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This is just one of those poems the Donne wrote before he turn religious. It"s goal is seduction. In short, the woman he is dreaming about awakens him. The tries come seduce her, yet she refuses. That understands yet is disappointed and a little bitter; as she leaves, he says go...
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This is one of those poems the Donne wrote before he turned religious. It"s score is seduction. In short, the mrs he is dreaming around awakens him. The tries to seduce her, however she refuses. That understands yet is disappointed and a little bit bitter; together she leaves, he claims go earlier to sleep and also dream of she again because otherwise he"d die. This city is vigorously sexual. 

I"ll paraphrase: ns wouldn"t want to wake up from this dream because that anything less than friend being here in genuine life. It was a dream I desire in reality, so powerful that ns don"t desire it come be just a dream. So, you were wise to wake up me. Yet my dream didn"t stop...your visibility here way it can continue. You room so real that think of friend are enough to make dreams real, and also to do unreal histories real. Come into my arms since you thought it best that ns not end up my dream--let"s do the rest in actual life. 

I didn"t also wake indigenous a noise friend made, yet from the fire in her eyes alone. Till now, I assumed you to be an angel due to the fact that I met you. But due to the fact that you observed what was on mine mind, the was much more than one angel can or would do. Friend knew what i was dreaming around and can tell the my dream would shortly wake me up, anyway (he speaks right here of nocturnal emission). You come at the moment. Thus, it would be unstable to think you an angel. (He"s strongly hinting the she is the kind of mrs to crawl right into bed v him for this reason he deserve to "finish his dream.")

Since you came and stayed, I understand you space for that you are, but because you"re rising to leave--a lady wouldn"t shed her honor by having sex prior to marriage, after all!--I think you aren"t the type of woman I believed you were. The kind of love that is crippled by fear is weak (he"s pleading through her, here). Real love is "pure and also brave" and is not combined with fear, shame, or "honor." You"re treating me favor a torch that deserve to be lit and also put out at will (guilt expedition much?). You involved turn me top top ("kindle"), however you"re leave me now. So...I will certainly go back to mine dream and also hope that one day you"ll return and finish mine dream for me. If i don"t, I"ll die (yeah...

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definitely a guilt trip). 
John Donne was very sexually oriented. Even when that turned to spiritual poetry, that was heavily tinted with sex-related metaphors. He had a one-track mind. 

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