As long as girlfriend haven"t been living under a rock these past couple of months, you"ve most likely been exposed come The Girl top top The Train"s teaser, wherein a chilling variation of Kanye West"s "Heartless" serves as the trailer"s slow heartbeat. The tune starts off through a piano, comparable to the development of his track "Runaway." Yet, instead of remaining a stagnant beat, his "Heartless" only gets an ext eerie, straight correlating v the development of the trailer. So, currently that I"ve got your ears all hot and bothered, the inquiry remains: deserve to you listen to "Heartless" sheathe in The Girl top top The Train trailer?

It"s no concern that fans space itching to obtain their hands, or ears, ~ above the song as soon as the film premieres. And also you can"t assist but wonder if the track is going to it is in on the album? that is certainly not unusual that trailer songs do their way onto soundtracks, but what about this one?

The band, Blitz//Berlin, borrowed Kanye"s "Heartless" vocal samples to complete the trailer. And it is certainly Yeezy"s auto-tuned voice we hear throughout. You have the right to listen come Blitz//Berlin"s "Surfboard Fire" ~ above Spotify, iTunes, and Apple Music. The song is very comparable to, however NOT fully the exact same as the lovely "Heartless"song heard in the trailer, doing not have Kanye"s presence.

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The initial "Heartless" track came out in 2008, and also is indigenous West"s fourth studio album, 808s & Heartbreak. Yeezy"s artistic decision to slow-moving down the tempo the the track was definitely a smart one, leaving a dark mark on anyone who hears it.

Everyone and their mommy knows Kanye is Beyoncé"s biggest fan, so it is plausible the his incentive for the trailer"s layout came from Bey"s trailer because that Fifty Shades that Grey, wherein her hit track "Crazy In Love" is additionally slowed under in order come accurately collection the tone for the film.

"Somewhere far along this road, he shed his soul to a mrs so heartless" are just some the the text teased in the trailer. Having these words companion suggestive photos instill wonder and curiosity within pan in this dark whodunnit thriller. Is the pronoun in the lyric a ethereal indication that the killer is so obviously the guy flashed in the film? The raising suspense the the song in the trailer could suggest otherwise.

Like Gone Girl, the film is an adaptation indigenous a ideal selling book, and it"s non-diegetic song effectively haunts audiences, motivating an inconclusive game of Clue in your minds long after the teaser concludes.

The tune was scored by Canadian tape Blitz//Berlin, whose tune "Surfboard Fire" appears on the track perform of the film"s soundtrack. Unfortunately, "Heartless" isn"t ~ above the soundtrack. OK, technically that does have the "Heartless" sample in the — but why withhold the vocal variation of it?

It"s disappointed to say the least. I think we"d every gladly let Kanye orchestrate the soundtrack come our nightmares through a creepy, however weirdly satisfying track such as "Heartless" any type of day. Hope the mixed version will be released together a solitary at a later on time.

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At least we still have actually the movie to look front to. Yes, Tate Taylor"s The Girl on The Train has almost arrived! comes to a station, I typical movie theater close to you October 7. And also if you desire to save track the the soundtrack — through or without "Heartless" — the release has been thrust from the movie"s debut day to Oct. 21, 2016. The is obtainable for pre-order now.