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All of the adhering to are thought about professionals in the courtroom work group, EXCEPT __________.

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A) VictimB) JudgeC) Defense AttorneyD) Prosecuting Attorney

All of the adhering to discretionary decisions are constantly incorrect, EXCEPT __________.

A) Reducing charges in exchange for individual considerations.B) Deciding not to prosecute friends or political cronies.C) Following a state bar variation of the ABA rules.D) Over-zealously prosecuting a case to seek heightened visibility.

Which of the following statements is false regarding the functions of a judge in the courtroom work-related group?

A) The judge is responsible for presenting the state"s case versus the defendant.B) If a guilty verdict has actually been reverted, the judge is responsible for imposing a sentence.C) The judge holds the ultimate authority in judgment on matters of law.D) The major duty of a judge is to ensure justice.

A) The judge is responsible for presenting the state"s situation against the defendant.

(This is the prosecuting attorney, not the judge!)

Which work team member has the duty of demonstrating to a jury that a defendant is guilty beyond reasonable doubt?

The function of a defense attorney does NOT incorporate __________.

A) Testing the stamina of the prosecution"s instance.B) Appealing a conviction.C) Representing the accsupplied.D) Representing the state.

Criminal defendants who are unable to afford their very own lawyer deserve to usage every one of the complying with units, EXCEPT __________.

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A) Assigned Counsel.B) Public Defenders.C) Bailiffs.D) Contractual Arrangements.

Which of the complying with terms refers to the concern of whether the defendant is actually responsible for the crime of which he or she stands accused?

A) Implied GuiltB) Factual GuiltC) Demonstrated GuiltD) Legal Guilt

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