His nightmare refuses to relax him. His sleep won’t end. The can’t find the peace that his body demands to continue its survival.

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His body runs awkwardly, and he struggles as if he’s on the bottom of a murky, viscous lake.

He clearly watches the haunting scene unfold around him. His old, lifeless friend sits behind him. He need to run faster.

A sound echoes native behind him. It is the loss of a corpse top top its side and the hit of one old crown onto the ground.

Just as the man abandons all hope, and also accepts the death that surrounds him, his vision simply yields, and his consciousness floods into him abruptly.

He wakes, however he can’t fully abandon what he is seen and also where he’s been.

His legs and also feet proceed to jerk and transition as if he is attempting to utilize them.

He claws in ~ the naked side of his waist.

"My sword," that mutters strangely. "Why can not I attract my sword?"

His dripping human body slowly begins to understand its state. His love is racing and his lung burn together his hyperventilation can’t satisfy his body’s need for air.

"Meekil," a drowsy, feminine voice states from next to him. "You’re simply having a bad dream."

The sound of feverish breathing continue to penetrate the area together the irradiate of a new dawn casts a little beam the light v the window into the room.

"Meekil?" the mrs utters together she sits up and places a hand ~ above the tense, pulsating back.

"The crown the crime candlestick fall," he claims absently v some labored breaths. That glances at his roommate together he says, "I can’t patience myself down."

He battles to regain control of his strained self.

His eyes are large and threatening to leap from their sockets.

The room rests in tranquil opposition.

"I to be there, Chel. It wasn’t a dream. It to be a vision. Ns was city hall something devastating happen. It was right at dawn. I might see the irradiate of job trekking end the land together I heard the crown strike the ground. I think the king the the City the Crime has actually died, and also I no able to meet my duty to him."

"I told girlfriend in the beginning that your commitment was foolhardy. Despite you’re a prophet, girlfriend can’t expect yourself to have the ability to foresee everything, and you nothing owe that male anything."

"Why was ns able to watch it while it to be happening?"

"You stated that you can see dawn in your vision, right?"

"Yes. It was at the first light the day."

"Well, climate you weren’t watching together it happened."

"Yes, ns was. Look in ~ the light coming right into the room. The day has just begun."

"You’re forgetting that the City of Crime is far to the east. Your day started a while ago. You to be watching miscellaneous that occurred a pair hours ago."

"No," the prophet says as that thumbs his long blonde bangs far from his eyes, "I’m sure that i wasn’t the town hall something that had currently occurred. Possibly it to be prophecy. Possibly I witnessed what will occur at the beginning of tomorrow."

He reaches over to the nightstand. His hand crawls previous the pot of violet flowers and grips a tiny tome beyond it. He opens the dark-brown cover and draws a quill pen from its station within a tomato. The extracts a vial of octopus from the drawer and uncorks it, and also he quotes the prophecy prior to he writes that down.

"The crown of crime shall loss as kin performs regicide prior to the time of dawn. The crown that crime shall happen to another as the destiny of an innocent disturbs a kingdom."

The ink drops upon the blank paper and provides birth come words.

He blows ~ above the words prior to he seals the ink vial and returns it to its drawer and also sets the open publication on the little table next to him.

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"I experienced the age king dead," Meekil claims emotionally. "I had actually to operation somewhere, but I didn’t know why, and my body wouldn’t move per mine commands. It felt favor the friction of the wind was terribly amplified, and I could hardly fight my way past it."

He unknowingly scratches in ~ the side of his naked waist, i beg your pardon is red and irritated, as he describes how he knew the he’d more than likely need to all set his sword, but he couldn’t draw it native its sheath.

"I fear that if friend hadn’t woken up when you did," Chel sobs, "you may’ve had actually a respiratory tract attack. You have to rest up, eat, and clean yourself and also then go for part blood-letting."

"There’s no time come waste. I have to send a messenger to the City that Crime first. I might yet repay my blame to King Gabel."

"What perform you mean?"

"I’m going come let him recognize that this is his last day, and also he needs to reap it come its fullest."