End-of-period spreadsheet is a worksheet the is provided by accountants to consolidate the expenses and also records that the product transaction made transparent an accounting duration of the company.

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In the financial management of the company, this end-of-period worksheet theatre a an important role by help the accountants to compare and also consolidate between the real costs spent and the actual planned costs from the budget. This way of comparison help to produce a jae won statement. This plays a vital role for service purposes and taxation; hence, it is commonly practiced and implemented.

End-of-period spreadsheet is a paper that contains a in-depth record about the transactions ideal from the beginning to the finish of the bookkeeping period. Through the assist of this spreadsheet, the beginning balance, journal entries, unadjusted psychological balance, adjusting newspaper entries, adjusted trial balance, development of financial statements, close up door entries, and also the post-closing attempt balance using an array of two-column, that is, debit and credit set can it is in calculated. Some extra columns like retained earnings and other data can also be included if they room needed.

The end-of-period spreadsheet is an different step in the audit cycle during the audit period. This audit cycle is range of procedures of recording, summarizing, and classifying an economic transaction of a business, which will certainly lead up to the ready of gaue won statements of the company like income statement, explain of adjust in equity, explain of cash flow, statement of jae won position, and so on. The complying with steps that the accountancy cycle are:

Journal entries

Ledger accounts

Unadjusted psychological balance

Adjusting entries

Adjusted psychological balance

Financial statements

Closing entries

Post-closing trial balance


The circulation chart because that the bookkeeping cycle is displayed above.

The need and also the procedure of preparing the end-of-period spreadsheet

End-of-the period spreadsheet is supplied while preparing a jae won statement. The need of this paper arises during the mediate process. However, the is no a causing obligation requirement. This spreadsheet is neither considered nor finalized while filing the financial records. Only the inputs room extracted and also segregated in the final records.

The spreadsheet consists of an updated record of account balances that space transferred from the adjusted trial balance. Jae won statements room an end an outcome of various transactions, bookkeeping adjustments, and also so on. Audit adjustments room a part of everyday activities. These adjustments need to be analyzed and also studied extensively to know its affect onset of gaue won statements. End-of-period spreadsheet helps the pertained to individual to summarize it efficiently. The spreadsheet illustrates the flow of audit information indigenous the unadjusted psychological balance into the readjusted trial balance and thereby right into the gaue won statements.

Components and also example

The circulation of the accounting cycle is important to create a proper end-of-period spreadsheet. These have been defined as follows:

Journal Entries: This is the an initial step in the accountancy cycle where analyzing and recording of transactions of the product or company events developed as journal entries.

Ledger Account: the is likewise known as the principal book of accounting, i beg your pardon is the 2nd step in the bookkeeping cycle in which the newspaper entries room then posted into a ledger that documents the info in the T-Format.

Unadjusted psychological Balance: The unadjusted psychological balance is created from the ledger before the changed trial. This is the 3rd step in the bookkeeping cycle where it is split into 3 columns. The first column includes all the surname of accounts, the 2nd as debit, and the 3rd as credit. The quantity of debt is provided on the left side and also the amount of credit transaction is noted on the right side of the column.

Adjusting Entries: The entries that are used to calculate the income or the expenditure the an company is dubbed the adjusting entries.

Adjusted trial Balance: This is prepared after the adjusting trace balance that has a balance of income and also expenses along with assets, liabilities, and also equities.

Financial statement: This part of the accounting cycle consists of information around the jae won position and also performance the the business and the records of readjust that occurred in the jae won position.

Closing Entries: This component of the accounting cycle is made in ~ the finish of an audit period, i beg your pardon is used to transfer and also convert the short-lived account balance right into a irreversible account.

Post-Closing attempt Balance: This is the final trial balance the is ready to encompass the documents of closeup of the door entries. It consists of a long-term account the still has some balance ~ the close up door entries are made. Therefore, the main aim the this post-closing is come verify that all the short-lived accounts have been closed and also ensure the the complete debit and credit audit is equal after the closeup of the door entries.

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By having actually an End-of-period spreadsheet, an accountant have the right to actually be able to trace the trip of transactions indigenous the start balance up to the post-closing attempt balance. The final trial balance is extract from the post-closing psychological balance. Illustrated spreadsheet is furnished below:


There has to be equal balance in between revenue and also expenses as shown in the over image. The entries that room highlighted in red in the readjusted entries obelisk are included for the calculation of the adjusted trial balance the is emphasize in green.

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