The actress will certainly reprise her function as foster care worker Rita Hendricks in the 2nd season that the ABC family members drama, the network announced Tuesday. She will show up in 2 episodes this August.

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O’Donnell’s personality is a tough, however compassionate woman that works in the foster care system and grows close come Callie (Maia Mitchell) during her time at girls United.

In the first season, O’Donnell showed up in five episodes.

The Fosters recently won the GLAAD Media award for impressive drama collection and critical year took residence the Teen an option Award for choice TV breakout show.

The Fosters is executive produced by Jennifer Lopez, v creators Bradley Bredeweg and Peter Paige, that serve together the show’s writers. Joanna Johnson additionally serves as executive producer.

The Fosters returns June 16 at 9 p.m. On alphabet Family.

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