Eliot and also Margo are stuck in Fillory battle personal demons if Quentin and Julia are ago at Brakebills attempting to uncover the following key. Coin is stuck in one astral inbetween as he attempts to attach with his living friends.

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The response to Penny"s "death" is not fairly what he expected, not even from himself. After dying, coin is required team up through a long lingering astral projection called Hyman to conserve himself and his body. With Hyman"s help, penny puts his finest foot front in acquiring everyone"s attention. Yet each initiative ends with mixed results, leaving penny frustrated and desperate. Kady is additionally struggling v Penny"s fatality as she"s required to decide what should happen to his body and whether she have the right to go on without him.

Meanwhile, Margo is trapped ~ above the royal watercraft patiently plotting how to remove the Fairy Queen while trying to involved grips with the truth that Eliot can be dead. Her High King, top top the other hand, is grounding in the Neitherlands ~ walking with a miracle portal door prompted by among the 7 keys. Together they roam about, he and his family must endure a hungry group of cannibals running low on food. Ago at Brakebills, Julia and also Quentin enlist Dean Fogg to help them through finding the next key.

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Their efforts take them to a buried component of the college campus and also a household of old donors, revealing a series of deeply hidden secrets.

Episode Details

On The Magicians Season 3 episode 4, while Eliot is being hunted, Quentin and also Julia find a powerful an enig that is tied to the history of Brakebills.