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It was a night in July, ns think 6 years agoWhy did ns eat the acid? ns don't knowI wasn't thinking and also I wasn't scaredWhy did i eat the acid? ns wasn't preparedThe critical time ns did acid I walk insaneI to be hanging v some girlfriend just acquiring loadedWhen all of a suddenly my mental explodedI had actually a speed that ns was gay and I obtained paranoidI to be sitting on the floor listening come Pink FloydThe last time ns did mountain I went insaneAnd ns was illustration crazy pictures and also before ns was doneThe photos started pulsing choose an extraterrestrial lungAnd I claimed "oh mine god this is just begun"And it was twelve more hours before I to be doneWe were up on the rooftop and also I'll tell girlfriend the truthI was persuaded I'd already fallen off of the roofAnd this weird steel things rolling approximately in outta spaceWere teleporting me from place to placeThe last time ns did mountain I walk insaneSo us ran back downstairs where it was much better to beBut i was trapped in spiral staircase infinityAnd as soon as we gained to the door i couldn't go insideCos it to be the gates of heaven and also I had actually diedThe critical time i did mountain I went insane
And this kid named Graham the punched a cat in the headHe could read mine thoughts, that's what the saidAnd he explained what it was like but I didn't think itLike lifting a rug and also seeing stars beneath itOoo-oooAnd the very first rule of tripping wasDon't be with civilization you don't trustThe second rule the LSDThe rooftop is not a great place to beThe third rule is to it is in preparedThe fourth dominion is to not get scaredThe fifth preeminence is to remain sereneTurn off her mind and float downstreamThe sixth rule's have actually a great friend in ~ handThe seventh rule, i hope that you understandIs no to look also deep right into your soulOr you could find a hideous, hopeless holeOf hatred, hunger, infinite, idiotMindless, meaningless, nothingness, nothingnessNothingness, nothingness, nothingness, nothingnessNothingness, nothingness, nothingness, nothingnessNothingnessAnd that's what ns didAnd every aspect of life that i selectedWas instantly and brutally dissectedI witnessed the horrible emptiness withinThe factors behind everythingAnd it was at that minute that ns went insane

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Cos ns figured why bother doing noþeles againI didn't understand my think revealing themselves to beThe fact behind everything I'd ever before wanted and believedRevealed itself to beUnwindingI stand upI brushedMy headI turnedTo mine rightAll in mine eyeAnd i saidThere are things which we feel to it is in so terrifically trueThat what to be all yet madnessFor any good man in his own appropriate characterTo utter or also hint that themI've just discovered the an interpretation of lifeI've just discovered the an interpretation of lifeI've just found the definition of lifeI've just found the definition of life