The Island with Bear Grylls is a reality series which sees castaways" survival skills being put to the test. Bear Grylls pipeline thirteen British men on a remote, uninhabited Pacific island for a month completely alone with only the clothing they"re wearing and some an easy tools.

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The Island through Bear Grylls (UK) Season 3 (2016)
3x01 Season 3, episode 1The two teams swim ashore to face a storm and also a life-or-death search for water. A row division out v the men, while one of the ladies sees something that renders her doubt they may ... Mar. 28, 2016
3x02 critical Day of FreedomThe men and also women of collection 3 in their last hours prior to being exit on the island. Apr. 04, 2016
3x03 collection 3, episode 3The group have to be on the island because that ten days through barely anything come eat. Rob leader the desperate find for food, but their attempts come fish and also hunt finish up comes to naught ... Apr. 11, 2016
3x04 collection 3, illustration 4Hunger and exhaustion continue to collection in and also singletons Patrick and also Sarah look for comfort in each other. The rest of the men and women start to fall apart. Apr. 18, 2016
3x05 collection 3, illustration 5Following Patrick"s horrifying fall, the island is in crisis and also Dr Dan"s expedition party is trapped in a small cove with a tropical storm top top the way. The safety team arrives to evacuate ...

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Apr. 25, 2016
3x06 series 3, illustration 6The team has been marooned because that a month there is no a sustainable food source and inadequate shelter to defend them indigenous the brutal tropical storms, and the islanders room on the brink ... May. 02, 2016

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