ns feel uncertain about whether to usage the identify article and also "of" with a year. Which people of the adhering to sentences space correct?

By the finish of year 2016, the population had doubled.

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By the end of the year 2016, the populace had doubled.

What about these:

I picked the year the 2013 as a beginning point.

I choose the year 2013 together a starting point.


Don"t worry about whether "of" is there or not. The preeminence is quite simple: because that a calendar year you should use either simply the bare number "2016" or the complete phrase "the year 2016" consisting of the article. Those space the only two choices and you can use these two forms interchangeably. The short kind is, wbrickandmortarphilly.com, shorter, while the long kind makes it unambiguous the the character you"re using suggests a year.

By the finish of 2016, the populace had doubled.

By the finish of the year 2016, the population had doubled.

By the end of year 2016, the populace had doubled. <incorrect - not one of the 2 choices>

I choose 2013 as a starting point.

I picked the year 2013 together a beginning point.

The just time you use "year N" there is no the definite short article is together a substitute because that an ordinal number of years, definition the "Nth year" of other happening:

By year three that the experiment, the population had doubled.

This way the very same as:

By the 3rd year the the experiment, the population had doubled.

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Edited come add:

Someone has pointed the end that in corporate gaue won reports, girlfriend will view sentences choose "By end of year 2018, we intend are go back to profitability." This seems to contradict my straightforward rule above.

The quick answer: this is organization jargon and also you can"t always expect jargon to follow conventional rules.

The long answer: periodically a adjectival phrase can be placed in front of the numerical year. In that case, you save the adjectival expression whole, also if it wake up to contain the word "year". For example "fiscal year 2018" doesn"t have a "the" in front of words "year" since "fiscal year" is an adjectival expression that"s been used to the number year "2018". "End of year 2018" is similar, and also it"s a jargony method of composing "when financial outcomes are finalized at the end of 2018."