained a rose from Nathan — I simply put out my hand and he offered it come me!”

Similarly, Jenayah indigenous Belleville remarks, “Boyz II guys was just awesome tonight!” recalling, “I thrived up on your music — I provided to have actually their cassettes and also listen come them on mine Walkman ~ above the bus.” Revealing, “I acquired a rose from Shawn tonight,” Jenayah confesses, “but Wanya is my favorite; he touched my pinkie as soon as Shawn gave me the rose,” before noting, “Every year, they execute at Epcot in mid-November so we shot to plan our Disney trip about seeing them.”

Jenayah’s husband, Nehemiah, concurs adding, “I’m a pan of their music, too, and they’re really great guys — I even went as much as Shawn and shook his hand telling him, ‘Thank girlfriend for offering my wife a rose.”


Jacqueline indigenous Keansburg reveals, “This is my very first time see Boyz II Men. Castle my favourite group,” explaining, “My son bought me tickets together a gift — ns loved the show and had a an excellent time!”

Gwen native Bayonne agrees noting, “Three generations of my family members were below tonight — us all just love Boyz II Men’s music!”

Steve from Bayonne adds, “This is the soundtrack come to my childhood — my mommy played this music because that me and now i love it, too.”

Lastly, us chat with Michelle indigenous Piscataway, who says, “This was one great show! i’ve been complying with Boyz II men for year — I’ve viewed them countless times and also they quiet sound specifically the same,” prior to concluding, “They’re freaking awesome!”


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