Panic! at the Disco is really winning me over through the music on Death of a Bachelor.

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These songs are groovy and fun. Have you been able to appreciate exactly how well put together the music is here? It"s component Fallout Boy, part 1950"s, part 1990"s, and it"s awesome. "The Good, the Bad, and also the Dirty" is mostly Fallout Boy, and also it"s pretty intense.

Honestly, at this allude, I"ve already composed a ton of song interpretation explacountries for Death of a Bachelor and also Panic! at the Disco, and also generally at this allude in the interpretation short article I talk about the album or the hype for the song--something like that. I think, yet, that there"s really not that much more to say, so I invite you to check out my other song meaning explanations for Panic! at the Disco songs. If you prefer the remainder of this write-up, you have to come ago right here and also examine out those others.

The Line-by-line Song Meaning of "The Good, the Bad, and also the Dirty"

You currently understand the title (and also the Intro is the same), yet since the chorus goes over that, we"re going to come ago to that later. I should additionally warn you that Urie himself, once talking about this song, admits that he wasn"t fairly certain what every one of the lyrics expected as soon as he originally composed them. Sometimes he just picks them because they sound "badass" (check out video below).

With that in mind, we need to proceed closely. Generally, I attempt to describe what the artist indicates by a song, and also I"m still going to try to execute that. But in this situation, we may be trying to figure out somepoint that not also the artist kbrand-new.

For now, let"s obtain started through Verse 1.Urie sings, "Truth is that it was always going to end." Currently, "The Good, the Bad, and also the Dirty" sounds choose a song about a relationship; possibly it can also be that the connection is a metaphor for the deeper definition. Whatever before it is, it"s something that"s obtained Panic! at the Disco thinking: "The symphony buzzing in my head."

The next two lines sound either prefer Urie made the finest of a negative instance or prefer other civilization took advantage of him: "Took a industry of filth / And marketed like summer." I think the initially explanation fits with the feeling of the song better. The music is empowering, violent, and also energetic, so it makes sense that Urie is coming out on height.

The verse continues: "True all of the excellent girls act so great / "Til among them doesn"t wait their turn." Urie"s pulling together pictures and ideas in this initially verse; he will certainly use them later on to tie together his significant concept or prime concept. In this instance, one of the "excellent girls"--probably womenwho wait on others or who fit into society nicely--decides she wants what she wants currently. She"s going to take it.

Urie sings, "Turn the memory to stone / And carve your shoulder." He wants the past to be in the previous (periodically civilization cope by acquiring commemorative tattoos, which would explain the carved "shoulder"). The one-off, "Hey, holy roller," is an acknowledgment of others watching Urie and the "good-girl-gone-bad"s" development towards somepoint brand-new. In either case, the first line of the verse has come true, and also something has actually ended, just choose Urie knows it was always going to.


In theChorus,Panic! at the Disco sings, "If you wanna start a fight / You better throw the first punch / Make it a good one." Who Urie is singing to below, I"m not certain. I"ve heard theories that it might be an enemy he"s fighting or his followers that he"s trying to encourage. I think the encouraging followers concept is likely moresound. Verse 1makes me think this is really about Urie telling human being to fight for what they want; the feel of the song argues that we should break the standing quo and go for somepoint more.

The chorus continues: "And if ya" wanna make it throughthe night / You better say my name choose / The great, thepoor, and the dirty." This seems to be a contact to his crowd. He"s trying to appeal to a wide array of civilization and also to gather them approximately his example of breaking free. Urie"s breaking complimentary, and he desires others to execute like him, no matter that they are.

The last line is a play onthe title of the movie, "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly." In it, three guys fight each various other for a stash of Confedeprice gold--all of them are criminals, but Blondie (the good) hasat leastern some ethical codes, Angel Eyes (the bad) tortures and kills sadistically, and also Tuco (the ugly) is a foolish oafthat is stilldangerous.

My theory is that Urie"s song is based upon that title however that it plays on the idea that while some civilization are clearly goodor clearly struggle via being bad, tbelow are some civilization who are "ugly." We or they can think they"re bad, however it"s not that basic. Urie"s band also attracts young civilization that are still creating their identities in methods that even more establimelted society does not constantly appreciate. While those civilization might not look "good" to others, Urie recognizes that they might not necessarily be "poor." Even then, he desires the "bad" to know that they have a place in his team together with the "good" and the "ugly" or the "misinterpreted."

In theSecond Verse,Urie sings, "I know what it"s favor to have to profession / The ones that you love for the ones you hate." This might be a reference to the transitional state of Panic! at the Disco"s band also member roster. Urie"s the just staying original member, and many kind of have actually come and also gone.

Urie then sings, "Don"t think I"ve ever before supplied a day of my education and learning." Life has actually never before been simple, and also the answers were never in a textbook. Urie"s had actually to learn things for himself.

He continues: "There"s just 2 methods that these points have the right to go / Good or poor and also exactly how was I to recognize / That all your friends won"t hold any kind of grudges / I gained the last judgment." I think Urie ismaking use of the metaphor of a finimelted relationship to present us exactly how he"s relocating on after chaos in his life. He"s seizing the day, keeping the layout of the song hence much. He knew he was taking a threat as he relocated on, but in the end, the hazard was worth it, and he"s now on top--he"s the one making the "final judgment."

TheBridgeis the last unique stanza of the song, and also it"s a great area for Urie to carry some final perspective on this song. He sings, "And you been gone so long / I forobtained what you feel like." This bridge renders the song seem to be around a relationship, but I maintain that it"s a metaphor. The other stanzas do not support it enough.

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The actual function of this bridge, I argue, is that Urie is moving past difficult life cases. He"s "not gonna think about that right currently." Instead he"s "gonna keep acquiring underneath you / And all our friends want us to autumn in love." This sounds favor Urie is undermining his enemy--the person who"s been holding him back--while everyone roughly who doesn"t recognize the story just desires him to continue to be via that perchild.

Is "The Good, the Bad, and the Dirty" around Panic! at the Disco?

Based on some of the reading I"ve been doing, I could guess that "The Good, the Bad, and the Dirty"can be about Urie"s thoughts on the band also. Recently, the band also has actually lost many type of of its members, and also many fans most likely wanted them to obtain earlier together. There"s a great opportunity that this song is Urie saying, "We are not obtaining ago together, and also I"ve moved on to some area much better."