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With civilization Tier 5 just about the corner, agents who have reached the 450 equipment score lid are beginning to collection a plan for their develop for the comes Tidal container Stronghold mission. And in order to perfect a build, knowing what each devices talent does is vital.

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This guide will function all gear and weapon talents the were found by the neighborhood so farand list a couple of of the many widely provided talents.Exotic Talents room not included on this list.

* together the following tables space optimized for PC, it is highly recommended that you check out the guide on pc for a far better reading experience.

Passive gear Talents

Offensive TalentsEffectRequirementsAvailable gear Pieces
Critical+8% critical Hit Damage-Holster, Gloves
Devastating+5% Weapon Damage-Holster, Gloves
Hard Hitting+15% damages to Elites-All 6 Pieces
Precise+15% Headshot Damage-Holster, Gloves
Surgical+8% an essential Hit Chance-Holster, Gloves

Defensive TalentsEffectRequirementsAvailable gear Pieces
Hardened+10% Armor-Vest, Backpack
Insulated+10% peril Protection-All 6 Pieces
Restorative+10% wellness on Kill-All 6 Pieces
Self Adjusting+20% Armor Regeneration-All 6 Pieces
Vital+20% Health-Vest, Backpack

Utility TalentsEffectRequirementsAvailable equipment Pieces
Capacitive+20% skill Duration-All 6 Pieces
Destructive+20% Explosive Damage-All 6 Pieces
Empowered+10% skill Power-Mask, Kneepads
Surge+10% skill Haste-Mask, Kneepads

Active equipment Talents

Offensive TalentsEffectRequirementsAvailable gear Pieces
Berserk+10%weapon damage for every10%of max armor depletedOnly active when shotgun, SMG, or AR is equippedVest
BloodlustSwapping weapons after a kill boosts all weapon damage by 25% for 10s-Holster
CompensatedWeapon damages is enhanced when you have actually low critical hit chance3 or less offenseGloves
GunslingerSwapping to your sidearm within3sof a kill refills the sidearm\"s magazine and also grants+20% weapon damagefor the whole magazine5 or less defenseHolster
ObliterateDepleting an enemy\"s armor grants+25% vital hit damagefor5s4 or an ext offenseGloves
On the RopesWeapon damageis boosted by+25%while all an abilities are oncooldownor reachzero charges7 or more utilityBackpack
OpportunisticDestroying an enemy\"s weak allude or break an enemy\"s armor adds+10% damagefrom all sources to adversary for20sOnly active when shotgun or marksman rifle is equippedGloves
ReassignedKilling a status influenced enemy adds3rounds the a random distinct ammo form into your sidearm. Can happen once every45s-Holster
Spotter+10% weapon damagetopulsedenemies5 or much more utilityMask
Unstoppable ForceKilling an opponent grants2% weapon damages for every10,000 max armor7 or an ext defenseVest
Wicked+10% weapon damageto status effected enemies4 or more offenseGloves

Defensive TalentsEffectRequirementsAvailable equipment Pieces
BlacksmithKilling an adversary with her sidearm repairs 25% of her armor. Can happen once every 10s5 or an ext defenseHolster
BloodsuckerDepleting one enemy\"s armor adds a stack of+20%bonusarmorfor 20s. Max ridge is57 or much more defenseVest
CenteredHeadshot kills grantstatus result immunityfor10s4 or more defenseMask
ClutchCritical hitsrestore15% healthand repair2% armorOnly energetic when AR, SMG, or LMG is equippedGloves
EfficientUsing anarmor kithas a50%chance to no consume thearmor kitOnly active when no other active talents that influence armor kits room equippedBackpack
EntrenchHeadshots native cover repair5%of yourarmorOnly active when rifle or marksman rifle is equippedKneepads
PatienceAfter gift in covering for3s, armor repairs by5%every1s7 or an ext defenseKneepads
PayloadDestroying one enemy\"s heritage grants+50% explosive damagefor15s4 or much less defenseVest
Unbreakable25%ofmax armoris repaired as soon as your armor is depleted.Armor kitsused within the next5sare no consumedOnly energetic when no other active talents that affect armor kits are equippedVest

Utility TalentsEffectRequirementsAvailable equipment Pieces
BracedWhile in coverweapon handlingis enhanced by+25%Kneepads
CalculatedKills from cover reduceskill cooldownsby20%7 or more utilityKneepads
CloakedWhen her armor is depleted, surrounding enemy skills aredisruptedfor10s. Can happen once every30s5 or much less utilityKneepads
Creeping DeathStatus impacts have a chance to spread to enemies in a 10-meter radius. Can take place once every 15s4 or less offenseMask
Dialed InWhile aiming,weapon stabilityis boosted by25%of yourweapon accuracy-Mask
Fill\"er UpReloading from north reloads all weapons-Holster
Knee CapShooting an enemy in the legs has actually a10%chance come applybleed4 or much less utilityGloves
Mad BomberGrenade radiusis boosted by+150%. Grenades that kill an opponent are refunded4 or much less utilityVest
SafeguardKilling a target sponsor a150%bonus come repairing and healing for20s5 or much less offenseBackpack
SkilledSkill kills have a25%chance to resetskill cooldowns6 or much more utilityBackpack
Tech SupportKills by active skills grant+25% skill damagefor10s6 or more utilityBackpack
TerminateDepleting an adversaries armor grants+35% ability damagefor15s5 or much more utilityGloves
To OrderGrenades have the right to now it is in cooked by hold the fire button, making castle explode earlier-Gloves
TraumaSemi-auto headshots have actually a15%chance toblindOnly active when rifle or marksman rifle is equippedMask

Active Weapon Talents

TalentsEffectRequirementsAvailable Weapons
BoomerangCritical hits have actually a50%chance to return the cartridge to the magazine. If a bullet is went back to the magazine, the following shot has+20% enhanced damage5 or much more offenseRifle
BreadbasketLanding body shots adds a stack of bonus+5% headshot damage to the following headshot for10s (Max stack is10)5 or much more offenseAll Weapons
Close & PersonalKilling a target within7mgrants+50% weapon damages for5s5 or an ext offenseAll Weapons
EyelessDeal+20% weapon damagetoblindedenemies-All Weapons
Fast HandsCritical hitsadd a ridge of3% reload speedbonus. Max ridge is20-All Weapons
FinisherSwapping native this weapon within3sof killing an adversary grants+30% an important hit chancefor15s4 or less utilityPistol
First BloodFirst shooting fired from a full magazine dealsheadshot damageto any component of the body hitOnly active when utilizing an 8x border or higherMarksman Rifle
FrenzyReloading from north grants+20% weapon damageand+35% rate of firefor7s4 or less defenseLMG
IgnitedDeal+20% weapon damagetoburningenemies-All Weapons
KillerKilling an opponent with acritical hitgrants+50% an essential hit opportunity for5s5 or more offenseAll Weapons
Lucky ShotMagazine capacityis increased by20%. To let go shots from cover have actually a25%chance to go back to the magazine-Rifle, Marksman Rifle, Pistol
MeasuredThe top fifty percent of the newspaper has+15% price of fire and-20% weapon damage. The bottom fifty percent of the newspaper has-25% price of fireand+20% weapon damage-AR, SMG, LMG
NakedHeadshot damageis increased by+50%while yourarmoris depletedOnly energetic when making use of an 8x scope or higherMarksman Rifle
Near SightedReceive+35% stabilityat the expense of-20% an essential strike rangeand-20% optimal range4 or much less utilityAR
On EmptyReloading from north grants+30% weapon handlingfor10s4 or less defenseAR
OptimistWeapon damageis raised by+3% for every10% ammo missing from the magazine5 or much less offenseAll Weapons
OutsiderWeapon fire price is lowered but optimal variety increases together the weapon is fired4 or much less offenseSMG
PerpetuationHeadshot death grant+5% skill duration,ammo, andchargesto the next skill used. Max ridge is105 or more utilityAll Weapons
PremeditatedWeapon damageis raised for every covering loaded come a max of+35%.If every shells space reloaded thenweapon damageis increased by one additional+50%. Buff big for10 seconds4 or less utilityShotgun
PreservationKilling an enemy repairs5%armorover3s. Headshot kills boost the repair5 or much more defenseAll Weapons
Pummel3consecutive human body shot death refills the magazine and grants+50% weapon damagefor7s4 or an ext offenseShotgun
RangerEvery5myou are from the target grants+2% weapon damage4 or much less utilityAll Weapons
ReformationHeadshot kills increaseskill repair and healing by25%for25s4 or much less offenseAll Weapons
RiflemanLanding headshots add to a ridge of bonus +10% weapon damage for 5s. Max ridge is 5. Added headshots update the duration. Every non-headshots remove the bonus4 or much less defenseRifle
SadistDeal+20% weapon damages tobleedingenemies-All Weapons
SalvageKilling a target has a +50% opportunity to refill the magazine-Pistol
SpikeHeadshot kills grant+25% ability damagefor10s5 or more utilityAll Weapons
Steady HandedLanding a shot add to a stack of bonus2% weapon handling. Max stack is15. In ~ max stacks every shot landed has actually a5%chance to consume theweapon handlingbonus and also refill the magazine5 or less offenseAll Weapons
Strained+10% crucial hit damages is got for every5%of yourarmorthat is depleted5 or much less offenseAll Weapons
UnhingedReceive+25% weapon damageat the expense of-35% weapon handling-LMG
UnwaveringSwapping to this weapon sponsor maxweapon handlingfor5s. Death refresh the buff-SMG
VindictiveKilling an opponent with a status effect used grants all group members within15m +20% an essential hit chancefor10s4 or much less offenseAll Weapons

Passive Weapon Talents

TalentsEffectRequirementsAvailable Weapons
Accurate+15% Accuracy-All Weapons
Allegro+10% rate of Fire-All Weapons
Distance+15% Optimal Range-All Weapons
Extra+20% newspaper Capacity-AR, LMG, SMG, Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol
Jazz Hands+10% Reload Speed-All Weapons
Optimized+15% Weapon Handling-All Weapons
Stable+15% Stability-All Weapons

Equipped & Holstered Weapon Talents

TalentsEffectRequirementsAvailable Weapons
CannonWhile equipped, throwing street is enhanced by10%.-All Weapons
In RhythmWhile equipped, foe kills have a5%chance torefresh energetic skill cooldowns. Can take place once every60s.-All Weapons
Protected DeployWhile equipped, this weapon grants+10% bonus armorwhile deploying askill.-All Weapons
Protected ReloadWhile equipped, this weapon grants+10% bonus armorwhile reloading.-All Weapons
RechargedWhile equipped, skills deployed at full armor have+25% duration,charges, andammo-All however Pistol
RootedWhile equipped and in cover, allskill damage andhealingare raised by+25%for10s. Buff is shed when exiting cover. Can happen once every25s.-All Weapons
Stop, Drop, and also RollWhile equipped, rollingremovesburn,bleed, andpoisonedstatus effects. Can happen once every60s.-All Weapons
Double DutyWhile holstered, reloading native empty gives you a20%of your magazine ago as complimentary ammo. Can happen once every30s.-All yet Pistol
EverlastingWhile holstered and also in cover, this weapon regenerates2ammo every5s.-All but Pistol
GreasedWhile holstered,weapon swap speedis raised by10%.-All Weapons
OverlapWhile holstered, your equipped weapon benefit a dealing with bonus based on this weapon\"stype.-All yet Pistol
TransmissionWhile holstered,shockapplied to theAgenttransfers to an enemy within10m. Can happen once every60s.-All Weapons
WascallyWhile holstered, you space able toresist 5 ensnare attempts. Can take place once every60s.-All Weapons

Recommended Talents

Although virtually all talents might come as helpful for the differing builds the the many agents are right now rocking, the adhering to are a couple of of the many versatile, widely used active gear and also weapon talents.Berserk: A vest-only talent that grants an agent bonus damages the reduced his or her current armor. If you enjoy fighting foes increase close and personal, Berserk is extremely recommended. Bag well v the \"Strained\" weapon talent. (Berserk is right now a vital component for many competitive SMG/AR PVP builds.)Unstoppable Force: A vest-only talent the grants bonus damage the greater your maximum armor is. If you\"re play a tanky construct that stacks armor, Unstoppable Force can be a good choice. However, as a kill-to-proc talent, Unstoppable Force can feel inconsistent in group play.Unbreakable:A vest-only talent that repairs an agent\"s armor by 25% once it is depleted. Although the talent is simple, it provides a many survivability and it could be a viable selection for any build.Clutch:A gloves-only talent that gives another type of healing to one agent. The heal is quite exceptional on builds the utilize quick fire price weapons and also high crit chance. Currently, Clutch is among the most well-known PvP talents in the game, enabling agents that stack health, crit chance, and fire rate to tank an tremendous amount of damage during short-ranged gunfights.Patience: A Kneepads-only talent that offers a form of heal to an agent. In spite of its name, Patience only requires 3s of gift behind cover, which goes by much faster than you\"d think. The passive healing is good in the it\"ll allow you come tank together you shoot in medium-to-long distance gunfights. In addition, although you\"d think the the healing will certainly go against the Berserk passive, they go rather well with each other in the you\"ll tank together you shoot. However, the talent comes v a substantial defense requirement.Calculated: A Kneepads-only talent that provides cooldown reduction for every death that girlfriend secure while behind cover. This talent will allow you to more often spam your skills on any offensive ability build.Breadbasket: A weapon talent that provides bonus headshot damage for stacking body shots. This is a an excellent talent for weapons that fire at full-auto, together landing consistent headshots is complicated for those weapon types.Ranger: A basic weapon talent that boosts weapon damage the farther your target is located. This is a an excellent talent to use if you like fighting her foes in ~ a distance. Although the numbers are quite small, that is a continuous talent that has no tricky requirements.Close & Personal:A weapon talent that provides an significant 50% bonus weapon damages when a target the is in ~ 7 meters is killed. Back it\"s incredibly dangerous to acquire that close come an foe in the current highest world Tier, the sheer amount that increased damages that the talent gives is good enough to put it ~ above this list.First Blood: A marksman rifle talent that makes the first shot fired from a magazine count as a headshot, no issue which body part is actually hit. Although this talent is mediocre at best for PVE, it\"s one of the most deadly talents in PVP. However, carry out keep in mind the the talent at this time feels inconsistent, together it fails to activate in ~ times for unclear reasons.Optimist: A weapon talent the provides regular bonus damage. It\"s an all-around an excellent perk that deserve to be offered in any build.

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Strained:A very an effective weapon talent the works similarly to the Berserk gear talent. This talent synergizes very well v Berserk and also is crucial part that the Clutch SMG build.