About them: THE small KERNEL left his mother’s cob on a tiny farm at a young age to sign up with the odor Brigade, hungry for a taste the adventure. He quickly popped come the height of his class and continues come live his motto today: never surrender to subpar snacks! THE tiny KERNEL keeps it genuine with no artificial ingredients. Popped in olive oil and using just quality ingredients, the tiny Kernel is top top a search to carry you the best. Prepare her taste buds for their arrival at the frontline that fun with his lineup of adventurous flavors.

My kids and I had actually the possibility to give The little Kernel Mini Popcorn a shot and love it! We received three bags. The an initial bag we tried to be The small Kernel Pink Himalayan Salt. It come in a 4 oz bag and didn’t last lengthy with all my kids and also roomies. It was lightly salted and also delicious. Us loved it. The next was a 4 oz bag that Truffle Sea Salt. The title sums increase the flavor quite well. Everyone loved it! The last bag to be a 4.5 oz bag of Sweet and also Salty Kettle Corn and this was my personal favorite. It to be a light however sweet and salty i beg your pardon is my favorite combination. My children went nuts because that it! These make a perfect snack, a nice addition to school lunches and also perfect for household movie nights! ns love the they room not only tasty, however healthy together well. They room popped in 100% pure olive oil i beg your pardon I choose to your common vegetable oil and are gluten free, non-GMO, dairy product free, kosher and made with entirety grains. They are super cute too and my kid simply loved how tiny the kernels are. Mine kids and I love The small Kernel and will definitely be obtaining more! If girlfriend are searching for a great snack this spring try The little Kernel Mini Popcorn and also the range of spices they have!

Disclosure: I obtained this product because that free, in exchange because that my ethical review, which might differ native yours. Regardless, I only recommend products and services I provided personally, and also believe will be a an excellent fit for consumers.

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Author: Stephanie Trussell

Hi, my name is Stephanie, and also I to be 30 year old. I have two beautiful girls, Dakota who is 4 and Krista that is 6, and also a boy who is practically 4.I am also pregnant v a girl. I work full time at Fred Myers! i live in a little town in WA State referred to as Arlington, a very beautiful city through the hill Loop.

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I reap anything outdoors, baking, mine critters and also spending time v my kids.