Season 16, illustration 1 game Day lar

The Kitchen is gearing up because that Sunday"s big game through Food Network"s Eddie Jackson. Jeff Mauro kicks things off v BBQ Pork Slow-Cooker Chili, and also Eddie and also Katie Lee re-publishing two brand-new ideas for wrapped appetizers -- a Cubano in a Blanket and also a Meatball Parm in a Blanket. Eddie tackles a video game day favorite, Molasses Gochujang Chicken Wings, and Sunny Anderson provides the play-by-play on her Meaty Cheesy Slider Casserole. The hosts share their ideal tips because that the ultimate video game day dips and also take it to the end zone v a party cup keg cooler and also Geoffrey Zakarian"s at sight Shandy.

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Season 16, illustration 2 Diner favourite

Order up! The Kitchen is serving favorite diner recipes v a side of fries -- sunny Anderson"s Disco Fries, that is! Jeff Mauro provides a standard Patty Melt and also shares his secret for creamy coleslaw, and also Geoffrey Zakarian whips increase the Perfect Lemon Meringue Pie. Find out short-order cook tricks because that crispy meatloaf, easy hollandaise sauce and Katie Lee"s hash browns in a diner execution of Kitchen Helpline. Finally, Sunny provides everyone feeling like kids again with her Peanut Butter and Jelly Milkshake.

Season 16, episode 3 Sweet Surprises

Love is in the waiting in The Kitchen v Valentine"s job food, crafts and also sweet surprises. Katie Lee provides a trendy concealed Heart Cake, and also then the corridor creates food-inspired Valentines because that sweethearts of every ages. Jeff Mauro"s Snack Mix Brownies and Sunny Anderson"s tart Cream Swirl Brownies use mix-ins to placed a brand-new twist on the favourite dessert, and also everyone pitches in to create a box of Chocolates Cake. Geoffrey Zakarian serves Pasta Pomodoro together a dinner for two, and also comedian and also author Mamrie Hart stops by to sign up with in top top the fun through her French Kiss 75 cocktail and also a offer idea for nachos.

Season 16, illustration 4 Snowed In

The Kitchen is snowed in, so it"s the perfect time to cook up a storm, starting with clear Anderson"s triple-decker E.A.B.L.T. Geoffrey Zakarian warms things up v a hearty Sweet Potato and Corn Chowder, and also Jeff Mauro and also Katie Lee whip increase sweet desserts in mugs. Jeff raids the freezer to make Crispy Cajun Popcorn Shrimp and Cheesy Grits. The hosts get an imaginative with delicious snow-inspired crafts, and also in respect of the Winter Olympics, figure skater Sasha Cohen stop by for Geoffrey"s gold Medal hot Tequila Toddy and also a Winter Warm-Up game.

Season 16, illustration 5 A Hug on a bowl

The Kitchen is serving up comforting household favorites, favor Geoffrey Zakarian"s Beef Stroganoff and Katie Lee"s vegetables Manicotti. Jeff Mauro place his turn on a takeout favorite v his general Tso"s Crispy Chicken Sandwich. Ree Drummond help announce the winner of the 48th Pillsbury Bake-Off Contest, that demonstrates her winning recipe. Finally, the hosts share their worst comfort food confessions when sipping a Toffee Pudding "Cidecar" combined by Geoffrey.

Season 16, episode 6 13 x 9 and Feelin" fine

The Kitchen is sharing great recipes to warmth up winter nights, like Sunny Anderson"s Beef Wellington Casserole and also Geoffrey Zakarian"s baked Sweet Potato and also Carrot Gratin. Classics get a twist in Jeff Mauro"s Lemon Chicken and also Orzo Casserole and also Katie Lee"s Spicy Thai Red Curry Chicken Casserole, and Valerie Bertinelli joins the corridor to make her Strawberry Lemon Love Cake. Learn tips because that freezer organization and get kitchen renovation principles in a unique Kitchen Helpline native the Food Network Fantasy Kitchen with Chef Scott Conant and also designer Shea McGee. Katie takes end cocktail duties and also shares she Mudslide Jelly shoot Casserole.

Season 16, episode 7 household Night In

The Kitchen is spending a night in, and also the menu is complete of family members favorites. Jeff Mauro kicks things off v a crispy Detroit-Style Pepperoni Pizza, and everyone shares simple snack principles with just one, 2 or 3 ingredients. Cookbook writer Siri Daly join the fun through a tray of she Greek Nachos, and Katie Lee serves up a bite-sized treat, ice cream Cream Sundae Bon Bons. The hosts open up the Kitchen Helpline with Scott Conant from the Food Network Fantasy Kitchen, tackling questions around cooking family-friendly sides, and Geoffrey Zakarian tops off the evening with two twists on a Shirley Temple: a Dirty Shirley cocktail and also a Don"t speak to It Shirley mocktail.

Season 16, episode 8 Weeknight marvels

The Kitchen is sharing shortcuts to stress-free weeknight meals, beginning with Katie Lee"s One Pot Beef Bourguignon. Jeff Mauro renders a quick and easy eggplant Parm Cheat Sheet, and Geoffrey Zakarian serves up a showstopping Savory Galette. Cookbook author Elizabeth Heiskell wows with her one-dish dessert, chocolate Cobbler v Cherry ice cream Cream. Food Network Fantasy Kitchen"s Scott Conant join the hosts as they return to culinary basics to answer some frequently asked Kitchen Helpline questions, and then Geoffrey renders a cocktail that will last every week, a big-batch Boulevardier.

Season 16, illustration 9 fresh Festive Feast

The Kitchen is obtaining fresh and festive because that spring, starting with sunny Anderson"s Grilled Lamb Chops v a "No-Cook" Orange Chutney and Katie Lee"s perfect pairing, Roasted Carrots with Honey and Mint. Cookbook writer Lidia Bastianich helps celebrate the season v Orecchiette with Asparagus and Peas. The hosts happen the Garden Cake and then open up up the Kitchen Helpline v Food Network Fantasy Kitchen"s Scott Conant to share spruced-up feather appetizer tips. Finally, it"s time come toast to springtime through Geoffrey Zakarian"s Tickled Pink Gimlet and also a bloomed Easter Basket.

Season 16, illustration 10 A totality Lotta Pasta

The Kitchen"s plates space piled high through pasta, starting with Geoffrey Zakarian"s Cacio e Pepe and also Jeff Mauro"s Spinach, Walnut and gold Raisin Pesto Pasta. Comedian Kevin Fredericks helps clear Anderson do Kevin"s Grandma Mac and Cheese, and Chef Christian Petroni stop by to serve his unique Spaghetti with Clams. The best brand-new healthy pastas pair perfectly v Katie Lee"s rapid Amatriciana Sauce, and also Sunny share a playful German dessert -- Spaghettieis -- that looks favor spaghetti however is really an ice cream cream sundae!

Season 16, episode 11 have the finest Birthday

It"s time come blow out the candles and also make a wish because that The Kitchen"s date of birth show! Katie Lee provides a distinct birthday meal, Porterhouse Steak through Herb Fries. Geoffrey Zakarian"s Shrimp Bruschetta and Sunny Anderson"s Mini Pita Pizzas room fun finger foods for any type of occasion. Baker Melissa Ben-Ishay creates date of birth magic v a Tie-Dye date of birth Cake, and also the hosts litter a piece of Cake Party special Geoffrey"s Sorbet Punch and Katie"s DIY Donut Wall. Finally, Geoffrey reflects off a new means to hand out prizes because that a birthday bash with his punch Box.

Season 16, illustration 12 Let"s do Lunch

The Kitchen is sharing some delicious new ideas because that lunch, and also Jeff Mauro kicks things off through Mauro"s Muffuletta. Then nutritionist pleasure Bauer stop by with healthy and balanced swaps because that a Chicken Salad v Caesar Dressing. Katie Lee cooks increase a quick and also easy black Bean and Kale Soup, and Geoffrey Zakarian freshens points up with a Greek Salad. Clear Anderson build a Lemon Teriyaki Chicken and Rice Bowl v special sous chefs, gibbs Laura Wright and Wes Ramsey, and also Fruit Infused Cold Brew Tea is a refreshing finish to the meal.

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Season 16, illustration 13 cook Smart

The Kitchen is serving up dishes with maximum flavor and minimum effort, starting with Katie Lee"s Smothered Pork Chops and also Jeff Mauro"s Pomegranate Glazed Salmon. Clear Anderson makes Lemon and Cheese Peas utilizing only five ingredients, and the hosts open up the Kitchen Helpline come answer some questions. Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli makes her Roasted Potato Salad, and also Geoffrey Zakarian wraps points up top top a sweet note with three Ingredient No-Churn ice cream Cream.


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