← RIP Alvin Sargent — 2 time Oscar-Winning Screenwriter Who additionally Penned 3 ‘Spider-Man’ movies Was92

A allude I have actually made below from time come time, if your movie isn’t top top IMDb or Rottentomatoes or Metacritic, it does no exist.

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Here is one v Ed Harris and also Jason Isaac and Stephen Root and others, a remake of a 1955 western (maybe not), and also there is nothing out there beyond the movie itself to prove that it exists.

Because when it was filmed back in 2013, that was referred to as “Sweetwater.”

Mean and coarse and also a bust in many regards. And transforming the title nearly makes it disappear.

Free, top top YouTube, as attached below. Good looking archetypal Western, foul-mouthed, metaphoric and also violent. Yet online looking for it under that title turns up nothing.

All affiliated wanted to forget around it, hide from it by letting it present up top top Youtube for free?

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← RIP Alvin Sargent — 2 time Oscar-Winning Screenwriter Who also Penned three ‘Spider-Man’ movies Was92
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