1. "Should the existing mechanism be replaced?" is a concern that is asked throughout the________ stage of the SDLC.a. Planningb. Maintenancec. Analysisd. Implementation

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2. Coding, testing, and debugging are component of the ________ step of the SDLC.a. Implementationb. Planningc. Analysisd. Comprehensive systems design

3. "What are the requirements of the existing system"s finish users?" is a question askedduring the ________ phase of the SDLC.a. Analysisb. Planningc. Maintenanced. Implementation

4. The logical systems design is created during the ________ phase of the SDLC.a. Implementationb. Maintenancec. Analysisd. Planning

5. The critical phase in the Database Life bicycle is ________.a. Implementation and loadingb. Testing and also evaluationc. Maintenance and evolutiond. Operation

6. Installation the DBMS, producing the database, and loading or convert the data arepart the the ________ step of the DBLC.a. Testing and also evaluationb. Database early stage studyc. Database designd. Implementation and loading

7. Testing, fine-tuning, and assessing the database and also its applications are part of the________ phase of the DBLC.a. Database initial studyb. Implementation and loadingc. Testing and evaluationd. Database design

8. Which of the conceptual design steps determines end-user views, outputs, andtransaction-processing requirements?a. Database analysis and requirementsb. Distributed database designc. Data design verificationd. Entity partnership modeling and normalization

9. I m sorry of the theoretical design steps defines entities, attributes, and relationships?a. Dispersed database designb. Entity relationship modeling and also normalizationc. Data design verificationd. Database evaluation and requirements

10. The very first step in arising the theoretical model utilizing ER diagrams is to________.a. Identify, analyze, and also refine the service rulesb. Finish the early ER diagramc. Specify the attributes, major keys, and foreign secrets for every of the entitiesd. Normalize the entities

11. During the Entity-Relationship modeling process, the designer must ________.a. Avoid all ternary relationshipsb. Delete the ER diagramc. Make decisions about the placement of primary secrets in 1:1 relationshipsd. Make decisions about adding derived features to meet processing requirements

12. The an initial step in the ER version verification process is come ________.a. Identify each module"s internal transaction requirementsb. Recognize each module and its componentsc. Identify the ER model"s main entityd. Verify every processes versus the ER model

13. The ________ architecture is supplied to interpret the conceptual design right into the internalmodel because that a selected database management system.a. Logicalb. Physicalc. Networkd. Time

14. ________ architecture is the process of picking the data storage and also data accesscharacteristics that the database.a. Logicalb. Physicalc. Timed. Network

15. Once the data have been loaded into the database, the ________ tests and also finetunesthe database to ensure the it performs as expected.a. Database administratorb. Systems administratorc. Programmerd. Manager

16. The assignment that ________ might restrict to work on predetermined objects suchas databases, tables, views, queries and reports.a. Password securityb. Audit trailsc. Diskless workstationsd. Accessibility rights

17. ________ room usually detailed by the DBMS to check for accessibility violations.a. Audit trailsb. Diskless workstationsc. Accessibility rightsd. Defense devices

18. Once the database has passed the testimonial stage, it is taken into consideration to be________.a. Finishedb. Completec. Secured. Operational

19. Which task in the SDLC is parallel to implementation and loading in the DBLC?a. Analysisb. Comprehensive designc. Codingd. Testing and evaluation

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20. ________ design is abundant when the data component is written of a relativelysmall number of objects and procedures.a. Denormalizedb. Decentralizedc. Centralizedd. Normalized